14Call To Ministry

It wasn’t long after that when Phelps was hired as the new pastor for a new church they were starting, Westboro Baptist which was slated to open in 1955.

We should mention before we get too deep into this article, that the Westboro Baptist Church was a cult and not a religion, and there are many reasons this is so and they will be covered in this article. So, how did this all start? How did Phelps go from

being a normal, God-fearing man, to a leader of a cult? During his young life, Phelps was an Eagle Scout who was all set to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. When he was 17 though, he attended a Methodist revival meeting and it was at this point that he stated he “felt the call” to ministry.

In 1947, he was baptized and ordained by First Baptist Church in Utah. He quickly worked his way up the ranks within the church and in 1954 he was hired as an associate pastor for the East Side Baptist Church.

When Westboro was established, Phelps cut all ties with his old churches and this was a red flag that nothing good was going to come of this role he had been given.

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