The New School Year: 10 Ways Kids Can Get Ready During The Summer

Ah, sweet summertime! The kids are out of school, the weather's nice, and you have so much free time. What are you going to do with all of it? Have fun, of course! There are water balloon fights to be had, popsicles to be eaten, and parks to be explored. But there's also the new school year to keep in mind.

Your child will be attending a new class with different kids and a new teacher soon, so helping them prepare over summer is a great idea. Things such as learning new hobbies, having playdates, and limiting their screen time can help your child stay in the groove for the upcoming school year.

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These tips will help you and your child spend your summer days in the best way possible!

10 Introduce Them To A New Activity

One way to keep your child active, help them make new friends, and also ready to learn is teaching them a new hobby. Being engaged with an activity keeps their young minds yearning to learn and engaged throughout the summer months whether it's sports, art class, or playing an instrument.

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If you want to try out numerous activities without breaking the bank, look into art classes at your local art store, free youth sports, or swim classes at a community pool.

9 Do Fun "Homework" Assignments Together

Just because it's summer doesn't mean your child has to stop learning or being productive. Print some fun activity sheets, such as coloring a famous painting and learning about the artist, to complete together when it's too hot to play outside.

This will help keep your child ready to learn, even in those lazy days of summer. Plus, it's fun for both of you to bond over. Who knows, maybe you'll learn some cool things, too!

8 Maintain A Daily Routine

Sure, it's nice to be lazy during the long, hot summer days, but this can get your child's routine out of sync. Most parents know how hard it can be to get back on a school schedule once this happens!

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Maintaining a daily routine, such as waking up at a certain time, can help your child be prepared to go back to school in the fall. Routines may not be as structured as when they are in school, but maintaining a regular bedtime and eating a healthy breakfast will make that first week back to school that much smoother.

7 Read, Read, And Read Some More

It's true what they say: reading is really important. Reading every day will keep your child engaged in learning while they also improve their fluency. This can help keep them on track for reading at grade level. It also allows you to spend some quality time with your little one that doesn't involve going over budget.

If your child is bored with the books that they have at home, check out your local library! Some libraries have a book sale offering used books for great bargains.

6 Have Playdates With Classmates

This is such a fun and a pretty simple way to keep kids entertained during summer! Not only do kids usually entertain themselves when together, but playdates also foster social skills.

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If you're worried about your child meeting new friends next school year, you can have a cookout and invite old and new classmates alike. This lets the kids meet one another and get more comfortable before school starts.

5 Talk About The New Grade Level

These days, it seems like kids are under all kinds of pressure and it can lead to them having anxiety about certain things. Take the time to talk about anything that may be stressing your child out about the upcoming school year.

Maybe your kindergartner is dreading the longer school days of first grade, or perhaps your fifth grader is worried about going into middle school. These are all things conversations and a little reassurance can help settle before school starts.

4 Invest In Tutoring

Your child doesn't need to go to tutoring every day for it to make a difference. After all, summer should have plenty of fun as well! But if there's a particular subject they are struggling in, tutoring can help them feel more prepared for the next grade level.

Tutoring also keeps your kids in the same kind of routine of doing classwork during the summer months. This can give your child a head start when it comes to the new school year.

3 Limit Screen Time

It's all too easy to be sucked into technology, especially with so much downtime during summer. But too much screen time can end up being detrimental to a child's growth and social skills over summer. It can be a difficult habit to break once school starts back up if kids get too used to playing on an iPad and watching videos all day.

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Screen time also means they probably aren't reading, playing with friends, or engaging in physical activities that can help them grow and prepare to enter into the next grade level. You can set a time limit for your child if they really insist on playing on the iPad or phone to make sure their day is a balance of other things that aren't related to screen time.

2 Get Back On A School Sleep Schedule Early

Having your child go to bed and wake up at certain times during the summer plays an important part in how ready they will be once school starts again. If they're used to staying up until midnight and sleeping until whenever they like, it can be a brutal battle to get them up and ready that first week of school.

The new school year already has enough challenges without adding a sleep-deprived kid to the mix! Plus, maintaining a regular bedtime can encourage them to have productive days during the summer since they won't be spending them sleeping.

1 Shop For New Supplies

We all remember those glorious days of shopping for all new school supplies! What a fun way to help get your child excited and prepared to go back to school!

Letting them pick out Batman folders or a bright pink binder can encourage them to embrace the new school year. Preparing for a new school year doesn't have to be stressful or boring!

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