What Kind Of Name To Choose Based On Mom And Baby's Horoscopes

Naming a baby is a really hard job! Most moms and dads struggle to pick that one perfect name to bestow upon their child. Even though parents can give their little one a few middle names or even a nickname, they still have to settle on just one first name. With this name, most parents want to find something that's original but not too weird and out there. They want something people recognize, but that isn't too popular. They want something that honors their culture and family, without being too foreign or old-fashioned. And then they have to think about spelling, possible nicknames, pronunciation and who knows what else?

But above all, parents want to find a name that is going to suit their little one. But how do parents know what kind of name is going to suit their baby if they haven't met their baby? Look to the stars! Consult baby's horoscope, and even mom and dad's to find the perfect name. A name based on baby's horoscope will bring out some of their most dominant traits and speak to who they are as a person. And if mom and dad are unsure if the baby will be a Gemini or a Cancer, they can always look at mom's sign. The perfect name may lay in mom's place in the stars.

28 Aries Mom: Short and strong warrior name


Aries moms value strength and ambition. They always have their eye on the prize and excel at everything they do. And that is exactly what they want for their baby as well. An Aries mom would love to name her son or daughter after one of the great warriors, so he or she inherits that same strength. Short single syllable names also work well for an Aries mom as she’s all about getting to the point and getting the job done.

27 Aries Baby: Emmett & Viva

An Aries baby is all about getting things done as fast as possible. This is totally the kid who is going to speak before he thinks. You’ll blink your eyes and your Aries baby boy will already be in the other room working on something new. A great choice for an Aries boy would be Emmett, meaning powerful, since this kid is going to be in control. If you’re having an Aries girl, Viva, meaning to live, is a beautiful option as your little Aries will be full of life.

26 Taurus Mom: A family name

Taurus mothers are all about caring for their loved ones. They will always prioritize close relationships, particularly ones with family. Loyalty is everything to them. They also tend to live very disciplined lives and like order and structure. To show that systematic way of thinking and family-first mentality, drawing inspiration for their baby’s name from those that are of special significance to the family is a great idea for Taurus moms. Naming a little one after a maiden name or a close relative is a wonderful sentiment.

25 Taurus Baby: Dallas & Penelope

A Taurus baby likes to test the waters first, dipping a toe in before fully committing to jumping in. But once that’s out of the way, it’s all in from there. Little Tauruses are naturally artistic and athletic, so don’t be surprised if you find your guy knee-deep in fingerpaint unleashing his inner artist or running wild in the backyard. Play up his athleticism with a name like Dallas, meaning skilled. For a girl, Penelope, meaning weaver, and Florence, which stands for flourishing, are fitting names. Danae is also a gorgeous choice, inspired by the Greek goddess of music and poetry.

24 Gemini Mom: names from outside the box

Gemini moms are social butterflies. They love to chat and entertain to stay up to date and involved in their communities. They have a penchant for flare and enjoy a bit of drama in their lives, whether that’s experienced personally or observed on screen. Geminis are likely to gravitate toward unconventional, out of the box names. A unique name makes for a great conversation starter. They’re ones to take a page out of Hollywood’s book by looking to celebrity names to inspire them.

23 Gemini Baby: Julian & Bryce

Even before Gemini babies can utter a distinct “mama” or “dada," they’ll still find other ways to be little chatterboxes. This social flair won’t fade either. As they grow up, Geminis will continue to be talkative and amiable, making Kahil, meaning good friend, a great name for your baby boy. Julian, which means youthful, is another wonderful option to represent to your son’s lively nature. For a Gemini girl, Bryce, that means freckled will surely help her stand out in the crowd even more. Similarly, Blythe, meaning free spirit, is a lovely choice that plays on her open personality.

22 Cancer Mom: artistic inspiration

Highly attuned to their surroundings, Cancer moms tend to be very empathetic. They pick up on the emotions of those around them, and they take such sentiments to heart. They love getting lost in inspiring stories, especially those from classic literature and art. This affection means Cancer moms are drawn toward naming their baby after the artistic genius of their beloved tales or the brilliant characters with which they sympathize. Shakespearean names are particular favorites for the sons and daughters of Cancer mothers.

21 Cancer Baby: Luna & Nadir

Cancer babies will pick up on your emotions from the get-go, affecting their mood. They’re naturally intuitive and care very deeply for those around them. This makes them great listeners--once they’re old enough, that is. A gentle name like Luna, meaning moon for a girl or Nadir, which means dearly loved, for a boy are beautiful picks. Speaking to Cancers’ kind and attentive spirits, Samira, which translates to companion in evening conversation and Duke, meaning leader, are lovely names too.

