10 Weird Baby Names That Will Be All The Rage In 2020

Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time for any family. There are so many fun things to shop and plan for. One of the biggest joys that comes with a new baby is selecting a name. Some families choose to pick something deeply meaningful with family roots. Others look for something more modern and playful.

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Tracking baby name popularity has been popular for years. Everyone is curious about which names will remain popular, which will fall to the wayside and which new names will emerge. This list predicts the most unique names that will top the charts in the coming year.

10 Genesis

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This name was obviously taken straight from the bible. It describes the first 5 books of the text. It also describes the story of creation and new beginnings. This name has obvious significance for any newborn baby. It's also perfect for rainbow babies, change of life babies and others that arrive during transitions in life. Genesis works great for boys or girls. Every new baby is a symbol of a new beginning. Each child marks a new chapter for the whole family. This name is a fun and unique way to honor your child's special place in your life.

9 Olenna

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This beautiful little girl's name is enjoying a surge in popularity following its use in "Game Of Thrones". Naming children after popular characters is nothing new. People have been naming their children after their favorite religious figures, characters from novels and more since the beginning of media.

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Not only does this name have a beautiful ring to it but it also has a lovely meaning. As a derivative of Helen, this name means "torch" or "light like the dawn". This is the perfect name for any little one who is the light of her parent's life.

8 Saint

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Celebrity parents have a major influence on which baby names gain popularity. Pete Wentz chose this name for his bouncing baby boy. He put the name on the pop culture radar. Kim and Kanye soon caught on to the pious name and gave it a massive boost in popularity. Not only is this name adorable for those perfectly well-behaved baby months but it becomes a fun commentary in the difficult transitions of the toddler years.

7 Jex

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Shorter baby names are picking up n popularity each year. This 3 letter name is about as short as they come. Names beginning with "j" have become very popular as have those that end in "x".

This name is unique and has a futuristic sound that makes it a fun choice. It's the meaning of this offbeat name that really sets it apart from the pack. Jex means "supplanter" or "overthrower". We live in politically tense times. This name could be used to celebrate a freethinking son.

6 Acacius

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This name has such a delicious classic sound. It's a strong and powerful name for any little boy. Lovers of the classics will appreciate this Greek derivative. The name is related to the plant and in fact, means "thorny". It's perfect for a grumpy baby who takes a while to warm up. The "us" ending gives this name a Latin vibe perfect for your little philosopher or emperor.

5 Magnus

This is a name steeped in ancient history. It's a Latin name that means "greatest". Certainly, this name displays a parent's highest esteem of their little man. Many great kings of history shared this mighty and noble name. A particularly proud parent might choose this name for a very large and strong baby as well. Classic names are swiftly becoming all the rage for babies born in 2020. This one is sure to be no exception.

4 Yara

Yara has roots in both Brazilian and Arabic culture. In Brazilian mythology, Yara was an enchanting goddess with green hair and fair skin. There the name means "water lady" for families who adore rivers, oceans or rain this may be a perfect choice. In Arabic, the name means "small butterfly". Either meaning is beautiful and perfect for a little princess. "Y" names are gaining popularity and 4 letter names are on the rise. This name is an up and coming star.

3 Jaxtyn

Jaxtyn is a newcomer to the baby name scene that is rapidly gaining popularity. It was formed by combining the very popular Jax with the super trendy "tyn" suffix. Jax has its roots in the classic John which means "God has been gracious".

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This shortened version of the ancient English name has topped the charts for the last few years. The shortened version ending in "x" hits all the biggest trends for baby names. Add in the popular suffix simply puts a new twist on a brand new classic.

2 Psalm

The name psalm evokes peaceful melodies to lull your little one to sleep. It means "a song" or "to pluck" as in a harp. These images of blissful heavenly choruses are perfect for a sweet little one. When your baby fills your home with their sonorous cries you can remind yourself of their musical name. Psalm is comforting and beautiful to spiritual and secular families alike. The name is great for both little boys and little girls equally. What a sweet way to honor your cherished little babe.

1 Rex

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As names go, Rex is pretty classic. The name is derived from the Latin word "king". Naming your baby King is pretty sweet and adorable but this version has been used as a dog's name for so long that it's hard to see it in a new light. It's a lot like the precious name Sadie. There are plenty of human Sadies out there but to some of us, it evokes images of sleepy golden retrievers. It's not exactly like naming your baby Bingo and it does have classical roots but just be aware that you may have to hear a few puppy jokes if you choose this name.

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