What Her Third Trimester Will Be Like Based On Mom And Baby's Horoscope

Everyone experiences pregnancy a little differently. Some will experience nausea, while others are glowing right from the start. Some belly bumps will ride high and tight while others will be low and round. And the cravings will differ wildly from person to person as well. But we can all agree that it is nine long months of making a baby that ends in a lot of pain and a super cute brand new life in our arms.

And we can also agree that the last month is probably the hardest one. We are at our biggest ever and just waiting for the baby to arrive, waddling around and having eight mini-meals a day. Our feet swell, and our backs ache. But we are almost done! The third trimester is when the baby is packing on the pounds and developing all their organs so they can make her debut with the ability to scream her displeasure at arriving. As a new mom, we wonder what to expect from every phase of pregnancy and—conveniently—our horoscope signs can give us a clue. Baby’s sign can also tell us a little bit of what to expect. So relax, put your feet up and read on.

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24 Sagittarius Baby: Increasing Excitement As Due Day Approaches

Born between November 22nd and December 21st, Sagittarius babies are in a class of their own. They are known for being generous, idealistic, impatient, and they have no verbal filter. You will likely notice an increase in excitement from the baby as the due day approaches—to the point where the baby will probably come early so he can start exploring the world. Romper backs this up,

“Be prepared — your baby might come early, or you might have the shortest labor ever. I am not saying that you should necessarily worry, but if your baby is due to be a Sagittarius, you might want to pick a hospital close to your home.”

23 Sagittarius Mama: Stubborn About Her Lack Of Freedom


One of your biggest struggles with being pregnant will be the sense of being constrained. This won’t go away as you get closer to your due date or when you have a newborn to care for. But the good news is that baby grows fast, and you won’t be pregnant forever. Your Tango tells us,

“Their great sense of humor mixed with their optimistic and enthusiastic nature, however, will help them cope with all of the doubts surrounding becoming a mother.” So do some postpartum preparation and then settle down with a good book or Netflix while thinking about which vino to buy first.

22 Capricorn Baby: Textbook Baby


Arriving between December 22nd and January 19th are the Capricorns. Known for being precise, responsible, hard-working and serious, this baby will follow the textbooks to the last detail. You likely won’t have to worry about being overdue or having any complications. If you do have complications—baby will stubbornly work through them to get the desired end result. As Romper puts it,

“Chances are, the contractions and the pushing will last exactly as long as you expect and be just as painful as you fear it to be. On the bright side, nothing weird will happen, so you have that going for you.”

21 Capricorn Mama: Work Up To Early Labor


While you have aced your doctor appointments and have everything lined up and ready for baby’s arrival, you will most likely go into labor while at the office finishing your last day of work before your maternity leave starts. However, once you have your baby, you will rock motherhood. According to Your Tango, “They’re basically super moms from the get-go. Capricorn’s tend to be very family oriented by nature, making them the least likely of the signs to have doubts about their impending motherhood.”

So make sure to enjoy these last few days being pregnant before baby arrives to change the schedule around.

20 Aquarius Baby: Budding Social Bugs

Arriving between January 20th and February 18th are the Aquarius babies. Known for being emotionally aloof, social, intelligent and inquisitive—these are the children who demand story after story. Now that baby’s hearing is fairly developed, you will probably notice jumps and kicks of excitement when Auntie or Grandma are around or when Daddy comes home from work.

This baby is excited to come out and meet the world. As Momstrology says, “Aquarians are the “Baby Einsteins” (...), born with a touch of genius and a [daring] streak to match. Start socializing your Aquarius with peers early; this popular sign will crave the company of lots of friends.”

19 Aquarius Mama: Unconventional Home Remedies


Being pregnant is actually very exciting for you overall (even if you don’t show it). You get to research everything that is happening to you and experience it firsthand. Now that you are in the dreaded third trimester, you are probably trying home remedies to relieve your pain and swelling. Some of them work, some don’t, but you’re experimenting and having fun.

According to Your Tango, “Their tendency to avoid emotional expression can make people think that they’re not excited about having a baby, but those who know them well enough can tell whether or not they’re excited about ‘expecting.’”

18 Pisces Baby: Responds To Your Thoughts


Pisces babies are born between February 19th and March 20th. They are best known for being gentle, shy, wise and a little out of touch with reality. Why play in the real world when their world is so much bolder and better? Because they are intuitive and sensitive to moods, you will find baby responding to your emotions and kicking you to remind you he’s there when you most need the reminder.

As Everyday Family puts it, “Intuitive and gentle, these little creatures are very sensitive to how others are feeling. Pisces is said to have intuitions so vivid that they have a sixth sense.”

