10 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms Women Never Hear About

When a woman learns she's pregnant in the movies, she often feels exhausted, might throw up a little, and finds herself craving foods that she wouldn't typically crave. Especially those that are a weird combination (like pickles and cake).

It's easy to assume that everyone knows pregnancy symptoms are. In fact, that's one way that women find out they could be pregnant — by these small symptoms. But there are actually some things that pregnant women experience that just aren't talked about. There are way more hints our body gives us than we're aware of. Here are 10 pregnancy symptoms that moms never hear about but definitely should.

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10. Painful Gums

Out of every pregnancy symptom that moms hear about, something that involves teeth or gums never comes up. But, as it turns out, this is actually a symptom of pregnancy.

Motherly says that "pregnancy gingivitis" is a thing. "It’s when your gums bleed easily, especially when brushing your teeth." This could be because of "increased blood flow to your gums, or changes in your body that make your gums more sensitive to bacteria."

As a woman who might be naive to subtle cues, this is a fun fact to be aware of. No one has time for a sensitive mouth!

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9. Super Itchy

If you've experienced being super itchy while pregnant, that was most likely a sign early on that you were pregnant. You probably just thought it was dry skin.

Scary Mommy notes that being itchy is a pregnancy symptom. The website says, "Stretching and estrogen are often to blame for itchy skin and it’s really common during pregnancy."

It's definitely not pleasant, but it seems like something that can be easily dealt with: "It looks like the best way to treat is the same way you’d treat winter skin – lower the temperature in your shower, moisturize, and try not to use harsh soaps, etc."

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8. Sinus Problems

It's never fun to have trouble breathing or have to blow your nose constantly. Sleeping with a stuffed nose is the actual worse. However, when your nose is stuffy or running constantly, it could be a possible pregnancy symptom. Pregnancy rhinitis is an actual term, and according to Motherly, moms-to-be could sneeze or have a stuffed nose and think they're coming down with a cold. You see, this occurs because there's so much blood flow throughout pregnancy, and when you first become pregnant, your body isn't used to it. Blood is rushing to your "mucus membranes" (like your nose), making your nose run like crazy.

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7. More Saliva

Okay, so this is kind of a gross pregnancy symptom, but it's worth talking about since it's something that some women experience (but never hear about).

According to Scary Mommy, "It seems to affect quite a few women during pregnancy and no one seems to know why. Hormones seem to be blamed for the cause because it’s the go-to reason for most things during pregnancy." Becoming sick with nausea also happens often due to the extra saliva, and while this isn't serious by any means, it's a sign that you could have a bun in the oven.

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6. 24/7 Nausea

Morning sickness is probably the most talked about pregnancy symptom. Not everyone experiences it, but many of us assume we will because we hear about it so much.

However, this is more than morning sickness... There's a pregnancy symptom that moms never hear about: having nausea for the duration of each day — not just in the morning hours. Motherly says that some pregnant women will experience this up until the 14th week of pregnancy. How come? They say it's because "Pregnancy-induced nausea is caused by the high levels of a hormone called HCG in your body (the same hormone that pregnancy tests detect)." Pregnant women may also find that they experience nausea once they want to eat, too.

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5. Darker Armpits

While it's always useful to get information from trusted sources such as websites and publications, it's also good to hear from women who have gone through pregnancy first hand.

The Baby Center forum is a wealth of advice that can be helpful to anyone. One woman shared what she went through during her own pregnancy; a symptom of pregnancy that we definitely don't hear about often. She wrote, "Ugh, with my last pregnancy my armpits actually got darker in color. NOT COOL! The did lighten back up but I'm curious if this will happen again." Places like armpits, above the lip, or even around your breasts may darken due to hormones.

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4. Spots And Zits

Of all the things that a pregnant woman could experience during this special time, do we assume that getting pimples on their face would be one of them? Eh, probably not since it's not as commonly talked about as morning sickness or sore backs. But it's another pregnancy symptom that we don't hear about.

As Cafe Mom says, pregnant women could experience spots and zits during those nine months. The website says, "Flashback to the teen years! Hormonal changes can cause a pregnant woman's skin to break out. Anti-acne medications should be cleared with a pregnant woman's doctor before use."

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3. Sounds Good (Or Not)

Everyone assumes that pregnant women crave junk food or a strange combination of foods. But what about craving something that isn't actually food?

According to Family Educationa pregnancy symptom is wanting to eat something that isn't food. This is called "pica": "The Mayo Clinic describes a bizarre craving for chewing certain substances, like clay, paper, soil and ice, which is sometimes associated with vitamin or mineral deficiencies. If you experience these types of non-food cravings, talk to your doctor." It's nice to be educated on why you're craving certain foods and what happens when you finally eat them. So do yourself—and your baby—a favor and stay away from the paper...

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2. Skin Changes

Cafe Mom also says that skin changes could happen during pregnancy. This is called "skin discoloration." It's definitely not something that moms-to-be hear about very often, but it's another pregnancy symptom that everyone should know about.

According to the website, it's another hormonal switch-up: "Pregnancy hormones can increase the level of melanin, which gives skin its pigment. And so this might cause dark skin patches called melasma, aka the mask of pregnancy. Keeping skin protected from the sun may help prevent melasma." This seems like something that could be confusing to someone who didn't know they were pregnant. Hopefully knowing this will trigger them to take a test.

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1. A Metallic Taste

Did you know that some pregnant women get a metallic taste during pregnancy? It's true!

According to Family Education, it might be "a pregnancy-related condition called dysgeusia." The publication continues, "According to the University of Utah, dysgeusia takes place as a reaction to an increase in estrogen levels, and can cause a metallic taste in your mouth."

It's important to know that there's more to pregnancy symptoms than being tired and feeling nauseous... You could be experiencing other symptoms without even knowing it!

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