What Children Need, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Just like any other group of human beings, children have different personalities and raising them means that parents need to be aware that they have different needs. Though there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to raising children, different astrological signs call for different approaches.

Some kids need the space to run around and be hyper while others are more sensitive and need more TLC when it comes to their hurt feelings. If a mom did not believe in astrology before she became a parent, it might be beneficial for her to at least get familiar with her children's zodiac signs. If mom studies it enough, she will start to see their zodiac sign's characteristics coming out.

Sometimes, a mom will see that one of their kid's zodiac sign meshes well with her zodiac sign or the sign of one of their siblings. Other times, it can clash with mom's or one of their siblings and that can explain why certain disagreements or conflict take place. The toughest part about being the parent of more than one child is realizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to meeting their needs.

Here is what each child needs according to their zodiac sign.

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20 Fire Sign Children (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): An Outlet For Their Robust Energy

Fire sign children are kids whose signs are either Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. You guessed it, if you have one these then he or she will most likely be the "wild child" of your entire family. With high energy and a tenaciousness to boot, these kids thrive on activity and excitement.

These kids will make heads turn whenever they enter a room because they are not shy to let everyone know that they are here and proud of it. These kids need not be tamed, but rather given an environment to run around and play.

19 Aries Child: To Believe In Themselves

aries child
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Since Aries is the first sign, these kids can have a "me first mentality" and it might be a challenge getting them to share with their siblings and peers. These children love being first, and best at everything. Oftentimes, Aries kids are involved in sports or any activity that requires a degree of competition.

These kids have a strong sense of who they are so they need to feel independent and that they can believe in themselves. It is the saddest thing in the world to see an Aries who had enthusiasm before get discouraged and lose their confidence. The best thing you can do as a parent is make sure to instill that confidence.

18 Leo Child: To Feel Special

To know that they are the light in your world. It doesn't matter if you have seven kids. If one of them is a Leo, you better make sure that they know that they stand out in some way. They are ruled by the Sun, so they are warm, loving and affectionate to anyone who takes an interest in them.

However, even at young ages they can brag and start showing off like little divas. This is because they crave the admiration and adoration of those that surround them in their life. Make sure that they know that they are the light in your life but keep them in line when it comes to keeping their egos in check.

17 Sagittarius Child: Learning And New Experiences

sagittarius child

A Sagittarius child gets bored if they have to stay in one place for too long. These kids thrive on new experiences and adventure so make sure to keep a variety of activities in their life instead of a monotonous routine.

They love to be on the move so they make for the best little travelers. If you have a job in the military or your family moves from place to place, these kids are the most adaptable of that kind of lifestyle. They are goofy and their imagination runs wild. However, they oftentimes don't know their limits and can be relentless when they want something.

16 Earth Sign Children (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Responsible Parents

Even from an early age, earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) children know what is going on around them and there is not much that pass which their eyes don't see. Out of all the other elements, they know how adults should and shouldn't act even when it comes to their own parents.

Don't be shocked if your earth sign kid calls you out for using a swear word or forgetting to walk the dog. These kids often grow up to be the primary caretakers of their aging parents because they understand the importance of responsibility. Earth sign children are doers rather than talkers and they are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

15 Taurus Child: Stability

Taurus sign kids are most stubborn types that you will ever come across. They are patient but when good luck to get them to do something that they do not want to do. They are sweet and quiet when they are unprovoked, but they simply won't budge no matter how much you push them.

The worst thing you can do for to a Taurus kid is constantly be moving around changing homes. Tauruses need stability and consistency otherwise they will spend the rest of their lives trying to find it. They are tactile and respond to touch and physical displays of affection.

14 Virgo Child: Organization and Routine


Virgo children will be your little helpers and enjoy learning new chores and cleaning up around the house. Sounds like a dream, right? Since Virgos are all about organization and keeping their spaces structured, they can also be quite finicky when things don't go as planned.

Virgo kids are clever and resourceful, but they can also be a bit bossy when people are not following the rules. Your Virgo child will need places where they can store their stuff. Take them for a trip to the Container Store and they will be happier with that than going to a carnival or circus.

13 Capricorn Child: To Know That It's Okay To Be A Kid

capricorn child
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Capricorns are either the first born children of the family or they are the leaders among their siblings. Capricorn children come into this world with an old soul and a more mature way of looking at life. They are natural born leaders and have the amazing ability to stay unfazed when facing adversity.

Capricorns kids are more serious than most and might shy away from large groups in favor of a smaller circle of kids that they know. Since Capricorns are known to have some of the toughest childhoods, make sure to let them know that it's okay to be a kid and lighten up every once in awhile.

12 Air Sign Children (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Something To Keep Their Minds Active

air sign children
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Air sign children (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) have a need to explore and socialize. They have active minds that are perpetually curious about life. They are chatty and big thinkers and sometimes they can say things that are out of turn.

What an air sign kid needs is mental stimulation through books, movies, and games with their peers. These types thrive off of being in social environments where their peers are. They hate the feeling of feeling left out so make sure to include them on anything that is fun or educational. Never bore them and keep them in a state of excitement.

11 Gemini Children: Time With Their Friends And Peers

Gemini kids are smart and have a quick wit about them. It almost seems as if they think on their feet so fast that other kids are barely (if at all) able to keep up with them. These kids are among some the brightest of the zodiac, but make sure that they don't know it.

