We Ranked 20 Newborn Products To Use From Best To Worst (According To Reviews)

There’s nothing quite like bringing a newborn home. As much as there’s excitement about how life will now never be the same with this new addition to the family, it can also be quite overwhelming. It’s overwhelming because there’s only so much mom can actually prepare for, the rest is a “learn on the job” kind of thing. As much as everyone knows and understands that there’s no manual to this whole parenting thing, moms do the best they can to try to make sure that they're prepared.

One aspect of this preparation is done by hopping onto everyone's new BFF (google) and creating lists of what is deemed a necessary purchase for newborns. This is where things get a whole lot more interesting. A quick search on google about newborn products will reveal hundreds of items that are all supposedly “must-haves”. For any parent, especially first-time parents, this can be a nightmare. The bottles, the pumps, the formula, disposable or cloth diapers, do they even need toys as newborns?... The list is endless and before mom knows it, she's just arrived on a site that tells her how dangerous cot bumpers are and she frowns because she purchased them on another site 15 minutes ago.

Fear not though because we’re here for all those moms. We’ve compiled this list of newborn products from the definite must-haves to those that are unnecessary purchases, all based on reviews. With this list, moms can all know what to add to shopping carts and what they can most certainly delete.

20 A Car Seat For That Ride Home

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We’re starting our list off with a car seat because safety comes first. Your baby has just landed and you want only the safest seat to carry him home and anywhere else from thereon after. There are certainly great options out there, both expensive and affordable so you are spoilt for choice in terms of what works better for your family. Best Car Seat Hub ranked the Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat the number 1 infant car seat for 2018. They also highlighted the safety aspects, “It ranked in the top 5 for crash testing compared to other top brands, and for head injuries, tested higher than federal safety standards”. Another great aspect of this car seat is that it is easy to install, which is a great relief for the first-time parents out there.

19 A Nursing Pillow For Your Comfort


Nursing Pillows become a breastfeeding mom’s best friend from the get-go and there’s no wondering why. While there are certainly quite a number of variations these days, they all pretty much do the same thing so this purchase on the list is definitely essential, but it isn’t as high-risk as the previously mentioned car seat. The Wirecutter, a New York Times Company, reviewed 17 nursing pillows from the market with nursing moms and they concluded that the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow is the best as it is soft and supportive for breastfeeding while also being able to comfortably convert to tummy time and lounging.

18 A Breast Pump To Give Mom A Break

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While you’ll be busy nursing every couple of hours, don’t forget that everybody needs a break, even you, supermom. Getting a breast pump is perfect because hubby or other family members who may have come to help with the newborn can also help to feed him. Maternity At Home named their 8 best Breastpumps of 2018, based on industry reviews. We liked in particular, the Spectra Baby USA S2 Single/Double BreastPump. There’s a massage feature that helps to induce letdown, there are customized features for suction speed and its closed system performs very well for hygiene. The best part is that it’s quiet so all the pumping can happen when the baby is asleep right next to you.

17 Ointment Will Be Your Best Friend

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We can’t express how much this one on the list is definitely one of our favorites because of the much-needed relief that one gets. Experts do highlight that sore bits are not “okay” during breastfeeding but it does happen. Why? Due to a poor latch. Latching can take a while to master and while you’re on that journey, you certainly need a cream to help you along the way. Care.com highlights the amazing aspects of Motherlove Cream, “You can easily find it at a local department store, and with its zero toxin rating from EWG’s skin deep database, you’ll feel safe using it as often as you need”.

16 Formula Is Also A Good Option

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Mothers decide to formula-feed their newborns for various reasons and high up on their priority is making sure that their baby is still getting all the nutrition that is needed. 96 Popular baby formulas were reviewed by Reviews.com and they found four formula options that work for different families: Enfamil Infant Formula was rated the best overall however, it is a little on the pricier side. For families on a budget, Gerber Good Start made the top pick. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula was the best pick for the organic-conscious family while Gerber Good Start Soy was rated as the best soy option.