17 Pisces Mama: Paints Till 3 AM


Prone to worrying about anything and everything that could go wrong with your pregnancy, you forget about everything that will go right. You have survived this long in the pregnancy without anything alarming happening, so why should the third trimester be any different? Try to distract yourself by painting that epic scene in the nursery while you can still get around to do so.

Your Tango puts it, “The Pisces has a bit of a [worried] nature, which make them prone to worry during their pregnancies. Something that they will try to escape from by distracting themselves (generally with music or their preferred form of spirituality).”

16 Aries Baby: Arrives At Baby’s Whim


Aries shows up between March 21st and April 19th. They are best known for being impatient, impulsive, passionate and confident. Nothing will keep this little guy from doing what he wants when he wants to do it. Thus, his arrival will likely take you by surprise. As Momstrology put it, “Aries babies often come into the world quiet and self-possessed.

Then, one day, they discover their vocal cords and outcome the showstoppers.” You will definitely want to have the house all baby-proofed early for this little guy. In the meantime, talk to your baby and enjoy these days of not chasing after him for cuddles.

15 Aries Mama: Has Done 300 Squats A Day

Medical News Today

In Ina May’s famous childbirth book, she says to do 300 hundred squats a day for faster labor. While you probably didn’t do exactly 300, you came very close and followed through doggedly. You are the fit one in the mom and me group—and you already finished baby’s nursery. Now you just have to impatiently wait to meet the baby.

As Romper reminds us, “With that said, try to remember that being pregnant isn't about proving anything to anyone. So if your doctor says no heavy lifting or puts you on bed rest, suppress your urge to power through and take it easy for the sake of both you and your baby.” overwhelming.

14 Taurus Baby: Most Likely To Be Late

Born between April 20th and May 20th are the bulls of the horoscope calendar. Known for being stubborn, your Taurus baby will decide on the timing of his entrance into the world, and he will likely be late.

He hates change, so it makes sense. Ironically, he also hates to be late, so prepare for a lot of false labor until he finally makes up his mind. Then you will probably have a fast labor because nothing will stop him now. According to Romper, “However, they also hate change, so make sure you have ample time to snuggle skin-to-skin with your little bull and ease his or her way into the world.”

13 Taurus Mama: Dislikes Hormonal Changes


While you’re excited about being pregnant and having this adorable little baby, you really don’t like all the changes that are required to actually have the baby. From acne to swelling feet, it feels never-ending and nerve-racking for you. But don’t worry—you are so close to the finish line!

As Your Tango tells us, “The Taurus’s reliable and practical nature makes them likely to handle the stress of pregnancy with grace. They’re unlikely to ever miss a doctor’s appointment and are very likely to stay on top of their pregnancy health routine. Therefore, they are likely to have quite healthy pregnancies.”

12 Gemini Baby: Will Be Active And Vocal


Gemini babies are born between May 21st to June 20th and are best known for their dual natures. You will likely know yours best for the amount of activity she is responsible for. Everything she can hear is responded to with a kick or fist pump and moments of inactivity are protested which makes going to sleep at night a very tricky situation till baby gets bored and falls asleep.

According to Everyday Family, “Keep these smart, little ones busy – for they’re quick to become bored. These little ones will keep you on your toes with their love of discoveries, wit, adventures, and action.”

11 Gemini Mama: Has Over-thought Every Scenario

Sometimes your dual nature can be hard to live with. Making those important baby and pregnancy decisions can really stress you out while you are already stressed out from worrying about what kind of mother you will be. Hint: you will be a great mother. You just need to trust your instincts a bit and relax.

Baby won’t care if the nursery isn’t the perfect shade of blue or if you burn his first grilled cheese. According to Your Tango, “The Gemini’s nervous nature makes them quite likely to panic throughout their pregnancies about everything from being a “bad mom” to the fear of having a difficult labor.”

10 Cancer Baby: Peacefully Tucked Up

Cancer babies arrive between June 21st and July 22nd. They are known for being very moody, passionate, loyal and tenacious. Your pregnancy will be easy with this sign, and she will come right around when she is expected to come, but then the real difficulties start. Cancer babies are very clingy.

Furthermore, Momstrology says, “No matter who their primary caretaker is, these kids will likely be attached to them at the hip. Ruled by the ever-fluctuating moon, these kids can be moody and may cry a lot as infants. Since Cancer rules the chest area, weaning them from the breastfeeding days can be challenging.”

