What Kind Of Pregnancy She'll Have Based On Mom And Baby's Zodiac

Horoscopes are a lot of fun, especially when reading something that's eerily reminiscent of the current stage of life or something that resonates on a personal level. While many people think their zodiac sign is just that -- for fun -- some people truly believe that the time of year a person was born is a major factor in dictating who they are as a person. A zodiac sign can indicate positive attributes, negative traits, and even explain certain habits a person may or may not have. They're definitely fun to learn about and even if a person is not a firm believer in astrology, they can't deny that each sign has some striking characteristics that are in-tune with who they are as a person. Taking it a step further, it's interesting to learn about how star signs affect lifestyle changes, including pregnancy.

Every mama is different and everyone parents in their own particular way, but could a ruling planet or earth element have anything to do with that? Is it accurate to say that a mom with a star sign whose elemental nature is fire can be more stubborn and determined? Or that a star sign with an associative water element can be more intuitive and free-spirited? I can't say for sure (since I am not an astrology expert by any means), but what I can say is how a pregnancy might go and what moms could experience with the baby if the stars have their say in the process. Of course, something to bear in mind is the other factors that might influence a star sign including the ruling planet, elemental sign, star and planet alignment the year mom was born, etc. All of these things, in addition to our own free will as human beings, will, of course, affect a pregnancy and the child's traits. Although the star chart will usually start with Aries as the first sign, these signs are listed in order of birth month so that it's easy to find mom and baby's.

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24 Capricorn: The Expert Mom

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A strong sign just like the water goat that represents them, Capricorns can seem challenging with their hard-as-a-rock exterior. They're the first to be confident in their abilities to complete the task at hand, and pregnancy is no different. A Capricorn mom will be strong-willed and thrive in the responsibility they've taken on, ensuring an efficient routine and favorable mentality over the course of their nine months of pregnancy. They're inclined to be highly intelligent and somewhat philosophical in their lifestyle, which makes them quick thinkers and problem-solvers. While their people skills might be lacking a bit due to giving off a hard-to-gauge first impression, they're still family-oriented and ease into motherhood relatively quickly.

23 Aquarius: The Lone Mom


An Aquarius mom can be complicated because just like their water sign, there are many things going on under the surface that they don't necessarily bring up. Because of that, they can be challenging to read and while their intuition is often good, many people might misread their expressions -- Or lack thereof. They're easily mentally stimulated and enjoy intelligent conversations and similarly intelligent personalities, and this allows them the confidence to become determined moms. While pregnant, however, they tend to be even more stubborn one their minds are made up and allow for slight change if they're proven wrong, but not often. They suffer in silence so to speak, and it might take some time to get them to open up and show enthusiasm towards their pregnancy.

22 Pisces: The Emotional Mom

One of the most intuitive signs out of the entire zodiac, Pisces moms will inevitably go through a wide range of emotion during their pregnancy. Since their element is water and their ruling planet Jupiter, their personalities fluctuate very easily depending on their surrounding circumstances and interactions. They feel everything so deeply, but also care very deeply about others, which makes for an interesting pregnancy full of happiness, but also concerns and the occasional fearfulness. This is easily coped with by bringing themselves back in-tune with a hobby or practice that speaks to their spiritual nature, but can cause problems post-pregnancy; Pisces moms should be wary of postpartum depression as an outcome of their emotional state.

21 Aries: The Confident Mom

To an Aries mom, pregnancy is seen as something to overcome for the reward of bringing a child into this world. As such, they enter into pregnancy, and motherhood, ready to take on tasks head-on and doing so with determination and confidence. Alternatively, they're ruled by the element of fire and as such can have raging emotions and come off as defensive, lashing out due to the heightened state of hormones that are racing through their bodies. Moms-to-be who fall under the sign of Aries might find relief in prenatal classes or meditation, which will help to ease their emotion and calm their mental state when dealing with all the changes they're going through. This feisty nature can also make them prone to having no filter whatsoever, as can only be expected by a sign ruled by Mars.

20 Taurus: The Practical Mom


Taurus is represented by the bull and as such, is grounded and down to earth...Literally, they're an earth sign! There are both good and bad things to consider when going through pregnancy changes. On the bright side, Taurus moms are super practical and tend to always be on time, never missing important appointments or meetings, which can be excellent when it comes to prenatal visits. Their grounded nature helps them to work through problems with logic and solid reasoning, rather than immediately become emotional or impractical. However, because they're not always apt to deal with change, nine months of pregnancy can cause some stress. Changes happen very quickly during pregnancy and combined with their natural pension for insecurity, this can quickly become challenging to deal with.

