What Baby's First Month Will Be Like, Based On Their Horoscope

Pregnancy is nine months of growing a tiny new life and then increasingly and impatiently waiting to meet said tiny new life. When parents finally do get to meet the little baby—early or late—they are filled with emotions and so excited. Once home, however, it occurs to them that they might not know this tiny person as well as they thought. Sure, mom and dad know that the baby kicks for 45 minutes at 3 AM every day and cries to communicate everything. But why does she cry about some things and not others? Or why did the first like to watch everything mom and dad did, while this second one just wants to sleep? And what is up with the energetic kid over there?

Life with a newborn can get a little mundane when mom and dad are up every two hours to feed them; so, during one of those sessions, why not Google baby personalities? If that is what readers are doing right now, congrats! Those who have had a cute baby and found the right article to help clue them into baby’s budding new personality using the power of astrology! By finding out what baby’s sign is, parents can then begin to determine what his or her developing personality traits will be. It will also probably answer a few questions for clueless parents along the way.

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20 Water Nurtures Life

Without water, we wouldn’t have life. This is particularly relevant in regards to babies. They spend their first nine months in a water world, cradled safely in our wombs. They tend to grow very fond of that water world, and most are none too pleased with exchanging it for one of air. The water signs are Cancer—who is cardinal and the beginning, Scorpio—who is fixed and centered in the middle of the season, and Pisces—who is mutable and ends the season. According to Astrology, “’Water Signs’ symbolize the cooling, healing principle of sensitivity, feeling response, and empathy with others.”

19 Scorpio Is Impatient

Babies born between October 23rd and November 21st are Scorpio babies. They grow up to be impatient, deeply loyal and intense water signs who feel more than they communicate. Your new Scorpio will likely be impatient in his first month (and beyond). He will be impatient to eat, impatient to begin crawling and explore the world, impatient to get dressed, etc. As Today’s Parent puts it, “Even when young, your toddler will amaze you with how much he takes in and understands. Smart as a whip and exceedingly determined, there will be no swaying him from his chosen course of action.”

18 A Highly Alert Sagittarius

If your baby is born between November 22nd and December 21st, he is a Sagittarius baby. He will grow up to love his freedom and travel the world to explore and see new sights. As a baby, this translates to being carried from room to room so he can see everything—and then eventually outgrowing the house and demanding parks, shopping trips and the great outdoors. As The Bump puts it, “Sagittarius babies always want to do something — they can’t sit still. They enjoy going on little road trips or going to the park and getting some fresh air. Don’t keep them at home all day, because they want adventure.”

17 Capricorn Is Calm And Cool

With an arrival date between December 22nd and January 19th, Capricorns are calm and cool, focused on what they want out of life. They grow up to be responsible, hard-working and practical - valuing family and tradition highly. In the meantime, as babies, they are pretty easy-going and very serious. When she does decide to let loose and smile, be sure to have the camera ready. As Momstrology says, “Capricorns are the... old souls, so your baby may arrive in the world with a furrowed brow and a wizened expression. Disciplining this baby won’t be too hard: these responsible kids love to make Mommy and Daddy proud.”

16 Welcome To The World Of Air

It is hard to transition from a world of warm water to a colder dry air world, but we have all done it, and all our babies will do it someday as well. The colic phase is all about baby learning to pass air bubbles and survive this airy new world. The air signs are Libra, who is cardinal and begins, Aquarius, who is fixed and in the middle, and Gemini, who is mutable and ends. According to Astrology, “Air Signs are correlated with the mind's sensation, perception, and expression, especially related to personal interaction and to geometrical thought forms and abstract ideas.”

15 Aquarius Is The Chaos Baby

Arriving between January 20th and February 18th is the Aquarius. She will grow up to be aloof but highly intelligent, devouring stories like there is no tomorrow. As a baby and child, she will be the force of chaos in your life as she explores, challenges and grows into herself. According to Parents, “The Aquarius is easy to get along with, well-liked, and able to learn new tasks quickly. Be ready with the reminders - this sign tends to be absent-minded. Water Bearers can be quite rebellious and might find themselves in a bit of trouble, but as excellent problem-solvers, they’ll soon be able to figure out a solution.”

14 Sleepy Pisces

Pisces babies arrive between February 19th and March 20th. They grow up to be gentle, wise and compassionate people who spend a lot of time day-dreaming and creating amazing realms to escape to when reality gets too close. As a baby, this means she will spend a lot of time staring out the window and listening to music with you. According to The Bump, “Pisces babies are dreamers. Play soft music and read to them a lot. Pisces babies are great sleepers. Create a soothing mood for them with a white noise machine, or decorate with an ocean theme in the nursery.”

13 Aries: The Energizer Baby

Aries babies arrive between March 21st and April 19th. They grow up to be impulsive, competitive and highly energetic. They can often be easily spotted in a crowd because they lead with their heads. Your new Aries baby will be an energetic armful. He will want to get going faster than other babies, and once he is mobile, there will be no catching him. As Today’s Parent says, “In order to be first they need to be fast, and this little one will graduate from crawling to running in no time flat (consider installing bumper pads at the end of the hallway).”

12 Earth Is Not For Eating

As our babies grow, they will want to explore the world around them, and one of the first things they will do when left outside for about 30 seconds without supervision will be to grab a handful of dirt and try to eat it. It won’t hurt them, but it won’t taste very good either, and they will figure out that dirt isn’t food. The earth signs are Capricorn, who is cardinal, Taurus, who is fixed, and Virgo, who is mutable. According to Astrology, “Earth Signs reveal an attunement with the world of physical forms and a practical ability to utilize and improve the material world.”

