What To Expect During The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

Here's where your baby will be at and what you should expect from your body as you enter the third and final trimester of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is split into three trimesters and the experience you have in each of them will likely be very different. They will also be pretty unique compared to other moms-to-be. Last week we covered some of the things you can expect to go through during your second trimester, and we covered your first trimester the week before that courtesy of baby.

This week, we will finish the series off by covering your third and final trimester. First off, where your baby will be at. It will likely be the size of a cauliflower by this point. Its organs should almost be completely developed and he or she will even open their eyes for the first time. All exciting stuff, but having a cauliflower sized baby inside of you will take its toll on your body.

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Might seem obvious to say, but you will have probably gained a fair bit of weight. Between 11kg and 16.5kg is the norm, but it really depends on what you're starting weight was. Your bigger bump and swollen boobs could well be causing you back pain. If so, investing in a pregnancy pillow is a great solution for many women. There are also places which offer pregnancy massages to help ease the pain.

Your bump and your boobs are the parts of your body you'll be expecting to grow. However, be aware that other body parts may swell up too. Your hands, your ankles, even your face. You'll probably start to feel bloated a lot more often too which brings us on to the topic of what your baby will be doing to your insides.

Your baby pressing on your abdominal organs will likely slow down your digestive system. That's what will lead to bloating and potentially even constipation. It all sounds very uncomfortable and, unfortunately, it probably will be. You will have been growing a baby inside of you for six months or more and it will almost be time for the little one to arrive. When they're born, that sacrifice of comfort will have all been worth it.


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