9 Cancer Mama: Took 800 Bump Pictures Last Week


You’re glowing and loving this whole pregnancy thing! You’re super excited to have this cute baby and can’t wait to meet him. But you also worry—as most moms do—and you redecorated the nursery eight times trying to make it perfect for your little one. All baby needs to be happy is you so the nursery can stay purple for now. Instead, enjoy these last days being pregnant.

As Your Tango says, “Cancer’s tendency towards being emotional, sensitive and sentimental make them the most likely of the signs to take lots of pictures and get sappy about every little cheesy milestone.”

8 Leo Baby: Will Keep Mama Occupied

Story of Five

Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leos are little lions waiting for the world to hear their roar. They are known for being generous, loyal, passionate and excellent at being the center of attention. They also tend to do things their own way, and at this stage in the pregnancy, they are making sure everyone knows they are on their way.

They keep you occupied with hiccups, kicks and plenty of false labor. As Everyday Family puts it, “Magical and born to shine, these little ones love being the center of attention. Prideful, but loving and creative, you must help them find outlets to let their colors flow.”

7 Leo Mama: Rocking The Attention


This whole pregnancy has been wonderful for you. Everyone compliments you, you are rocking the round bump beautifully, and you aren’t worried about being overdue at all. If you do go overdue, you have a huge network of friends and family to console you and keep you occupied as you impatiently wait for baby’s arrival. In the meantime, take a few extra cute bump pictures.

According to Romper, “So if your changing mood and body start to make you feel insecure, just remember that you are growing a life inside of you and there isn't anything more powerful than that.”

6 Virgo Baby: It Is All In The Details


Virgo babies are born between August 23rd and September 22nd. They are the detail keepers of the astro world and are reliable, critical and very organized. If baby decides to go overdue and come at his own time, he will not at all be happy to have his plans thwarted by induction. Still, once he has stopped screaming, he will snuggle up and enjoy the new experience of having been born.

According to Everyday Family, “Born to care for others more than themselves, these little Virgos are responsible and have a strong need to keep busy. They love to take opportunities to help wherever they are needed.”

5 Virgo Mama: Baby Is Not Following The Plan


Ever since you became pregnant, you’ve been researching everything and tracking everything down to the tiniest detail. You know all the answers to the doctor’s questions and aren’t afraid to voice your own. The only really annoying thing is that your baby is not on the same page you are and has decided to be late or breach -- or twins when you ordered one!

That’s kids for you. Just remember, as Romper says, “Being hyper-vigilant all the time can be stressful, especially when you're with child. So don't feel guilty if you want to let loose every once in a while.”

4 Libra Baby: Peacefully Indecisive

Babies born between September 23rd and October 22nd are Libras. They are known for being non-confrontational, fair-minded and very indecisive. While it sounds like you will have a fairly peaceful pregnancy with a Libra baby, the last trimester might not seem that way with plenty of false labor and baby being indecisive. If she’s breech, she will keep flipping around till she’s ready to be born. But don’t worry; according to Romper,

“The good news is that, of course, eventually they will be born. If you are lucky you will make it to the hospital in time when you are actually in labor.”

3 Libra Mama: So Many Decisions!

Overall, you are pretty even-keeled and well-balanced during this pregnancy. You can rock the bump in just about any outfit and still look really good. But when it comes time to make important decisions like birth methods, positions, what color to paint the nursery and things like that, you get a little bit flustered.

You can’t procrastinate too long on these choices, dear Libra. On top of that, Your Tango says, “The Libra’s tendency for self-pity makes them very likely to feel extra bad for themselves during the hard parts of pregnancy.” So watch out for that as well, mama.

2 Scorpio Baby: Will Not Take Kindly To Induction

Scorpio babies are usually born between October 23rd and November 21st. They are known for being impatient, controlling, wise and intensely loyal. They are also stubborn, so when push comes to shove, the baby will not like being induced and will fight to arrive on his own time schedule.

This is the baby that arrives kicking and screaming at having his plans thwarted. No worries though, as Momstrology puts it, “Scorpio babies are quite the firecrackers, born with tons of talent, and attitude to match. Brooding and intense one minute, smiling irresistibly the next, they’ll have you wrapped around their tiny little fingers.”

1 Scorpio Mama: Passionately Counting Down The Days

You are passionate and dedicated to this baby and preparing the nursery for her arrival. It is harder to paint, move furniture and decorate now that you are in the third trimester so make sure to take the more forgiving (physically anyway) role of supervisor and dictate what you want to be done rather than doing it yourself. Then you can mark everything off your to-do list and take a nap.

As Romper reminds us, “So ignore the haters who think you're getting a little too Pinterest-crazy while you're nesting. You do you, Scorpio, but don't forget delegate from time to time.”

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