What Age A Woman Should Start Having Babies, Based On Her Horoscope

Having children is a rough decision. There is a lot more that goes into having children than just choosing a name and picking out decorations. Yes, picking a name, picking out nursery designs and even furniture, clothing and accessories are all important, but once the baby is born there are a lot more decisions that need to be made. Most of which of a mother needs to make. Life will change for a woman once they have a child.

It can be hard to decide what age is best to have a first child. As women, we give up a lot when it comes to having children and having them to young can put a damper on a woman’s life. Goals, careers, even personal lives are all thrown off balance if not planned correctly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a chart that would tell women what the best age to have children would be, so we could prepare and be ready?

Well that is what horoscopes are made for. Over the years, horoscopes have been used to predict many different things. Be it personality, the future, daily predictions, what a child will look like, and even when to stop breastfeeding. Well now they are even being used to tell a woman what age is best for her sign to have a child.

Keep scrolling down to find out when a woman should start planning to have a child based on her horoscope, and what type of mom she will be once she has her first child.

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24 Pisces – Late Twenties

As a Pisces, women are known to have great imaginations. They dream of the children they will one day have more than anything else. What they will look like, what their smile will look like, how their laugh will sound, all this and more.

According to astrologergupta.com, A Pisces woman will love to have romantic thoughts about having a child with her partner. She will be prepared early on with plans for when she does have a baby. Nursery design, accessories she wants to get, names, etc.

Sadly, she will have to wait till her late twenties for her dreams to finally come true. Till then, focus on one’s career, schooling and any other goals that one would have that can not be done once a baby is here.

23 Pisces – Free Spirited

When the time comes for a Pisces to have a child, the most important thing to them is that the child grows up to develop independence, creativity, and to be a kind individual.

According to yourtano.com, a Pisces mom will encourage her child to do finger-painting, creating their own picture books, or even writing so they can grow up to be a famous writer.

Impossible high standards will not be enforced by her. She will know what kind of child she has and will not push them to do the impossible, instead she will accept them for who they are and celebrate them.

22 Capricorn – Early Twenties

When it comes to Capricorns, they can be a bit of a home buddy with certain traditions and customs that they respect and follow.

According to astrologergupta.com, Capricorns adore their family so much that they can’t wait to have one of their own and all the responsibilities that come with it.

It will be in the early twenties that a young Capricorn woman will settle down and start planning for a baby. She will not be overwrought, in fact she will be a pro at it. She was born with amazing qualities to be an amazing mother and is highly disciplined.

She will be able to take complete control of her life, her goals and her career, all while balancing a family. She will manage well at having a baby so young.

21 Capricorn – The Advocate Mom

Once a Capricorn finally reaches her dream of becoming a mom, she will be known as the advocate mom around town.

According to yourtango.com, the child of a Capricorn will have no issues when it comes to how much their mother loves them due to how much their mother shows them. Her passion for her child will be as fiery hot as how much she will fight for them if something ever happened.

A Capricorn mother will make sure to install all the proper life lessons into their children. The importance of values, all the ways to behave, proper manners, and being thoughtful and kind to others around them.

20 Virgo – Early Thirties

Women born under the Virgo star are known to be practical. It will be a constant struggle for her to put her career on hold to have a child. To her, career comes first, and babies are put on the backburner constantly.

This will all change once she hits her 30s though, according to astrologergupta.com, her maternal clock will finally come to play in her early 30s. It will be a surprise. Something she didn’t plan at all, but once she sees her little surprise and holds him/her in her arms, she will be overjoyed that it finally happened, and maybe a little upset that she waited so long.

19 Virgo – Involved

Up until a Virgo has a child, her life is all about her career, but once she has that baby, it becomes all about her child.

According to yourtango.com, there won’t be a playgroup, class, or PTA meeting that she misses once she has a child. She will volunteer for almost every event, help-out whenever she can, and organize everything so that her child is prepared and gets ahead.

A Virgo mom will be her child’s number one fan and supporter.

A child of a Virgo mom will thrive at almost everything they go after thanks to the support from their mother. If they fail, they know their mother is right there rooting them on and encouraging them to try again and not give up and to take as much time as needed.

18 Sagittarius – Mid-Twenties

Woman who are born from the Sagittarius star are known to have an adventurous nature to them. They love to travel, so much so, that having a baby can be a bit scary for them.

According to astrologergupta.com, the best age for a Sagittarius woman to have a child is her mid-20s. She will plan the whole thing to a T. Down to when to get pregnant, the color schemes, names, etc.