20 Leo Mom: Names from past leaders

Leo mothers are the natural born leaders of their packs and as fearless as they come. Their courage and willingness to step up to the plate means they are predisposed to being wonderful mothers. They also want to instill that same bravery and eagerness to command in their child. For their future leader-in-the-making, Leo moms would want to choose a strong, impactful name. Taking inspiration from famous figures with historical significance, perhaps a past president, monarch or advocate, would be an excellent idea.

19 Leo Baby: Ariel & Kenzo

Staying true to their lion-like spirits, Leo babies are about as bold as they come. That combined with their loud, flamboyant personalities, these little ones have the makings of a fighter. Fortunate for them, they tend to be lucky little rascals as well. Names with punchy meanings like Kenzo, which stands for strong and healthy, are a good fit for a boy Leo. Ariel, the perfect name for a girl, quite literally means lion of God. On the flip side, names like Asher, meaning fortunate and happy one, or Esme, meaning beloved, appeal to the charming side of Leos.

18 Virgo Mom: Classic, ageless names

Sensible and willing to put in one hundred percent at all times, Virgo moms are highly intelligent and diligent. They recognize how far a bit of brain power and hard work can get them, and they use that to their advantage. But no matter how great their progress, Virgos never lose sight of reality. An inclination toward facts and the truth lead Virgo moms to go with classic, ageless names for their little ones. These names have stood the test of time for good reason, making them the perfectly practical choice for the Virgo mama.

17 Virgo Baby: Sage & Ellis

Virgo babies are extremely humble. They aren’t ones to cry wolf unless something is truly bothering them. So, fingers crossed you won’t have too many untimely wake-up calls in the early days. You’ll also notice that your little Virgo tends to pick up on a lot. He’ll be very observant, and as he grows up, he’ll use that attentiveness to help care for others. For a boy Virgo, consider a kind name like Ellis or Cody, which mean benevolent and helpful. A Virgo girl would do well with a name like Sage, meaning wise, or Gillian, meaning youthful.

16 Libra Mom: trendy and avant garde

Libra mothers aren’t ones to shy away from a little attention. Having said that, they don’t have to try hard to be thrust into the spotlight. Their outgoing, happy dispositions are infectious, and they love to channel all of their energy into artistic works. Characteristically, Libra moms like names that are avant garde yet beloved by society. They don’t mind going along with trendy names that are a little bit out there. In that vein, Libras might look to cultural names from other heritages for that dash of uniqueness.

15 Libra Baby: Pax & Ines

You’ve got yourself a little member of the Peace Corps in the making there. Libra babies are all about keeping things tranquil and living in harmony. And once your baby gets that determined look in her eyes, you can bet she’s following through with whatever she’s set her tiny mind to. Consider names that appeal to her peaceful nature like Pax, the latin for peace, and Winifred, which means blessed peacemaking--Tuck Everlasting anyone? For a baby boy Libra, Faisal, meaning resolute, or Ines, which means pure, can play up his genuine willfulness.

14 Scorpio Mom: Names with personality

Scorpio mothers live by their emotions, which makes for an exciting rollercoaster of a journey. Everything they do, they do with the full force of their passionate personalities behind them. Their zealous ways driven by the heart make them fierce protectors and foes. To represent their intensity, Scorpio moms can look to fiery names to match their flaming personalities. On the opposite end of the spectrum, moms may also be attracted to floral names that are exemplary of their loving natures.

13 Scorpio Baby: Seraphine & Aziz

Scorpios, even little ones, are extremely generous by nature. They love to make others happy through gifts, be they tangible, spiritual, or otherwise. They’re also very sensitive, making them highly aware of their loved ones’ emotional states. If you’re ever in need of a hug, your baby Scorpio will surely come running, arms open. The Welsh name Carys, meaning love, would be a beautiful fit for your little girl, as would Seraphine, which means burning fire. The name Edward means wealthy guardian and suits a Scorpio boy’s character. Aziz, which means beloved, is another precious option for your baby boy.

12 Sagittarius Mom: scientific inspiration

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Sagittarius moms forge their own paths. They aren’t afraid of the unknown and are willing to take risks. They have a natural tendency to do things a little bit differently for the sake satisfying their own curiosities and for the good of discovery. These mothers respect the work and findings of those who came before them. They would be love to pay homage to some of the greatest explorers and scientists who have contributed so much to society by naming their son or daughter after such notable figures.

11 Sagittarius Baby: Bea & Isaac

Be prepared for one happy baby. Your baby Sagittarius will constantly have a smile on her face, lighting up the room with her endless cheer. She’ll truly be your little bundle of joy. Bring out her inner light with a name like Bea, which literally means she who brings happiness, or similarly, Nara, meaning happy. For a joyful boy Sagittarius, Isaac, meaning laughter, and Tatum, derived from the name Tate that stands for cheerful, are perfect choices to spread your baby’s glee.

