Welsh Baby Deprived Of Oxygen Suffers 40 Seizures In 4 Days

Jac Patrick Griffiths was born not breathing, so he suffered 40 seizures in just four days. Doctors did everything they could to keep him going despite the fact that his brain was starved of oxygen. His parents are forever grateful to the medical staff who helped them save their son, so they want to give back to the hospital.

Laura O’Sullivan and Steven Griffiths were anxious and terrified that their son was born not breathing. On July 14th, O’Sullivan went into a difficult labour at the Ysbyty Glan Clwyd hospital in Bodelwyddan, Wales, and doctors were shocked to discover that Jac was born not breathing. Immediately, they scrambled for solutions.

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They found that Jac’s seizures were a symptom of hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE): a condition characterized by a lack of blood and oxygen in the brain. His case was quite severe, so doctors had to resort to therapeutic hypothermia. They wrapped the baby boy in a cooling mat for 72 hours so that his body temperature would be reduced to 33.5 degrees Celsius. This would help limit any damages to the brain and other organs.

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The medical staff was able to stabilize Jac’s condition thanks to the cooling mat. However, they are still unsure if the four days he was oxygen-deprived had any long-lasting effects on his body. Suffering through so many seizures in a short period of time at such a young age might have done permanent damage to some parts of his body. Doctors will have to continue monitoring the baby boy even though he lived through the traumatizing experience.

Thankfully, Jac has recovered well. 11 weeks after his 15-day nightmare, he is happily living at home. His parents are forever grateful to the hospital staff who saved his life, so they want to give back. They plan on buying a cooling mat for the hospital so that any baby like Jac can receive immediate treatment. What happened to their son was unusual, but they realized that it can still happen to anyone. Paying it forward, they don’t want another parent to go through what they did, so they want to equip the hospital to save more babies’ lives.

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