15Odd Beliefs That Other Baptists Don't Like


What is interesting to know is that the Baptist World Alliance and the Southern Baptist Convention have both denounced the Westboro Baptist church. They do not even recognize the institution as being part of the Baptist family.

Religion can be very subjective; every different sector and congregation has their own set of beliefs. Most Christian religions follow the teachings of the Bible, but even within that each individual congregation may have small differences in how they preach the word of the Lord. Generally, they are all very

similar. The Westboro Baptist Church and Fred Phelps had very different beliefs and views, and the church was run as such. The church itself described itself as “an Old School Baptist Church.”

Church sizes will vary on area and city, some churches have a large and very active congregation, while others have smaller more tight-knit communities. The Westboro Baptist Church reached a peak of about 40 members. Most of these members were related to Fred Phelps by either blood or marriage. Fred had 13 children and about 45 grandchildren. It seems the church was a family ordeal and that was the reason it was growing. Which is not surprising, because their recruitment techniques are pretty extreme.

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