A Website Error May Have Accidentally Revealed Royal Baby 3's Name Early!

In the midst of people all over the world anxiously awaiting to hear the name of the British royal family's newest prince (now known as Royal Baby 3 or RB3) and fifth in line for the throne, it seems like the royal family's web development team may have accidentally caused a massive SPOILER ALERT to throw off the surprise of the little one's name.

Here's what went down. The best that we can surmise is that some clever person over at Daily Mail had the idea to pull up the royal family's website which can be accessed at: royal.uk. Apparently, each royal adult family member has their very own page dedicated to them on the site. Queen Elizabeth II, of course, has a page. Prince Charles has his own page. Prince William has one as does his brother, Prince Harry. When searching for little Prince George and Princess Charlotte's pages on the site, the search results say "Access Denied."


The two main frontrunners for the new prince's name that people are betting on are "Albert" and "Arthur." Searching for "royal.uk/prince-arthur" yields the results of "Page not found" which is what the results also are for every other speculated name... except for Albert. Searching for "royal.uk/prince-albert" yields the results of "Access Denied" just like Prince George and Princess Charlotte!


This theory all comes down to those two words - access denied. But you've got to admit, it seems to be a pretty strong theory.

Here is what we know about Albert as a royal name. British bookmakers had odds for the name as low as 5-1 at some point before betting officially closed on the royal baby name yesterday. The name gained popularity among the royals when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. It was King George VI's given name and it serves as Prince Harry and Prince Andrew's middle name. Experts say that if the new prince's name is Albert, it could be a way to honor Prince Harry. It is said that Prince George's two middle names, Alexander and Louis, pay homage to family members. Alexandra is Queen Elizabeth II's middle name and Louis was Prince Philip's father's name. The significance of Princess Charlotte's two middle names, Elizabeth and Diana, speak for themselves.

Do you think the new baby's name is Prince Albert? Is this strong enough evidence? We'll know for sure soon!

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