13Walk Off Those Worries

It goes without saying that if you're pregnant, you'll need to clear any exercise with your doctor. However, this one is an effective way to get those endorphins pumping while leaving your worries in the dust behind you. I'm not saying you need to take on an intense and grueling

work out by any means, we all know that during pregnancy the last thing we want to do is sweat more than we already are just by sitting.

A simple walk outside, at a pace that feels  comfortable to you can be an effective and powerful way to lift your mood and reset your mind.

Simply being outside in nature can do wonders to realign your mindset to things more worthy of your time than worry. You might not feel like taking a walk, and that is perfectly okay too- grabbing a chair and sitting in your back yard can often lift your spirits too.

Try and focus on the birds chirping, the blue sky, and feeling the warmth of the sun resting on your shoulders. Closing your eyes, and breathing deeply while outside is like an instant dose of the feel good medicine that your body is craving- not to mention the Vitamin D that your body benefits so much from!

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