We've Rounded Up The 30 Best Celeb Family Halloween Costumes Of 2018

There are two different kinds of people in this world. Ones who instantly skip to Christmas right after Halloween and ones who believe in celebrating Thanksgiving and then setting up the Holiday tree after. Regardless, I don’t know anyone who skips Halloween. How could anyone not enjoy this opportunity to become someone they are not? Children get to pretend they are Superheroes. Teenagers get to act like The Pink Ladies, and adults get to disguise themselves from their stressful work life for the night. 

As the popular movie Mean Girls quotes, “In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy.” Which we all know is 100% why kids are perfectly content with whatever parents make them wear as long as their bucket is full at the end. Of course, the candy makes it well worth the sweaty costume for the kids. As far as parents are concerned, the candy just adds a bit extra on to help them stay warm during the Winter. Either way, everyone has a good time. We love Halloween and are huge fans of families who go all out together. Here it is, folks: the 30 best family Halloween costumes of 2018.

30 Pink And Son

Arggg! How cute are these two pirates! Pink and her son went as a matching pair trick or treating and they sure looked cute doing it! Give me your candy or walk the plank! Don’t worry, this powerful mommy didn’t leave her daughter out of the fun. The next night Pink dressed up as the Greatest Showman with her husband as the bearded lady, and daughter as Anne Wheeler. Check out her instagram to see epic photos of them being goofy all night!

29 Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, And Family

John Legend looks dashing in his Prince outfit. I would totally be okay with him ruling our land. Chrissy was a unicorn and Luna was a princess. We love this picture of Princess Luna on her knights shoulders because it is to cute for words! This fairy tale was a dream come true. We definitely know they have a happily ever after. The couple also had a bit of fun dressing up as the Queen and King of London a few nights later.

28 Heidi Klum

Props to you Heidi! I bet she spent a lot of time in the makeup chair to get this look. She sure did a fantastic job dressing up as Fiona from Shrek! I bet washing all that green paint off was a pain in the donkey! She has been known to take Halloween to the next level with her transformations each year. Even though I don’t think there is a really child in this stroller, we are pretending like there is. Her costume was to good to not make the list! Even Lord Farquaad would agree!

27 Kylie Jenner and Stormi

These two out did themselves two nights out of the week. Butterflies are beautiful creatures and Kylie Jenner and her girl Stormi nailed it with their matching costumes. I wonder if she got those wings from Victoria Secret? They also dressed as lightning in the clouds another night. Kylie continued to impress us with her Barbie look alike costume and of course the Kardashian sisters angel costumes. They sure made an impression on us this Halloween.

26 Matthew Morrison, Renee Puente, and Kids

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Glee star Matthew Morrison and his stunning lady dressed up as the ghostbusters. Their little pumpkin was the stay puft marshmallow man! We loved their jumpsuits and Halloween spirit. We expect them to continue rocking out Halloween every year now. Hopefully there was no one strange in the neighborhood on Halloween night!

25 The Baldwin Crew

Actor Alec Baldwin and his actress wife Hilaria slipped on the orange jumpsuits for Halloween this year! Since 2013 this bunch has been out doing themselves on Halloween. They have dressed as The Incredibles, The Wizard Of Oz, and this year they went to space! We love that they had full helmets and all matching jumpsuits. They must really like NASA because this family was spotted wearing matching NASA shirts just last month! Keep rocking it mom and dad!

24 Reese Witherspoon And Tribe

Spooky but still cute! If you know anything about this actress it is she counts down till Halloween like it's Christmas. Days leading up to Halloween she was sharing the most festive photos on her instagram. We knew she wouldn’t let us down after all the hype! Reese and her family dressed up as spooky characters. Her hubby and son were vampires, and Reese definitely looked good as a redhead. I think her eldest son dressed up as a “too cool” teenager. At Least he posed for the picture with them!

23 The Kardashians Part 1

If you haven’t seen Kanye West music video for his new song, “I Love It” then this costume probably doesn't make sense to you. It is a naughty song, so many followers were a bit shocked that her children were wearing these costumes. The Kardashians can get away with basically anything, so it is only fitting that they pulled this stunt. Not only do they look so silly in these costumes, they had a riot falling down and struggling to get back up! Like father like son, right?

22 The Kardashians Part 2

I think it is fair to say the Kardashian’s are masterminds when it comes to working the media and product placement. I am not sure if I missed the joke here with the Fuji and Sparkling water, but is it a coincidence that Kanye’s lyrics say, “When the first time they ask you if you want sparklin' or still? Why you try to act like you was drinkin' sparklin' water 'fore you came out here?” Hmmm. Either way, they look like they are enjoying their time as fancy water!