19 Gemini: The Unconfined Mom


Gemini moms are interesting throughout pregnancy because they do have a tendency to be in constant motion. Being an air sign, they're prone to being out and about and not wanting to slow down or take a break. This can make pregnancy especially challenging to them, as they feel it's something that quickly becomes a constraint and can easily cause discomfort. They're naturally fearful of something going wrong but are also optimistic which can help to balance out their normal worries. Depending on how their pregnancy goes, they'll be determined to find a balance between practical worry and straight-up fear, while also maintaining an adequate level of motivation. Their personalities are as complex as the twins that represent them, their inquisitive and experimental nature should allow for more options in the way of how they deal with nine months of pregnancy.

18 Cancer: The Sentimental Mom


Similar to Aquarius, moms who fall under the sign of Cancer are often not expressive of their pregnancy and have a tendency to keep it to themselves, at least initially. Their ruling planet is the moon, which makes their mood swings a bit more common and abrasive than the other star signs, which is something to be aware of since they can change just like the tide does. The intuitive and artistic nature of a Cancer will bring out their sentimental feelings toward their unborn child during pregnancy, so anything they can do to express their love and affection will inevitably be on their list. The friendly nature of a Cancer will help them feel at ease with their delivery and labor team, and in turn, will make for a positive labor environment.

17 Leo: The Stubborn Mom

Upon first hearing that a Leo mom is pregnant, many immediately think of mood swings, extremely temperamental behavior, and a somewhat self-centered image. However, these are all attributes that are determined by other factors of your star sign, as the Leo zodiac alone makes for a stubborn, yet strong, mom. The lion is an accurate representation, both while mom is pregnant and after she becomes a new mom. Dominant traits throughout her pregnancy will be to blaze and follow her own path without wanting to hear other options, somewhat fearless, and brave in the face of what she may encounter throughout nine months. Brutal honesty might make an appearance more often than usual throughout pregnancy, so be aware that it's not always to be taken personally.

16 Virgo: The Graceful Mom

As far as doing everything according to the book, Virgo moms have this one in the bag -- Or the diaper bag, we should probably say. A natural attribute to Virgo is being able to handle things with grace since they have no use for harsh emotional reactions or mighty mood swings. They'll be naturally inclined to be especially healthy throughout their pregnancy, read all the necessary educational materials, watch birthing shows, and do everything that's considered "healthy" for a positive pregnancy experience. On the flipside, A Virgo's tenacity to be closed up and critical of themselves and occasionally those around them, can make them nearly unapproachable and seemingly chilly during their pregnancy. Their high standards also make them prone to feeling like a failure, so not being too hard on yourself as a Virgo mom is definitely something to consider.

15 Libra: The Needy Mom

Unlike the other star signs, Libras love to have positive support and encouragement throughout their pregnancy, to the point where they actually need it to feel more secure. They have a passion for human interaction and will feel much better knowing someone is there for them at all times throughout their nine months of pregnancy. Naturally balanced and fair, the scales are an accurate representation of everything a Libra mom can be. Their easy-going nature will definitely help them in the way of dealing with potential mood swings and they'll always be able to take comfort in their passions for art and the creative process.

14 Scorpio: The Brave Mom


The sign of the scorpion is probably relatively accurate when it comes to Scorpio moms, similar to Aries minus the fire element, they tend to take pregnancy head-on rather than worry and fuss over it. Their determination is key in motivating them through nine months of internal and external changes, and they deal with them all like a champ. Their natural tendency to be a bit of a loner will make it seem like they're internalizing, but it's just their nature to do so. While very intuitive and passionate about the things they love and strive for, on the flipside, they can also get jealous easily and be prone to emotional outbursts that can be made worse by hormonal changes.

13 Sagittarius: The Free Mom

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As a whole, Sagittarius moms can be summed up with the description "free spirit". They have a natural wanderlust that keeps them moving, but this can also strike fear into the hearts of potential moms when they realize that pregnancy will restrict them from doing some of the things they so loved. While the initial panic is sudden and intense, it'll eventually be warded off with their generally upbeat personality which will allow them to cope well with the change. Once their baby is born, they'll be thrilled to take them outdoors and show them the world in order to share their love for travel.

12 Capricorn: The Secure Baby


A baby born under the sign of Capricorn in inclined to be independent and will love finding their own ways of learning about the world around them. While they'll have significant love and affection for their parents, they also need space to discover and explore. This natural curiosity and heightened intelligence will allow them to progress quickly and make their own way through life using their own reasoning and logic. As adults, they'll be intellectuals who appreciate a sound conversation and have a pension for acquiring knowledge on all levels. While Capricorns can grow up to be very family-oriented, their social skills often leave something to be desired.

11 Aquarius: The Intuitive Baby


While it's rumored that Aquarius babies are relatively calm and not prone to too many emotional fits unless something is making them drastically uncomfortable, they're naturally inquisitive. This curiosity allows them to constantly wonder about the world around them and be in a state of inquisitive nature with whomever they meet or whatever they encounter. As adults, they'll be open-hearted and love those who support them with everything they have. The Aquarius child makes for a great explorer and will consistently have a desire to learn. This exploration, however, will definitely result in a natural tendency to get into just about everything they can get their hands on!