By this stage of her life, she will have gotten the adventure side almost out of her system and be more willing to settle down and have a family. It will be hard at first. Overcoming her boundaries and being confined to a family, but she will succeed and becoming a great mother.

17 Sagittarius – The Open Road Mother

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Before life as a mom, Sagittarius are known to be quite adventurous. Always putting kids on hold to live out their life of adventure and thrills.

This will not stop once she has a kid.

According to yourtango.com, right from the start she will instill the life of adventure and travel into her child. Camping, hiking, or even road trips and cross-country trips will all be done with her child strapped in a baby sling. She will teach them young about not being afraid to get out there and see the world, try new things, and meet new people.

Her dream is to have them love the world as much as she does and to get an education that they would never be able to get sitting in a class room all day.

16 Leo – Early Thirties

Leos are known to be an aggressive and ambitious group of people. For the women though, their goals come first. Their main priority is to remain focus and keep their career goals in front of them, while enjoying life to the fullest for their entire 20s.

According to astrologergupta.com, it will be in their 30s when they finally have a different goal to plan for. Having a baby.

Their ability to multi-task will be on ability they use a lot. Between their family, their new baby, and their career, they will need it.

At the end of the day though, they will relish on the decision they made to have a child at this stage of the game.

15 Leo – The Confident Mamma

Thanks to all the planning and choices in life a Leo mom made before having children, she will live a fabulous life when she does finally become a mother. Money will not be an issue and the child will have everything, so will mom.

According to yourtango.com, Leo moms will make sure that they have time every day to spend with their child. She relishes in the accomplishments they have made and achieved. She will never self-doubt them and instead push them to want to achieve greatness. She will make sure to instill the confidence in them that she has and make sure they are successful in life as she was.

14 Cancer – Early Twenties

Cancers are known to be the most mothering and nurturing of all the other signs.

According to astrologergrupta.com, they are the most caring of all the other signs, take great care of their friends, family, even classmates, and are who their friends come to when they need advice. They give off a motherly presence to everyone who they meet.

Cancer women are prepared early for motherhood thanks to their nurturing and motherly traits. Once they find the right partner, their ideal age is early 20s to have their first child and depending on how many children they want, they can keep having them until their 30s.

13 Cancer – The Oversharing Mother

Cancers are born to have children young. Once they have their first child, they can become obsessed with them almost. They want to capture everything they do with either pictures, videos, or anything else they can use to capture an event.

According to yourtango.com, Cancer moms are so loving that they have difficulties disciplining their child when the time comes. That doesn’t mean they let their children run rabid though. When it is necessary, they will do what they feel is right.

They’re obsession runs deep, and they are always there for their children. If they need a kidney, done, if they need money to get out of jail, done, if they need a shoulder to cry on, done.

They were made to be amazing mothers.

12 Scorpio – Late Twenties

When it comes to loving their children, Scorpios are known to love their offspring more than any other sign.

According to astrologergupta.com, a woman born under the sign of the Scorpio will live a long and happy romantic life until their late 2os when they finally decide to have their first child. Having a child will excite them. They have all the best traits a mother could have, making becoming a mother meant to be.

Scorpio mothers are known to have great patience when it comes to raising kids, making dealing with them easy. They’re one goal is to give them the best life that they deserve.

11 Scorpio – Moody

Scorpio moms are known to be a little more complex than most moms by having two different moods when it comes to their children.

According to yourtango.com, one minute they can be controlling when it comes to their child. They want to know what they are doing, who they are with and where they are going. Then they can change and go a completely different route and give their children free range to do what they want. Their intention behind doing this is to teach them to make their own mistakes and to learn from them.

Free range or not, Scorpio moms are fiercely protective no matter what mood they are in. One does not want to mess with their child.

10 Aquarius – Mid Thirties

Aquarius are known to be kids at heart with a bit of a flirty nature.

According to astrologergupta.com, women born under the Aquarius sign are never ready when it comes to having children. They like to do what they want and not be tied down. Plus, their moods swings can be a bit of an issue when raising kids. It is best if they do not rush when it comes to having kids and instead wait.

The best time to start is mid thirties when a woman is at her peek of maturity. She has developed more patience by then and will be able to deal with children a lot easier.

9 Aquarius – Productive

Until an Aquarius has a child, they are known to have an all around happy go lucky type of attitude. Once they add a child into the mix though they settle down and get their priorities straight.

