What Happens When A Mom Tweets Graduation Breastfeeding Pic!

25 year old Karlesha Thurman has every reason to smile when she attended her graduation fron The California State University, Long Beach. She had another reason to smile and that's because her beautiful daughter was there to share that moment. 

During the graduation, her daughter had to be fed and Karlesha, being proud of being a breastfeeding mother, did just that and took a picture to share on a popular twitter page "Black Women Do Breastfeed." Of course the picture went viral and got mixed reviews. After many bad comments, Karlesha removed the picture from facebook with this statement "I can't take anymore tonight, thanks to all who have had nothing but positive things to say about my photo breastfeeding at graduation"

Karlesha says she was never trying to make a statement and is staying positive. Either way, congrats on your graduation Karlesha and you look like one awesome mama! 

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