21 Snooki And Little Girl

First off, doesn’t Snooki look great? Fit, healthy, and being a mom looks super good on her. Her little girl has the most precious smile too. This crew dressed up as superheroes together and we think they look adorable. Even though their costumes are not blowing us away, we love that they all are matching and having fun! Maybe one day her kids will dress up as the Jersey Shore Crew! I think we would all get a kick out of seeing lil Snooki, JWoww, and Pauly D!

20 Jessica Alba And Crazy Bunch

Any excuse to wear a onesie is good with me! This family of five took on Halloween as unicorns and giraffes. We love that she joined her daughter with a little fun unicorn face sparkles and makeup. She also mentioned on her instagram caption that she got the two giraffe costumes at Pottery Barn Kids. We Love them and we love that she is a practical mom. We find it amazing that she is teaching her daughter to be a unicorn in a field of horses!

19 Lauren Conrad And Baby Girl

Lauren Conrad is the queen of fashion forward Halloween costumes. If you have ever read her blog then you know around Halloween time, she has the best ideas. The amazing part is she uses clothes that you usually already have at home and her costumes are affordable. If you can’t tell from the picture, she knows how to look stylish, cute, and fun for the holiday. Not only does she look great, but her little girl is adorable in that bird costume. How could you not love this?

18 Kevin Hart And Goofy Crew

This man sure knows how to make people laugh and his costume is pretty funny! The Harts dressed up in minion costumes with their own “H” written on the overalls. They even did a mini photo shoot in their costumes and their faces will make you laugh! They wore these sweet costumes and then mama Hart and him were spotted out wearing them later that evening. He captioned, “Now that the kids are asleep & out of the way it is time for the adult Minions to come out & play!”

17 Carly Waddell And Party Time

After Bachelor Season 19 couldn’t find love, she finally found her soulmate on Bachelor In Paradise season 3 with The Bass. Carly and their baby rocked two costumes this Halloween. They were both deers and Wayne’s World characters. Although they looked uber cute in the deer costumes, we thought the Wayne’s World costumes were a hoot. Talk about having a sense of humor! Her baby in this wig is killing me!

16 Bachelor In Paradise Love Birds Tanner and Jade Roper Tolbert

Let’s give a big round of applause to hubby Tanner Tolbert for being a trooper and dressing as the girl in E.T. This costume is easy, creative, and makes us smile! The bachelor and bachelorette contestants found love in paradise and since then have given birth to their beautiful daughter Emmy. We love how cute Emmys E.T. costume is. Nice work you two!

15 Jillian Harris And Her WonderLand

Jillian Harris who was the runner up on the show The Bachelor made history being the first Canadian to star as The Bachelorette during season 5. Her love from the show did not last but recently had a child with long term boyfriend and pro snowboarder Justin Pasutto. Now that you are all caught up, you may want to start following her. She slays Halloween and somehow always find a cute way to incorporate her dog. Last year they were Wizard Of Oz, and this year they killed it as Alice In Wonderland. Snaps for you Jillian!

14 Jeff Dunham

Speaking of Wizard Of Oz, the Dunham family did a spectacular job recreating these characters. How cute are his two sons dressed up as the Tinman and Scarecrow. You can tell by their faces they either are pumped to go get some candy or think it is way to cool that their dad is a Lion. Plus, not to add to this adorable staged photo is his beautiful wife as Dorothy with her sparkling shoes. And Toto, seriously, love it!

13 Neil Patrick Harris

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris took Halloween to a whole different level. If you check out his instagram on the behind the scenes of these costumes, it sure wasn’t easy! They spent hours in hair and make up chairs while also posing for many different camera shots. Regardless, the effort David Burtka and him went through to get this shot for their kids is remarkable. I am sure it will be one they will always remember, and hard to top next year! Challenge is on Neil!

12 Finn Balor

This WWE fighter may seem fierce in the ring, but he looks pretty innocent to me. I am sure his children loved seeing daddy in a lobster costume! Although they didn’t match, I give this dad credit for dressing up with his kiddos. You can tell by their smiles they are having way to much fun. He captioned, “Dracula, a Lobster and a Dinosaur.” Any dad willing to put a ridiculous costume on and have fun is a winner in our books! Nice to see your soft side, Finn!

11 Gisele Bündchen and Daughter

I guess it was Gisele’s daughters turn this year to be her partner in crime! Last year, Benjamin Brady and Gisele matched as Mario and Luigi! Her son looked so happy and seemed to love doing it with his mom. This year she had a girls night with her daughter and hopped around as unicorns. This picture is so beautiful to see the love between them and the opportunity they have to spend quality time together. Isn’t every girls childhood revolve around unicorns? Nice job!

