15Who Should Do It?

The first question we must ask is who should have this done? What type of woman should go ahead with having her eggs frozen? The honest answer is that everyone can have this done, it can be done for any woman for any reason. There are a few circumstances where

freezing your eggs can be very beneficial. The first is for those women who want to focus on career or schooling. They want to build something, and they are worried that if they delay too long then they will wake up one day and be too old to have children.

Another possible reason could be if the woman is going through chemotherapy for cancer. Certain drugs that are used to treat cancer can essentially kill a woman’s egg reserve. This means that if this woman goes into remission or beats cancer, and she wants to start a family, she may find her eggs are no longer viable. By freezing her eggs before any treatment happens, it will ensure that she can still have the family she dreams of.

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