14Rest Your Brain With Reading

Find yourself in an endless loop of anxiety and worry? Reading can help your mind to focus it's anxious energy on something else entirely while immersing you in a completely different world. Make sure that what you're reading isn't adding to your anxiety- a light and funny beach read is

a great way to lift the concerns that plague you.

After you've finished reading for an hour or so, I'm willing to bet you'll feel better after, and a little further from your worries. During my final weeks of my first pregnancy I devoured a series of novels that were set at beach houses, and it was a no-fail way for me to escape the worry I felt about the upcoming labor and birth of my first child. It doesn't matter what it is really, as long as it brings you a sense of peace and allows your brain to take a break from reality for a little while. Build reading time into your daily schedule, and watch how much relief you get by taking the time to do so.

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