10 Katherine Heigl And Her Little Nugget

This matching dragon costume is perfect. Katherine captioned “‘Tis I, Mother of Dragons! Pretty clever right?!” Sounds like she is a Game Of Thrones lover! She even mentioned in her Instagram post where they got the costume and how she gets a kick out of family themed Halloween costumes. I guess we'll get to see them matching for years to come. Her kids also dressed up a few nights after as different animals. Go check out her youngest son because his fox costume is precious.

9 Jenna Kramer’s Trio

Little Red Riding Hood is a childhood favorite. I am sure Jenna’s little girl loved being the star of the show while mommy and daddy played the wolf and woodsman who save her. Jenna even has a baby in the oven under her costume. What a trooper! The Kramer’s are known for dressing up as a family each Halloween, and their costumes seem to get better and better each year. We can’t wait for next years costume when they add another member to the family!

8 Ciara

Wakanda Forever! Black Panther was a hit this year! If you were going to dress up like the movie, you had to do it right, and they sure did. They went full out and boy does Ciara look fierce! Seriously, check her out! Also, can we point out the swag and sass on her youngest daughter, Si Si. If you follow Ciara on instagram, then you know her kids have us laughing almost every day! That stance is just to cute. We love you Ciara!

7 Rachel Zoe And Her Knights


Fashion designer and writer Rachel Zoe makes a pretty good Princess Aurora. Don’t you think? It also helps when you have a good looking Knight by your side to protect you! Not to mention a Ninja and Samurai warrior to fight off any ghost or zombies! Rachel Zoe, husband Rodger, and her kids, Sky and Kaius, had fun playing the Disney fairytale on Halloween. Her kids also dressed up as Gladiators for their school parade that week! I wonder which costume got them more candy!

6 Golden Tate

This professional football player and Super Bowl champion, Golden Tate, hit a home run when creating this look. This trio dressed as characters from Willy Wonka! His wife did an outstanding job dressing up as a cute Oompa Loompa! Their play on words saying their baby is their “golden ticket” is way to cute as well. I am hoping that is a full size candy bar because I don’t think this little munchkin is old enough to go out and get her own candy!

5 Thomas Rhett


Every parent can relate to the struggle Thomas had on Halloween night. He said, “We literally took a million photos. Getting Willa and Ada to smile at the same time was impossible but it was awesome! Monsters inc. for life.” This family has our hearts and their love for their kids is incredible. What a fun family themed idea. It almost looks like Thomas and his wife are enjoying Halloween a bit more than the kids! Also, be sure to check out this fun dad and his band also dressed up as the Ninja Turtles to perform in Sacramento!

4 Freddie Prinze Jr.


Everyone loves a good Joker costume. Freddie even had a professional make-up artist help him complete the look. His wife, Sarah Michelle, showed us some pictures of her dressed up as Harley Quinn that week too! She sure looked perfect! Anyways, we think this photo of Freddie and his little girl is too sweet to not make the list. Plus, the jacket is pretty legit and looks like the exact one from the movie. I am sure the two had a blast skipping around getting candy as a duo!

3 Kourtney Kardashian And Mason

Kourtney and her friend’s helped out Mason by dressing up as the characters from Austin Powers. Kourtney and her friend Stephanie Shepherd went at the twins. They did a pretty solid job recreating these costumes. Kendal and her friend went as Austin Powers and the Fembot. They sure looked good! They even had someone dressed at Foxy! Mason, of course, was the famous Mini Me. He even had a mini toy dog to help play the part. Now that’s what I call a team effort!

2 Alyssa Milano, Milo and Elizabella

Gotta catch them all, Pokemon! Actor, producer, and designer, Alyssa Milano, made her kids dreams come true! Pokemon was popular when I was a kid and recently has came back! What child doesn’t love Pokemon? Plus, the online game is great for getting kids active and outside catching different characters! This fun mom dressed up with her daughter as Pokemons to let her son be the Catcher, Ash. Look at his smile, you can tell he is enjoying this! Her littlest one is Pikachu with matching yellow Converse. Love this!

1 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Someone needs to convince the Timberlake’s to quit their day job and open up a Halloween store. They seriously take home the prize every year for best costume. From Trolls, Toy Story, to now this! This year the family dressed up as characters from the Lego Movie. Silas was Batman, Justin was Robyn, and adorable Jessica went as Harley Quinn! I am not sure if they go big every year so they can trick or treat in disguise or they just really love the holiday. Either way, you guys win! Nice job, again!

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