15 The Perfect Bottle Sometimes Takes Trial And Error

Gone are the days where any bottle will do for feeding baby. We now are very conscious of the materials used and how they may affect our little angels and this is one item that is probably one of the most important on this list. Choosing the perfect bottle also becomes tricky because there are different teats and you never really know which one your little one will prefer. Many moms have given the Pigeon PP Wide Neck the thumbs up and Product Review can attest to that. The bottle allows for an easy latch and allows baby to replicate the sucking pattern learned while breastfeeding.

14 Sterilizing Those Bottles Has Never Been Easier


Fresh from the topic of bottles, we certainly cannot forget to sterilize them. Good hygiene will help keep your baby healthy and strong and avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor. Just like with many of the products on this list, there are certainly many options to choose from. Mom Loves Best reviewed a number of bottle sterilizers and highlighted some of the best, The Phillips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer came top of the list and the great part is that it is also budget-friendly. The Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer also made the list as being one of the best options out there.

13 No Scratch Mittens For Gentle Touches

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We can’t express how important this little item on the list is. When you’re doing some shopping for your newborn, it is very easy to think about the large items such as cribs, strollers, and car seats, which of course, are all important but you’ll feel bad when your little wakes up with a few scratches on her face. While it is important to constantly be grooming your baby’s nails, newborn nails grow so fast and sometimes, you just can’t keep up. Help to protect them by purchasing some simple hand mittens from pretty much any store that sells baby’s clothing. You don’t need to spend big bucks here and you’re spoilt for choice.

12 A Co-Sleeper Will Save Trips To The Nursery

Of course, Mommy and Daddy want their time alone in their bedroom but the reality is, for the first few weeks of the baby’s life, this will be the last thing on your mind. Getting a co-sleeper makes so much sense because a newborn will wake up numerous times during the night and you just won’t have the energy to constantly go to and from their nursery. All Best Cribs reviewed the best co-sleepers out there and named the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper as the best option. This co-sleeper is great because it has high sides for baby’s security and it is also ideal for traveling parents.

11 Many Parents Swear By A Sound Machine

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A white noise sound machine for baby is a lifesaver. Every parent to a newborn lacks sleep. When the little one is awake, we need to feed and look after them and when they are asleep, there is most often a whole list of things to sort out around the house. Whoever came up with the “just sleep when the baby sleeps” clearly never had a baby. A white noise sound machine can help calm the baby and filter out household noise that might wake your angel up during the day. Sleep Sound Machines highlights the Marpac Hushh For Baby Portable White Noise Machine as a great product, which has an easy one hand operation and has 3 different sound options – deep white noise, gentle surf, and bright white noise.

10 A Humidifier Will Help Ease Discomfort

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One doesn’t really need to say much to explain the importance of this product, just spend 5 minutes with a sick infant whose nose is blocked and you’ll quickly come to understand. Baby Reviews also highlights that “expert studies have shown that running a baby humidifier round the clock can also help to remove allergens from the environment”. While there are certainly a number of humidifiers on the market that get the job done, there are a few which are simply exceptional. Many reviews, including Baby Reviews’, concur that the TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier, which has builtin antibacterial properties, is one of the best out there.

9 Get Around In A Sling Wrap

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So you’ve brought your little one home and day after day, you are marveling over the beauty of Life that is growing right in front of you. In a few weeks or so, hubby might need to go back to work and if you’re lucky to have your parents come for the delivery, they too will soon need to go back to their own lives. You then realize that you’ll need to do everyday stuff like going to the grocery store with your newborn and one item that can certainly make things more comfortable is a sling wrap. The Boba Wrap Grey received great reviews from a number of sites, including Top Ten Reviews.