Since they are ruled by the planet of Mercury, they are little chatterboxes. They are the most likely to talk to strangers so make sure that they know the boundaries. They love to explore and move around, so they tend to start crawling and walking at an early age.

Gemini kids need time with their friends so homeschooling won't be the best idea for them. Isolation will cause them to become extra rebellious as teenagers.

10 Libra Child: To Know That They Are Worthy Of Love

Even when they are little kids, Libras are romantics at heart. If you are a single parent, that means that you must pay extra close attention to who you are dating and when you introduce them to your little Libra. What they will hate is to see you go from relationship to relationship. They need to know that true love exists and that they are worthy of it.

They can be indecisive so that means it will take longer for them to decide whether they want bananas or apples. With their adorable sense of humor, they will command a room.

9 Aquarius Child: For You To Admire Their Weirdness

Aquarian children march to the beat of their own drum and aren't ones to follow the crowd. Sometimes, they are ostracized by their peers for being a bit offbeat and weird. Don't try to make them conform, but embrace the fact that they are different and their own person.

Aquarian kids need to know that they are loved for the individuals that they are. They need their own community to belong to. When they say that it takes a village to raise a child, this is especially true for kiddos who are born under this sign. Allow them to express themselves rather than making them carbon copies of you.

8 Water Sign Children (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Sensitivity

water sign children

Water sign babies (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are the ones that are going to react to the environment because of their heightened senses. These are the kids who as infants would start crying if you had a bad day at work or if you and your spouse were fighting. Not only are they sensitive to their own emotions, but they can feel what others around them are feeling.

If something is wrong, they will know it even if you try to protect them from the reality. As water sign kids grow older, they become accurately aware of human motive. Make sure that you validate their feelings and never minimize them. Since they are more sensitive than other elements, they will take it to heart.

7 Cancer Child: Being Close To Family

Cancer kids love family events and the inclusion of their siblings, cousins, grandparents and even extended family members. They feel safe and protected when they are around those who are close to them. Cancer children can be shy around strangers and it might take awhile for them to get them to warm up to people.

Since they are ruled by the Moon, their emotions change like the tides so that can make them moody. When they are in a good mood, they can be nurturing and affectionate to pets or younger siblings. When they are in a bad mood, it is better to give them space.

Cancer babies are some of the most endearing because of their unconditional love for their parents right from the get go as infants.

6 Scorpio Child: Honesty And The Truth

Sometimes adults lie to children in order to sugar-coat a bad situation or to soften the blow from bad news. This approach simply will not work with a Scorpio child. Even from a young age, Scorpio kids are human lie detectors. Also, making sure that you keep promises need to happen.

If you tell your little Scorpio kid that you are taking them to the zoo, then you better take them to the zoo. If you and your spouse are getting a divorce then you need to sit them down and tell them why. Otherwise, they will spend the rest of their lives searching for the answers.

5 Pisces Child: For Their Creativity To Be Nurtured

Pisces kids have wild imaginations and can easily escape into their own little worlds. They have a dreamy way of looking at the world and are sensitive to people's vibes. Sometimes they will shock you with the accurate statements that they make about things that happened even before they were born. This is why they say the sign of Pisces is the most psychic.

Pisces children tend to be creative and will delve into any finger-painting activity or coloring book that you throw their way. Make sure that they have a creative outlet otherwise their imagination might get them into trouble.

4 Cancer Child: Affection And Lots Of It

It is true that Cancers can be emotionally needy so that means that parents need to give them a lot of reassurance. When things are not going the way that they thought they would, they can get upset easily. What Cancers need is to know that their parents have got their back and that they are protected at all times no matter what happens.

If they don't receive a proper amount of affection from their parents, Cancers can grow up to be insecure as adults. They can even be incapable of giving affections to others because they never received it as kids.

3 Gemini Child: Plenty Of Play Time

gemini child
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With their short attention spans and robust energy, Gemini children are the most prone to have ADD or ADHD as kids. If they are told to sit still for too long, they will get ants in their pants. If they are given a big backyard to run around, then they will get their playfulness out of their system.

As an active sign with a fast-moving mind, you will need to provide them plenty of different toys. One minute, they will want to play with one toy then it's onto the next within seconds. These kids can be hard to keep up with so don't even try.

2 Leo Child: To Be Center Of Attention

leo child

Leos crave the spotlight throughout their entire lives but you can notice it early on in childhood. Encouraging them to sign up for children's theater or take acting classes will fulfill their need to be the center of attention. Wanting to be the center of attention isn't always a bad thing.

To keep their egos in check, make sure that they acknowledge when it is someone else's birthday or time in which someone else needs to have the spotlight. Let them know that there is a time and a place for everything. Leo children are quick to praise other children so long as they receive it back.

1 Taurus Child: Yummy Treats

taurus child

Taurus kids are the most in touch with their five senses, especially taste and smell. They have a list of favorite foods and treats. Even at a young age, you can already tell that they are foodies. Reward them for good behavior by taking them out to their favorite ice cream parlor or cooking them their favorite dish for dinner.

No other sign appreciates mom's (or dad's) good cooking more than a Taurus because they are all about physical pleasures. Just be careful that they don't turn into a glutton because you don't want an obese kid on your hands.

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