10 Capricorn Mom: names with authority

Capricorn moms are reflective and shrewd women. They are respectful of all that came before them, and they use their knowledge of the past to make informed decisions. They are extremely driven and go about accomplish everything that they set their minds to with unparalleled determination. These traits often put Capricorns in positions of authority. Mothers who are Capricorns can look to biblical names to encapsulate their insightfulness. Moms might also consider using surnames as their child’s first name for a sense of intrinsic authority.

9 Capricorn Baby: Audrey & Vince

Capricorn babies will seem well ahead of their years. Your little guy will grow up to be the one all of his friends can depend on. His strong will and determination combined with his trustworthiness make him a natural born leader. A name like Vince, meaning conquering, or Fitz, which carries a presidential air, will totally suit the little ruler. A baby girl Capricorn would do well with a strong name likes Myles, traditionally a boy’s name meaning soldier. Another lovely option is Audrey, which means noble strength and resonates with royal vibes.

8 Aquarius Mom: unique spelling

In tune with their artistic sides, Aquarius moms are inherently creative. They aren’t afraid of their imaginations and love to be inventive. This playful nature combined with a sharp intelligence make Aquarius mothers open to going against the grain and experimenting. Instinctively, they will be drawn to unique names for their son or daughter. Distinct spelling variations of more popular names will also attract the eye. And to please their desire to go against convention, these moms can expect to like gender-neutral names.

7 Aquarius Baby: Maeve & Ezra

Mini Aquariuses pave the way for easy interactions. They’re very sociable, and highly intelligent. Added to that, they love to be little helpers. Later on, they’ll grow up to be excellent mentors, leading and guiding those around them. Their open, friendly dispositions will draw in everyone like magnets. For a baby girl Aquarius, compelling names like Maeve, meaning she who intoxicates, and Lorelei, which means alluring, are fitting names for your captivating little one. For a boy Aquarius, how about Ezra, meaning helper, or Hugo, which suits his intellectual nature?

6 Pisces Mom: names with emotion

Pisces mothers are very much at the mercy of their emotions. Their sensitive and kind dispositions mean they are extremely empathetic and caring individuals. But they often go with the flow and use this knack for feeling by channelling it into artistic creations. Pisces moms can convey their devotion to loved ones and their ability to understand others by choosing names that mean friendship. Their fluid, emotional connectivity can also be shown through names inspired by the water for their little one.

5 Pisces Baby: Dakota & Declan

Your baby pisces is the most sensitive out of the bunch. His thoughts and feelings run deep, and his intuition will never steer him wrong. He’ll quickly learn to use his spirituality and sensitivity to read other people’s emotions and help them. Tuning into his inner strength, names like Declan, meaning man of prayer, and Sullivan, which means dark eyes, are suitably reflective. A baby pisces girl would do well with a similarly profound name like Emrys, Welsh for the immortal one, or Dakota, which means friendly one.

4 Earth Baby: Hermione & Camden

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earthly signs. This means they thrive in structured environments and especially like rules and stability. They know that a strong foundation gives way to deeper connections, which they value as instinctively loyal beings. Staying true to their element, they keep themselves and those around them well grounded. Names such as Heath, meaning heathland dweller, and Camden, which means winding valley are fitting for a baby boy. As for a girl, terrain-inspired names like the Greek Hermione for stone or Bryn, Welsh for hill, are befitting options.

3 Fire Baby: Enya & Keegan

Like their natural element, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are passionate beings. Their emotions are quick to surface and just as quick to dissipate. They’re also very determined--once they’re on a streak, there’s really no stopping them from accomplishing what they’ve set their mind to. For an impassioned baby girl, Enya, meaning little fire, and Elena, meaning shining light are red-hot names. A spitfire little boy would do well with a name like Keegan, meaning small flame, or Kenneth, which aptly means born of fire.

2 Air Baby: Aria & Keanu

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius people are truly like a breath of fresh air. They’ll breeze into the lives of others, immediately lifting the mood around them. Their penchant for abstract ideas and deep thought make them champion members of society, helping maintain harmony and encourage motion. Turn to the names Keanu, meaning cool breeze over the mountain, or Essen, translating to wind, for a baby boy. To capture the airy nature of your little girl, Aria, which means air, and Brisa, meaning breeze, are perfect options.

1 Water Baby: Isla & Kai

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces signs fall under the element of water. These signs are very in tune with their emotions. They sense deeply and use intuition to guide them through life. Their sensitivity make them highly considerate of those around them, and they do their best to keep things tranquil. Margot, meaning pearl, and Isla, which means island, are beautiful elemental names for a girl. A baby boy falling under a water sign would do well with a name like Kai, meaning sea, or Marlowe, meaning from the hill by the lake.

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