What Every Parent Should Know About Daycare

Putting your child into a Daycare program is a very difficult decision. Not only is it a hard decision to make for your children, but it also a tough choice for parents to transition their children to a Daycare environment. This post isn't an article to deter you or encourage you from placing your child into Daycare. This article is to help you think through a couple of different points to determine if Daycare is the right choice for your family.

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1. Daycare Is Expensive: Many parents have noted that they wanted to put their children into daycare but after basic math, they found that they would actually be losing money if they put their kids into daycare. In addition to the daycare costs that range anywhere from $800-$2000 a month, you might also pay more in taxes. If you go from one income to two incomes you might be pushed into a higher tax bracket. Sit down and do the math of how much extra income you will actually be bringing home.

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2. Daycare May Actually Be Better Than Staying At Home: Many parents don't want to place their children into daycare, because they believe that the child is much better staying at home with their parents. Parents who are against daycare may quote, "I would rather have me raise my child." Daycare is actually a great choice for many kids and can actually be beneficial. Children will constantly have a friend, learn to play with other kids, learn how to interact with children and improve their social skills.

3. Daycares Aren't Required To Teach Anything: The purpose of daycare is to provide a safe place for your child to stay while you're at work. Daycare isn't required to teach your children and it's important to note that they are not preschools.

4. You'll Probably Miss A Milestone: It comes as no surprise that if your child is with another person for quite a bit of time that you'll miss something. If you're going to put them into daycare you need to understand that you might not be there when your child rolls over, say their first words or takes their first step.

5. Bad Things Sometimes Happen At Daycare: As a parent, it is one of our worst nightmares to place our child in the hands of somebody else and they betray us. Since we are not there, and our kids sometimes don't have a huge vocabulary, then things may be happening that we are not aware of. Scary stories are happening in the news all the time about neglect and abuse are occurring in daycares. It is very important when you are choosing your daycare that you don't just pick the cheapest option. Choose one where you truly trust them with your kid's lives. Study and research all of your daycare options. Meet the teachers, ask other parents for their reviews, and check out the facility.

Good luck on the Daycare journey and we hope that you find the one that best fits you and your family.

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