11 Taurus Thrives On Routine

Babies born between April 20th and May 20th are Taurus babies. They grow up to be stubborn, practical, reliable and very steady people who keep the rest of us connected to reality. As a baby, the Taurus will give us a bit of a hard time in that he will need a routine more than other babies and will pitch a fit if his routine is messed up in any way. According to The Bump, “Taurus babies are known to be a little stubborn. But that’s just because they like consistency. They get fussy when their routines are broken. A good trick is to help them get naps at regular times each day.”

10 Communicative Gemini

Born between May 21st and June 20th are the social Gemini. They grow up to be highly intelligent, social butterflies and just a tad indecisive due to their dual personalities. As babies, they will love stories and try to talk to you as soon as they can by cries, coos and vocal squeaks. They will soon have communication frustrations, though, so be on the lookout for their small cues. As The Bump puts it, “Introduce your baby to baby sign language, because they get frustrated if they can’t communicate. Gemini babies love to learn, and they’re like sponges, so make sure you foster their intelligence by playing word games or thinking games with them.”

9 Cancer Clings Close

Babies born between June 21st and July 22nd are Cancer babies. They will grow up to be empathic, compassionate, moody and nurturing people. Parenthood speaks strongly to them, as well as other caring roles. But for now, be patient with your clingy little crab and try to soften your voice when upset. According to Momstrology, “This could also be interpreted as a need for nurturing. No matter who their primary caretaker is, these kids will likely be attached to them at the hip. Ruled by the ever-fluctuating moon, these kids can be moody and may cry a lot as infants.”

8 Fire Burns Brightly

Fire looks enticing to young people, but they quickly learn not to touch it. Experience is an excellent teacher in that regard. Fire can burn internally, inspiring us in our creative lives and fueling our resolve to finish the task before us. Fire inspires us, keeps us warm and motivates us. The fire signs are Aries, who is cardinal and begins the new season, Leo, who is fixed in the middle, and Sagittarius, who is mutable and ends the season. According to Astrology, “Fire Signs express the warming, radiating, energizing life principle which can manifest as enthusiasm, faith, encouragement, and the drive to express self.”

7 Leo: The Smiling Baby

Babies born between July 23rd and August 22nd are Leo babies. They grow up to be generous and loyal and have a great sense of humor. They tend to have a large circle of friends and love to be the center of attention. As babies, they will flirt, laugh and smile - possibly because they know this will bring them lots of attention. According to The Bump, “You have a smiley baby! Leo babies have a good sense of humor and the best smiles. They’re the baby that everyone is drawn to. Play with your Leo baby a lot — have a running joke with her or experiment with what makes her laugh.”

6 Curious Virgo

With an arrival date between August 23rd and September 22nd, Virgos are very similar to Taurus in that they need a routine and like things to be done a certain way or they will pitch a fit. They grow up to be very organized, detail-oriented and a tad controlling. As babies, they like their routines, and they are very curious. As The Bump advises us, “Virgo babies are always paying attention and always trying to figure things out. So when you’re doing something, explain it to them. Walk them through it so they’re prepared, because they want to know what’s coming up.”

5 Social Libra

Babies born between September 23rd and October 22nd are Libra babies. They grow up to be indecisive, fashionable and very social. They are also non-confrontational, as they really like it when everyone is happy and gets along. As a baby, this means you will have a pretty happy little baby who will want to make friends with everyone she meets. According to The Bump, “Libras are the social butterflies. They love to make friends. Get them involved with a mommy-and-me playgroup and expose them to other babies at a young age. Allow them to test out their sociability.”

4 Bonus: Intense Scorpio

Because Scorpio is a water sign, he is an emotional person and feels everything very deeply. As a child, he won’t have the words to express how he feels, so he will act out his emotions. As your little baby grows, it will be important to teach him the words he needs to identify his emotions and properly express them. As Today’s Parent tells us, “These babes are fairly calm and content – until they’re not. Scorpio is an extreme sign, so when your little one is upset, he is upset. Luckily, it doesn’t happen too often, and his little world is a fairly calm and happy one.”

3 Bonus: Calm And Cool Libra

Because Libra is non-confrontational and generally very happy herself, it will be important for her to have everyone around her be happy as well. She will spend her life trying to find the happy balance between every area of her world. On the flipside, you will have a great baby who is calm and happy. But be careful in how you discipline her, as she will take your words deeply and remember them for years. According to Parents, “This compassionate, intelligent sign is great at listening and loves the arts. Indecisive Libras often need someone to bounce their ideas off of. She’s sweet and loves her siblings, but any family rifts may cause her discomfort.”

2 Bonus: Attention-seeking Leo

Leo is best suited as an only child or the youngest so they can get as much attention as they need. If Leo is a middle child, she will still seek attention but will get it any way she can - positive or negative. So if your little lion cub seems to be acting badly more often than usual, take a moment to see if she is receiving enough positive attention from you. As Today’s Parent says, “These babes are incredibly loving and affectionate (Leo is the sign of love after all!). Your wee one is quite expressive, with a glowing smile that absolutely bowls over anyone who comes near her. No wonder Leos get so much attention!”

1 Bonus: Cautious Capricorn

Capricorns think a lot about every decision they make before they make it, even as children. They take life very seriously and will often need to be reminded that it is okay for them just to be kids and have fun sometimes. They will excel at their schoolwork because it is important to them to be on top and ace this task. As a baby, this means she will be quiet and focused on her next big milestone. According to Today’s Parent, “These kids look before they leap. Responsible, practical and cautious, you won’t have to worry about him diving into the river without checking how deep it is first.”

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