Wendy Williams Slams Owen Wilson For Never Meeting His 1-Year Old Daughter

Wendy Williams has never been shy to share her opinion. Most recently, the controversial talk show host lashed out at Owen Wilson for not having a relationship with his daughter.

Earlier this month, Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, Varunie Vongsvirates, accused the actor of never meeting their 1-year old daughter Lyla (though she noted he does help out financially). The couple allegedly dated for five years before splitting up. Vongsvirates only discovered her pregnancy after the fact.

Williams brought the shocking allegations up during the November 15th taping of The Wendy Williams Show in order to criticize the celebrity for being an absentee dad. “Owen Wilson, you are no good!” she said to the camera. “I don’t know how we can see some of his kids movies ever again. You’ve got nerve to be playing a dad when you’re not even a dad in real life to your newest baby. He’s got a child he’s never met!” Wilson also has two sons, 8-year old Ford and 5-year old Finn, from previous relationships.

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Williams also had some eyebrow-raising advice for Wilson’s ex- continue taking his money but don’t let him see the child. “Well, here’s what I would suggest that she does — stay pretty, go on with your life and take his money. Also, if I were her, I wouldn’t even want him in my life or the child’s life. The child will never remember,” Williams explained.

She continued, “And, for the little girl, there’s lots of women that grow up with no father and they turn out fine. There’s lots of women who raise kids fine with no problem. But, to be fighting him about this, it’s pointless.”

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She also suggested Vongsvirates stop talking about her daughter’s father publicly to the media since she thinks it will only increase his star power: “This should be the last we hear from you about this, because the more you badmouth him about his movies, the more the box office will crash and that will cut into your child support. So just, let it go!”

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Vongsvirates originally gave an interview to Daily Mail where she accused Wilson of being an absentee father. “Owen has never met Lyla. Never,” she told a reporter when they caught up with her in an LA parking lot. “He helps financially but it’s never been about that,” she admitted, urging, “Lyla needs a father.”

“It’s ironic how he [Owen] keeps getting these father roles, he’s playing a father in his new movie, and he’s never even met his own daughter,” the mother-of-one added. As to what she wants to say to him, she said, “That you should see your daughter, she’s incredible, you’re missing out and she looks just like you.”

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