10 Ways Jinger Duggar's Life Has Changed Since Becoming A Mom

A lot of Duggar fans would agree that Jinger Duggar, to some extent, has always been the family rebel. She was the first daughter in the family to — gasp! — wear pants in public. She was also the first daughter to move to a different state (California, which for some Duggars would be a double gasp). And most certainly, she has also been the first member of the family to watch a Star Wars film and perhaps even watch their own reality television show, 19 Kids and Counting on the TLC network.

That’s because ever since Jinger married her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, her life has changed in more ways than she’s ever imagined. Motherhood has surely made things incredibly different too. Here’s how.

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10 She’s A California Girl Now

She’s not in Kansas — er, Arkansas — any more. Jinger Duggar is now a California mom. as she and her husband have decided to raise their little family just outside of Los Angeles. For the Duggars, this might seem like a world away from what they are used to, but Jinger has managed to transition to the West Coast with ease. A week doesn’t go by that she, her husband and their baby girl don’t go out to explore their new home. And from what we can tell so far, Jinger is loving each and every second of her new life.

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9 She Doesn’t Have Her Family Nearby

And while Jinger might have managed to settle into her new life on the West Coast with ease, if there’s something that’s missing, it’s definitely her family. Because she grew up with so many siblings, there was always someone around to help. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. In fact, Jinger doesn’t really have that many people around her that she can trust with babysitting. It’s without a doubt that she probably sometimes wishes that her mother was still next door so she could pop in and help at any time. There’s no better babysitter than Grandma, right?

8 Jinger Is In Control Now

With that said, there are certain elements of Jinger’s life that is way different than her other sisters'. For one, she has more control. Her husband said that he gives Jinger all of the social media access simply because he doesn’t want to become obsessed on his own. That surely wasn’t the case while she was growing up in the Duggar house.

7 She Was Scared Of Motherhood At First

If you take a look at Jinger Duggar’s social media accounts, it’s without a doubt that she’s in love with her daughter Felicity and of course, her new life as a mom. But that wasn’t always the case. Jinger admits that she was scared of motherhood at first, despite the fact that she grew up with so many siblings and babies in her house. For Jinger, it was different being a mom than simply watching her mom do her job. Jinger has even gone on the record to say that she was definitely overwhelmed with taking care of her baby around the clock during the first few months of her life.

6 Breaking Her Mom’s Rules

As a lot of people have pointed out that Jinger was the first to wear pants in her family. That was a huge no-no while growing up in the Duggar household. Michelle Duggar has said that by keeping those “private” areas covered, there won’t be any defrauding going on. Apparently, Jinger might have missed out on that memo. That’s because she’s swapped the family uniform of convserative shirts and long skirts for chic blazers, leggings and pants. See, that’s what happens when a girl discovers Nordstrom Rack for the first time.

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5 Throwing "Modesty" Out The Window

Not only did Jinger wear pants in public, but she also dared to bare her shoulders by wearing a sleeveless shirt. Yet again, Jinger seems to be ignoring her mother’s fashion rules. Not only is she showing the world her knees, but her elbows too. Gasp...again!

4 She Even Went Blonde!

Jinger is definitely taking the California girl look to the next level. The Duggar sisters rarely had haircuts while growing up, and yet Jinger is now playing with different looks and hitting the bottle — the hair dye bottle, that is! The last thing that Michelle Duggar wanted for her girls was for them to do something that would make others notice them. And by others, we mean the opposite sex. Clearly, Jinger’s not paying attention to what her mom thinks anymore.

3 But She’s Still Into Traditions

But with all of the above said, Jinger is still into the same family traditions that she had while growing up. She still believes in having her Prince Charming and wanting to be treated like a princess. And who can blame her? Her husband is her dream man. The two live a very happy marriage together and that’s mostly because they share the same values. It’s without a doubt that she wants her marriage to work. While she might not be a true “Duggar wife,” she definitely is a Christian wife who is devoted to her man.

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2 She’s Knee-Deep In Love

Moving thousands of miles away from your family and living a life that you weren’t accustomed too while growing up might be too much for some. But for Jinger, it only gets better by the day and that’s because she’s got Jeremy by her side. The woman is knee-deep in love and it shows. Jinger said on social media that she cherishes all of the moments that she gets to share with the ex-soccer player. Not only is Jeremy a Duggar-approved husband, but he’s a fan-approved one too!

1 Doing It Together Is Their Thing

When it comes to the Duggars, there are certain things that Michelle does as a mom and certain things that Jim Bob does as a dad. But with Jinger and Jeremy, that’s not the case at all. Instead, they work as a team to raise baby Felicity. Both have a very hands-on approach and there’s no “his” or “her” rules.

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