15 Of The Craziest Thing Kids Have Done While Mom Was Sleeping

Kids don’t just say the darndest things, but they also do hilarious things parents couldn’t imagine even thinking of. Interestingly enough, when we were kids, we had our own fair share of things we did that gave us a good laugh, and our folks told us never to do those things again. However, life just has a way of repeating itself because we see it in our kids now.

As much as we’d like to keep an eye on our little ones every second we are around them, there comes a time when we just need to take a little snooze to rejuvenate ourselves. Most of the time, toddlers aren’t so sleepy themselves – at least not at the time as we'd like them to be. But when our bodies demand a nap, we've just got to take one, regardless how short the time may be.

Most moms would let their kids know that they’ll be taking a short nap, and specifically ask them not to do anything mommy wouldn’t do. But somehow, the little voice inside them have a way of convincing them to do the things mommy AND daddy wouldn’t ordinarily give the go-ahead for, like scribbling on the walls, applying mommy’s makeup, or even trying superhero stunts in the living room. But, of course, kids somehow get away with it because of their adorable looks and tone of voice, despite the hair-raising experience they’ve just put us through.

Here are just 15 of those crazy things little tots do while mom is asleep.

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15 She's Being One With Nature

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There’s something about nature that revs up little children’s hearts. The best time for a child is when it rains and mom doesn’t know they are playing in the good old outdoors, jumping in muddy puddles and having the time of their lives – at least before she wakes up.

It’s interesting that this usually happens just when they’re all cleaned up, and looking all neat and comfy around you while you take a nap. If they don’t go out and play in the rain, they’ll sometimes take all the utensils they can get and turn your backyard into a mini-kitchen. Some drench the plants with water, leaving a dirty mess around the house, while others get creative and slide down muddy slopes, giggling all the way down with such joy, until mom finds out, and it's game over.

14 They Have The Dog Chase The Rainbow

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Candy and colors are one of the best items that make a child’s day. There’s just something about crayons and color pencils that always delight a child. And, when no one else is around, the best playmate - who asks no questions but just has to play along - is the dog. Cats can be very picky, but a dog has a way of understanding a child needs some company, which is why they’re man’s best friend.

Dogs don’t seem to have a problem with kids drawing all over them – at least some don’t.

While you’re asleep, a child will draw circles (usually in black or red) around the dog’s eyes and doodle all over their bodies. At some point, your makeup kit also comes in handy as the child applies your favorite lipstick and nail polish on the dog while coloring his fur with powder and blush.

13 She's Just Discovering How This Thing Works

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The moment you’re not around your toddler, or when they realize you’re asleep, there’s just something about that new found freedom that reminds them of all the stuff on their bucket list. And, of course, they can finally try at least one or two during this time. Among these items on the list is discovering how things, around the house, work, like the toilet.

Each time you take your child to the loo, they get fascinated by how the toilet flushes as the water swirls around in the bowl, and suddenly all that stinkiness is gone! Sadly, they don’t get to do it themselves, at least not while you’re awake. So this is the perfect opportunity to try it for themselves. Sometimes, they will even get into the toilet and try flushing themselves down – until they get caught.

12 He's Trying To Be Part Of Their World

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Kids love all sorts of experiments, as it opens their minds to lots of discoveries. We cannot blame them, because those are some of the fun times they will remember when they’re old and gray. While mom is sleeping, though, the aquatic world never escapes their to-do lists. The children will either be filling up the bathtub and pour liquid soap all over – just as you do with them during bath time – and then stir up the water to get all the bubbles they can.

Or, for those with aquariums in the home, the kids will want to find out what being a fish is like.

This is the moment they remember their pets and will give the bird, or cat, a bath in the aquarium, until they’ll be drenched- all by the time you wake up. If they're tall enough, they may even try to hang them on the clothesline to dry.

11 They Are Finding Out What Stuff Is Made Of

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One of the most common items that kids pick, around the house, to play with is pillows, especially when playing pillow fights, which is fun and engaging. However, the pillows are one thing that is sitting pretty on the couch. But in a child’s hands, it's free game. Sometimes, you will go all out and buy the most beautiful furniture with decorative pillows that have the gorgeous handmade embroidery on them.

There are other pillows that have a beautiful hem around it made of delicate thread, which to a child looks the same way a ball of knitting yarn would look to a kitten. Kids wait until you’re either asleep, or away from them, to discover just what these pillows are really made of, and end up pulling out each thread one by one. Some even pierce the pillows or pull out the stuffing, and try to squeeze them into a container – these are times we may never understand.

10 They Get Creative In The Kitchen

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Sometimes, while we're in the kitchen, we assume children are not paying attention to what we are doing. As you quickly set the timer for the microwave, they patiently watch the whole process.

While you are sleeping, they take the chance to get creative in the kitchen.

Some pull out cups, spoon, plates, and flour to try their hand at baking, mixing all sorts of items in the bowls like water, tea, pieces of paper, and pencil shavings, to bake the perfect cake for everyone. They even shove the cake box into the oven but have a challenge turning on the knob. Unfortunately, there are times some of the items, that are being prepared, were actually from your handbag. It’s even worse when they know how to use the microwave oven, and decide to bake the cake or something else in there.