According to yourtango.com, an Aquarius mom will use every ounce of energy she has, plus some, to improve in life. From her parenting, succeeding at her job, being a good wife/girlfriend to her partner, and still having time to focus on her and her goals, she will be drained.

She will always have time for her child though and even others that she meets. From talking to her child’s class, to just talking to her child’s friends one-on-one.

She will be able to do everything without anyone feeling ignored.

8 Taurus – Early Twenties

Taurus women are one type of women who prefer a great partner before they start a family. They want someone who will make a great partner in life, a great parent to their future children and who will be able to provide and give them the life they dream and deserve.

According to astrologergupta.com, Taurus women are very calm and balanced people that tend to start families at an early age. Knowledge will be one thing they crave first. They will read up on every parenting technique they can before having children in their early 20s.

Growing up with strong family values will the biggest thing that a Taurus woman looks forward to doing once she has children.

7 Taurus – Strict But Loving

According to yourtango.com, as mothers Taurus believe that children need rules and a strict routine, all while making sure that a child is in a constant feeling of being safe and secure.

As a mom she will be able to loosen up when needed and have fun with her child, but she will know when to turn it off and be strict when the time calls for it.

She will make sure her child eats healthy but has an occasional treat as an aware now and again, she will make sure they get plenty of exercise and are not inside laying around all the time and that they are not dependent on electronic devices.

As a mom, Taurus will make sure to give her child a sense of stability and to instill in them a hard-working attitude, all while making sure her child knows there is no compromise, it is her way or the highway.

6 Libra – Late 20s

Libras are known to be very balanced at life, especially when it comes to their relationships. They are great at balancing their personal life their relationships and their careers

According to astrologergupta.com, Libras make great mothers, but until they are ready they are more focused on their career, their goals and advancing in life.

By the time they are in their late 20s they will be ready, even though they will be scared at first. It won’t be until after they hold their child in their arms that their fears will disappear, and they will enjoy their new life as am other.

5 Libra – Relaxed

Before kids, Libra women are known to work mainly on advancing in their careers, as mothers, they seem to relax more and focus on their children.

According to yourtango.com, Libra moms want to make sure they do not put to much pressure on their children. It is better if they have a hands-off approach and instead keep them happy and unstressed.

The house will not be the neatest, but it won’t be disgusting either. It will be a house that their children will feel comfortable bringing friends over to.

One thing Libra mothers are known for are making sure their children know to express themselves, be it clothing choices, tattoos, piercings or other types of body art.

4 Geminis – Mid-Thirties

Geminis are known to have two different kinds of personalities. Those around them will never know which one they will be getting when they come into contact with them.

According to astrologergupta.com, Gemini women love to just enjoy life with their partners for as long as they can before deciding to have children. When they are ready it will be most likely in their mid-30s.

From the day they find out they are expecting they will start to plan every detail. Names, nursery designs, furniture and accessories, and even the baby’s arrival.

They will be great moms when their bundle of joy arrives.

3 Gemini – The Cool Mom

As mothers, Geminis are known to never talk down to their child, instead they talk on their level and encourage them to do better. Gemini moms want the best for their children and urge them to step out of their comfort zone now and again and to reach for the stars.

According to yourtango.com, when it comes to parties, Gemini moms are right there partying away. They want to be the “cool mom.” Embarrassing or awkward topics will be nothing for them. They want their children to have the best possible answers to any type of question they have, including ones that might be awkward to other children.

Being independent is something that a Gemini mom craves for their child, while at the same time they want to make sure they will always be there for them.

2 Aries – Late Teens

Aries are the prime example of warriors. They are brutally frank and honest. They prefer not to sugar coat things and instead tell it how it is. Laziness is not something they stand for either. They are hardworking and like to plan out every detail of their future.

According to astrologergupta.com, this maybe why they have children so young though. They will marry young and shortly after have their first kid in their late teens/early twenties. The first pregnancy most likely won’t be planned, something that may bother them more than anything else. They are bold and brave though and will accept it and move on.

1 Aries – Active

Before becoming a mother, a woman born under the Aries star is known to be hard working. As mothers, they will be right there being the best hands-on mom they can be.

According to yourtango.com, when it comes to feedings, car-pooling, school activities, errands, and home life, they will have it all planned and under control.

They will instil courage, strength, confidence and fearlessness in their children. Wanting them to be as active physically and mentally as they are.

They will do all this and more while at the same time supporting them with all their interests be it music, art, sports or reading. All they want is their child to be well-rounded, educated, and to instil manners and proper behavior in them.

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