10 Ways To Politely Explain To Well-Wishers That You Need Time Alone Post-Birth

Welcoming a newborn baby is not only an exciting time for a new mom and dad but for the entire family as well. Everyone wants to get a glimpse of the little tot the moment that he or she is born. However, people don't realize that the mother might not be ready, capable or even strong enough to handle so many guests at one time. After all, she did just give birth and pushed out her baby for who knows how many hours!

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With that said, here are 10 different ways that you can explain to well-wishers that you just need a little time alone post-birth.

10 Sleep All Day, Party All Night

Let’s face it: the moment that you come home from the hospital with your newborn baby, there’s a very good chance that you won’t know what an eight-hour night of rest will look like for a very long time. Your baby has decided to rock your world by sleeping all day and partying all night.

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You can tell your prospective guests, “I’m sorry, but our visiting hours are only between midnight and 4 a.m. because that’s when the baby seems to be up the most.” Hopefully, they will see the humor in it, and also get a good chuckle in.

9 Remind Them That You Just Had Surgery

In some cases, you might have had a C-section at the hospital. And yes, your recovery time is going to be a long one and you might not be physically ready to prepare your home for guests.

You can tell your visitors, “I’m sorry, but as much as I would love for you to visit the baby, I first need to recover from my surgery. We’d love to have you, but my doctor has advised me to stay off my feet.” This should be enough to let your guests know that you need time before they come over. They will definitely understand.

8 The Baby’s Not Ready For Their Close-Up

Often times, you might find that it’s your baby who isn’t ready for guests. That’s because your little new bundle of joy might be having a hard time adjusting to their new life outside of the womb. In some cases, they might even be suffering from a bout of colic.

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If that’s the case, definitely let your visitors know that it would be a better time to visit once your new family is in their routine after the dust has settled a little. Let your visitors know that “Now is not the best time, but definitely check in with us in about two weeks.”

7 Offer Alternatives

In some cases you might truly not want any guests to come over because either your house is a mess, the laundry hasn’t been done in weeks or it’s been quite some time since you’ve seen what your kitchen counter looks like. If you are a mom who is looking for help, ask for help and definitely don’t be shy about it.

Let your guests know that while you would love for them to come over, you could definitely appreciate a little help. Offer alternatives to perhaps get your family member or friends to help with some menial cleaning or for them to provide homecooked meals. Even a little goes a long way.

6 Reschedule Guests

You don’t want to be that new first-time mom who refuses to have guests over until several months after the baby is born. As many parents know, this is the time that flies by the most with a newborn and others want to be there with you every step along the way.

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While you might not feel up for it now, there’s a chance you might change your mind later. Be polite and reschedule your guests. You can say, “The baby is just now getting into his routine but if you come by next Saturday, we should be better prepared for guests.”

5 Decline With Gratitude

You can still decline visitors without coming off as rude or ungrateful. If there’s no way that you can have your family or friends come over to meet the baby, simply decline but do it with gratitude and good taste. Let them know that you appreciate them thinking about you, your baby and your family, and thank them for being such wonderful and positive people in your lives.

You might not be up for an afternoon with them now, but let them know that it might change in the near future. Let your circle of trusted people know that you are always thinking of them and grateful for their presence.

4 Be Clear And Upfront

An open and honest approach always works. If you’ve tried telling your guests several times that you just can’t have visitors right now or if you’ve even tried rescheduling them too but they just won’t get the hint, be clear, honest and upfront. Tell them that you're dealing with a lot of changes in your life as a first-time parent.

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Let them know that you are tired, that you haven’t slept in days, let alone brushed your teeth or your hair. Let them know that you still want them in your lives but that you and the baby need a little extra time to bond first.

3 Don’t Burn Any Bridges

The last thing you want to do is burn any bridges, especially with those who are in your immediate family or social circle. Sure, a lot of people might not understand what you are going through right now. But that doesn’t give them the right to barge in your home and demand to see your baby.

You can tell them, “I love that you are so excited to see our baby. I know that the two of you are going to have a wonderful, meaningful relationship in our child’s life and I can’t wait to see that happen. But right now I’m just getting adjusted to the idea of having a newborn in the house. Let’s meet when the time is ready.”

2 Host A Meet And Greet

Another good idea is to host a meet and greet. This way you don’t have to worry about multiple people coming over at multiple times. Instead, you can host a “sip and see” or simply ask one of your loved ones to do it for you. This way you can get the entire gang to come over at one time, coo and “ahh” over your bundle of joy, take pictures and eventually go home.

This way, you only have to get up and get dressed once, meet everyone at the same place and the same time and ensure that your loved ones are happy and content after meeting the newest member of the family.

1 Or Just Say No

If all else fails, simply say no. If someone can’t take the hint or they refuse to respect you and your wishes, then you might want to reassess the reasons why this person is in your life in the first place. Remind them that they can bond with your child for the rest of their lives. Just because you don’t want to meet with them now, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to meet with them in the future.

If you’ve already given them every polite reason or statement in the world and they are still demanding, simply don’t pick up the phone. Also, don’t text and don’t answer the front door either. Maybe they’ll get the hint that way.

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