11 Weird Elf On The Shelf Accessories You Didn't Know Existed

One of the biggest advantages of the Christmas season is there are multiple tricks and tools to help ensure your children are on their best behavior. One timeless tradition includes the Elf on The Shelf. As the story goes, the Elf on The Shelf is sent to children's homes to ensure they are on their best behavior during the Holiday season. Each night, he returns to the North Pole to report back to Santa. Children are not to touch the Elf, and every day he's in a new spot.

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This puts some pressure on parents, who are responsible for ensuring the Elf has a new spot to inhabit each day. If you and your child love the Elf on The Shelf tradition, or you're looking for some extra fun this year, these 10 accessories will help put even more magic into your holiday season.

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11 Scout Elves At Playbook and Tools

This book provides 60 pages of fun reading and tools to help your Elf on the Shelf have a more magical holiday. Inside, your kids will find a chair for the Elf, a Merry Message Cube,  and a candy cane cable. This book is best for your kids ages four to eight years old.

For $24.95 at Target, you'll get ideas of where to put your Elf around the house and accessories for him. After all, your creativity might be running thin after 25 days of finding new places to put the Elf.

10 Elf Surveillance Plaque

Remind your children that the Elf is always watching, even when he's not in the room. This Elf Surveillance Plaque from Target costs $12.99 and serves as that friendly reminder. The plaque resembles a baby monitor or webcam on top, that makes it seem like your Elf has his own spy cam. Then, it reads "This house is under ELF surveillance."

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The camera actually lights up to help continue the ruse that your children are being watched at all times. It also has an on/off switch, so you don't have to feel like the Elf is watching once the kids are asleep. This is a great Elf on The Shelf accessory that doubles as another fun holiday decoration.

9 Elf On The Shelf Claus Couture Sweet Shop Set

Perhaps your Elf on The Shelf has a sweet tooth and likes to watch over the cookie jar. Dress him up accordingly in this "couture" sweet shop set, complete with an apron and his own mixing bowl and spoon from Amazon for $15.20. This outfit is perfect for making those cookies for Santa.

The apron is twill and the pockets are lined with satin. The mixing spoon is made of faux wood. Since the spoon is so tiny, this toy is recommended for kids over the age of 36 months to eight years old.

8 Letters To Santa

The Elf on The Shelf is for more than just ensuring little boys and girls behave leading up to Christmas, he also helps them deliver their letters to Santa. For $19.50 on Amazon, you can get an Elf on The Shelf Letters to Santa kit.

This kit includes special paper and a special press that helps shrink your kids' letters to Elf-size, so he can easily transport them to the North Pole. After Santa reads the letter, your child's list is transformed into a keepsake Christmas ornament for the tree.

7 Elf on The Shelf Claus Couture Arctic Ski Set

If you and your family love to ski over the holiday season, you can bring your Elf with you and ensure he has the right gear to keep watching your kids while they are on the slopes. Dress your Elf on The Shelf up and keep him warm in ski gear.

With this set from Amazon for $24.95, your Elf will get everything he needs from ski goggles, poles, a puffer coat, and scarf. This set is best for kids over the age of three years old because of the small parts.

6 Elf on The Shelf Fruit Snacks

Since your children are not allowed to touch the Elf on the Shelf, or he loses his magic, let them have Elf on The Shelf fruit snacks instead. These Elf-on-The-Shelf shaped fruit snacks will get them in the Holiday spirit and distract them from touching the actual doll.

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The shapes include a Christmas tree, the Elf, a dog, a reindeer, a present, and a fox. Each pouch is about 70 calories and has 11 grams of sugar. You can grab a box of 22 pouches for $3.99 at Target.

5 Elf Pets: A St. Bernard Tradition

This Elf on The Shelf accessory provides two pieces of entertainment in one set: a book and a plush dog toy. The book, "Elf Pets: A St. Bernard Tradition," tells the story of how Santa encourages acts of kindness in young girls and boys and encourage them to adopt a St. Bernard puppy.

While you read the story to your child, he or she can cuddle with the cute puppy that has a barrel around its neck and a gold heart charm. Get the book and plush toy for $24.95 on Amazon.

4 The Elf on The Shelf: Santa's St. Bernard Saves Christmas

After reading about the Elf on the Shelf and his St. Bernard, cuddle up on the couch for a family movie night. Pop in the Elf on the Shelf movie, Elf Pets: Santa's St. Bernard Saves Christmas. The movie is based on the "Elf Pets: A St. Bernard Tradition" book.  

This 23-minute Christmas DVD tells the story of Santa realizing one town doesn't have enough Christmas spirit and enlists the help of the Elves and their St. Bernard puppies to help revitalize the magic and save Christmas. Purchase your copy on Amazon for $9.49.

3 Elf on The Shelf Claus Couture Slumber Set

If your children are begging for a sleepover with the Elf on The Shelf, get Scout a sleeping bag. For $44.95 at Walmart, Scout can have his own slumber set which includes a sleeping bag with a photo of all him and his friends, like Ruploph and his St. Bernard puppy at the North Pole, so he doesn't get homesick this holiday season.

The set also includes a little teddy bear for Scout to sleep with. The teddy bear is made of felt and the sleeping bag has a felt lining to keep your Elf warm.

2 Scout Elves at Play Paper Crafts

Get crafty this Holiday season and create a world for your Elf on The Shelf to explore. Scout Elves at Play offers paper crafts for you and your kids to create. For $17.95 on the Elf on The Shelf website, you'll get 30 pop-up color crafts.

The book gives a step-by-step guide to creating each craft and there are photos of how the Elf likes to play with each craft. All of the projects are 3D, helping you and your kids create a magical, mini world for Scout to inhabit in the lead up to Christmas.

1 Orna-POP Advent Calendar

Supplement your children's daily search for the Elf on The Shelf with this advent calendar, that doubles as an ornament creation set. For $14.95 on the Elf on The Shelf's website, you'll get a countdown calendar to Christmas. Each day, your child will open a self-inflating ornament by pounding it with their hands to pop.

If that is not fun enough, each ornament has jokes, riddles, and games on it. After they're done, your child can go hang the ornament on the tree to add to the Christmas magic and decorations.

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