9 They Give The House A Facelift

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No one is ever fully prepared for parenting. And there’s actually no manual for this because every family is different, and certainly each child is completely different from the other, whether they’re twins, triplets, or born one after the other. Kids have an interesting way of managing their time, and it is based on what they feel like doing at the moment. One of these moments is figuring out how to renovate the house and give it a whole new look, whether that is by using markers lying around the house, or some extra can of paint they saw in the garage sometime back. There are no words that can clearly describe a mom’s reaction when she wakes up and finds the house upside down, with a new facelift. Kids smear stuff on everything, from the curtains to the couch, the carpet, walls, even the ceiling if possible.

8 Giving The Baby A Makeover

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It’s a joy to have children around the house, no doubt. They also like hanging around each other, whether they’re crying, laughing, or just sitting together. While moms would love that their kids sit and do fun stuff together, quietly, the children have their own ideas as to what that fun really entails.

For a child who has a sibling much younger than himself or herself, the moment mommy takes a nap is their chance to show their love for the sib.

Some kids can be really nice and go hang around the baby, singing whatever comes to mind, like Twinkle Twinkle or a really nice nursery rhyme. But others want to make the baby look prettier in their own way. And what better way to do it, than with colors! Can you imagine waking up to find baby’s face all colored up? What would you do mama?

7 Just Hanging Out With The Squad

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Kids also have their own squad in the house, especially if there are pets around. They usually like to do things together that the animals love it too. There’s something about a little child’s innocence and ability to adapt that makes life worth living, not just for the child but also others around him or her. While mom is in dreamland, the little one remembers the pets, whether it’s the dog or the cat, and they want to hang out and do stuff together like wading in the water. You'll also be able to find them licking the cat’s spilled milk from the floor, or jumping over hurdles with the dog and playing chase. There’s no better way to bond with the house pets, than becoming one. Besides, a family that plays together, stays together – right?

6 It's All-Super Fun And Games Until...

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Have you heard the nursery rhyme that says, “Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head, mama called the doctor and the doctor said…no more monkeys jumping on the bed,” and it goes all the way to no monkeys jumping on the bed.

Well, as you rest your body from a long day of running around the house, the kids jump on the bed.

That could be sliding down the staircase, moving from one couch to another at first in low tones so you don’t hear them, but wait until the fun starts and they forget you were asleep. Their giggles get so loud, in no time they’ve woken you up with the screaming and laughter, and you’re wondering how they ever got to know about such dangerous forms of play.

5 Helping Mommy Pay The Bills

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Kids are just darlings, whether they drive you up the wall or sing you a beautiful song, they’re nice little people to be around. They also listen and learn a lot from their parents, mostly from the actions compared to what the folks say should be done. Kids can be really helpful around the home, which is why when you’re asleep, they can find something to do around the house to make sure you wake up smiling and reward them for the good deed – like making extra cash, perhaps? I mean, if mom is asleep, how are the bills going to get paid? Or so they think. The kid in the photo says it all – it could go either way actually – raise some cash to get the toy they’ve always wanted, or help mom pay for utilities.

4 Playing Hide And Seek

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Hide and seek is fun when you are not the one seeking. When mom takes a nap, the children begin to explore their play skills.

They could choose to hide and end up forgetting they were hiding in the first place.

They may sleep in their hiding place, or they could pick something like the remote or car keys, or even your phone (especially when you’ve just put it on silent mode so you can sleep uninterrupted). Many times the object cannot be found immediately, but if you know your child all too well, you’ll know the specific spots he or she hides certain things they pick from around the house. It is funny, but scary at the same time. Some of the most common spots to hide are in the washing machine, in a closet, in the laundry basket, or just somewhere they’re familiar with.

3 Practicing Art On A Blank Canvas

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No matter how many coloring books you buy for your children so that they can use each blank white page to scribble on or draw whatever they feel like. However, there’s no better place they find satisfaction than on blank surfaces like the walls, the floor, or even the huge television set you have in the living room – especially when it is within their reach. All they need is a pencil, crayon or a marker pen and they’re good to go – any blank space is their canvas and it’ll do just fine. Funny enough, they choose to work on items that are visible to the public and not in their own bedrooms. The areas to practice their art skills could be the dining room, living room and sometimes the washroom.

2 Why Won't It Flush?

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The look on this kid’s face says a lot – more like ‘oops, I got caught’ or ‘sorry mommy, I just couldn’t resist it.’ Most, if not all, kids find it interesting to watch how stuff is flushed down the toilet and goes down the drain, never to return again. So they get this urge to try flushing anything down, whether its toys, books, magazines, pencil shavings, crayons, or whatever their hands find along their play trail.

While you sleep away, these are some of the thoughts that come back to them.

And knowing kids, they will do that which their hands find to do. One thing leads to another, and they discover some things are just not getting flushed, so they take the toilet pump to fix it but nothing happens – when you wake up and have to call a plumber to fix the blockage.

1 Trying To Be Superheroes

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Just when you thought the cartoons on the screen were not getting to your kids, then they decide to act out each character – when the time is right. This is when you’re not watching, and you’re fast asleep. Kids love superheroes, and they love to be superheroes too. If they cannot get the costumes, they’ll make do with what they have, like their underwear, swimming costumes and caps. Let's not forget the colors to create the face makeup they see on their superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, and many others. Sometimes you wake up to find them doing these things and all you can do is laugh, and tell them to go get ready for dinner. Unless what they’re acting out is dangerous, then any form of play that doesn’t cause harm to them or others isn’t such a bad thing.

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