8 Keep Them Occupied On A Bouncy Chair

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A baby bouncer is great because we get to free up our hands and do other stuff around the house while the little one is getting entertained. There are a number of options on the market, from pricey to budget-friendly so you can decide which works best for your family however, we have to add that there is one bouncer that has consistently received amazing reviews. We love the 4 Moms MamaRoo Bouncer and Best Products highlights some of its features, “This Bluetooth-enabled bouncer includes five motion settings and five different speeds, in addition to built-in sounds”. We like the sound of that.

7 Laundry Detergent To Keep His/Her Clothes Soft And Gentle


Laundry detergent is one item on this list that can be so easily overlooked. A good baby laundry detergent will leave your little one’s clothes soft and gentle and an amazing baby laundry detergent will do that, while also not having any harmful toxins. Puracy Natural Laundry Detergent was highlighted by many reviewers as a great product. Moms Love Best also praised it as being one of the best to get the job done. What’s great about it is that it is naturally derived, plant-based and is also non-toxic, which makes it perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin that needs only the best

6 Afternoon Walks Need A Travel System

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You might be surprised to see travel systems this far down the list but the truth is, in the first few weeks, most parents stay indoors with their baby. Going outside when your baby is too little will expose him to all sorts of viruses and bacteria. There will, however, come a time when you need a little break – a little walk outside to see the sun and smell the fresh air. In those times, you’ll definitely need a great travel system for the little one. Little Baby Gear highlighted that the UPPAbaby VISTA Travel is the best high-end and luxury model out there and the Brixtan 2017 B-Agile & B-Safe Elite Travel System is the best quality in the medium price range.

5 Nursing Bras Help But Are Not A Need


Nursing bras are an interesting addition to this list because most expecting moms believe that they need them. This is not entirely the case. We believe that bras should be approached from a sensible perspective. For instance, sports bras are amazingly comfortable but are not really the best option for a nursing mom. The best thing to do here is to get yourself regular bras that are 1 or 2 sizes bigger because believe it or not when that milk comes in, things will change. The idea of a nursing bra is cute because you can just unclip one cup to feed your baby but come to think of it, you can easily do that with your normal bra.

4 Don't Overdo Receiving Blankets

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Ah, receiving blankets. Of course, we had to have these on our list. Don’t get us wrong, we do love receiving blankets. They are handy and offer a light coverup for your baby when it is just slightly chilly. The reason why they are this far down the list though is because you only actually need a couple of them, not more than that. You’d be surprised to see how many of your close family and friends will actually bring you these and before you know it, they are taking up all the room in the baby’s drawer. We like receiving blankets but we’re saying No to overdoing it.

3 Wet Wipes Warmers Sometimes Sound Better Than Reality


Number 3 on the list is a little debatable. It might come as a shock to first-time moms who had this on top of their “items to purchase” list but to the moms who’ve been there, done that, you all know why this one is at number three. The concept of a baby warmer is great. We know that wipes tend to be cold and no one wants to put something cold on their little’s one bottom. We get that. Wet wipes warmers however are not that important. They are an unnecessary cost and when they eventually dry up, you will be cussing out loud.

2 Stuffed Animals Are More Cute Than Safe

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It is so easy to get your baby a number of stuffed animals to put not only in their nursery but also in their crib. We think that they are cute and soft and the baby will undoubtedly love them. Well, firstly, this is a huge safety hazard. Putting your baby in a crib with a stuffed animal around is not great, especially when they are newborns. This is a major SIDS hazard and should be avoided at this stage. Don’t feel bad though, your baby will have plenty of time to play with toys – when they are old enough, of course.

1 Babies Quickly Outgrow Newborn Outfits

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Okay, this might send some tongues wagging our way and we get it. Newborn outfits are cute. There’s nothing that beats those little onesies. We know but, here’s the thing – your baby will soon outgrow of them - in a few months, sometimes weeks. Some babies are so big they can’t even fit into newborn outfits. The best thing to do is purchase just a few of these for special occasions such as coming home from the hospital and when you’re expecting guests and then, get the baby bigger outfits that will last longer. Trust us, you’ll be thankful for this tip.

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