10 Pisces: The Affectionate Baby


The Pisces babies are the little darlings of the zodiac world and exude love in every way possible. They're considered to be old souls and are rumored to have eyes full of that same love as well as understanding and compassion. While they're not needy babies, they do love to be around loved ones and the desire to family connection and a social network will only feed their bright and charismatic personality. They're gentle by nature and are often very quiet babies, sometimes surprisingly so. As they get older, their social circle will expand and due to their naturally inquisitive nature and low-maintenance personalities, they won't mind having friends or spending quality time by themselves, either.

9 Aries: The Restless Baby

Moms of an Aries baby, get ready -- Rarely do they like to stay in one spot. Aries babies are in constant motion which resonates strongly with their fiery personality restless behavior. This might make for a bit of a challenging newborn, as they're prone to being temperamental. Getting into a solid routine with them will help this as well as committing to taking them on consistent walks and making sure they're both mentally and physically stimulated. As challenging as they might be, having an Aries child is rewarding as they grow up to become determined, motivated, and successful children.

8 Taurus: The Stubborn Baby


Taurus babies often give Leo babies a run for their money as far as stubborn personality traits go, and battles are not often won when it comes to putting up a fight with your newborn or toddler. The bull truly represents them as a child, as they're strong-natured and full of willpower. In addition to this, they're also grounded and routine-loving. You'll be rewarded with tons of love from your Taurus baby, as they have a tendency to adore affection and have no problems giving it right back. They're also naturally quiet and won't be overly vocal, but not to worry -- What they aren't open with verbally, they make up for in tons of hugs and cuddles.

7 Gemini: The Active Baby

Being a social butterfly, Gemini babies will ever rarely seem to get tired or grow exhausted. They love to be around new people and have ever-growing social skills since they're naturally curious about new people and things. As your Gemini baby gets older, it's good to encourage them to make new friends and communicate, as this will bring out their naturally friendly disposition. They'll constantly want to be on the go and will get bored fairly easily, so having friends is a great way for them to explore new places and things. As newborns, they'll love interacting with various toys and discovering all of their senses.

6 Cancer: The Insecure Baby


A Cancer baby will be perfectly happy falling asleep in your arms and will never have a problem with extra affection. They're not usually prone to outbursts or loud fussing but can have other elements or planets that overrule the zodiac sign they were born under. They'll need a lot of attention as a baby to reaffirm that feeling of being secure since they're not the biggest fans of being alone and will always prefer the company of family over anyone else. As they grow up, children born under the sign of Cancer are natural-born explorers and love anything by the ocean, responding accordingly with their moon-ruled sign.

5 Leo: The Fierce Baby


Rather than being stubborn, your Leo baby might be more prone to throwing a tantrum instead. Their feisty personality is usually clearly evident from the start, and they'll be quick to show signs of a strong will and determination. For the most part, Leo children are natural-born leaders and don't mind striking out on their own as long as they're learning in the process. The only time they're truly quiet is when they're observing, and everything is a learning process to them because of their naturally inquisitive nature. As they grow up, it's rare that a Leo baby will ever slow down or back away from confrontation, they're also naturally protective and loving of their family and desire close bonds with them.

4 Virgo: The Learning Baby

A Virgo baby can at times be fussy, but it's only because of their desire to have things go their way. Often needing a lot of reassurance, it's easy for a Virgo to become insecure without affection. A baby born under the sign of Virgo can be a complex child, either loving to be in social situations or preferring time spent on their own to do their own thing. They might seem stubborn and a bit moody as they get older, but this is only their disposition and doesn't mean they're unhappy children. A Virgo child will be quick to learn and absorb information, which will unlock many doors of possibilities for them as they grow up with a passion for knowledge.

3 Libra: The Easy-Going Baby


It's said that babies born under the sign of Libra are easy children, but of course, this all depends on environmental factors as well as the overruling elements -- if that's what you're into. Libra babies are content by themselves but also have a very easy time being friendly for the most part, and their personalities are usually very well-balanced. They love affection and will very rarely ever turn away the chance for a hug, and as babies, they're prone to smiling a lot. As they get older, they'll be unstoppable and have a tendency to want to take care of other people. They're naturally curious and as adults, they're intelligent and always willing and eager to learn everything and anything they can which will help in their pension for being slightly indecisive.

2 Scorpio: The Complicated Baby

If there ever was a child who was complex in nature, it would be Scorpio. Even as a baby, Scorpios are very particular about how they like to be cared for and while they're rarely prone to outbursts, they have no problems letting you know when something is wrong. A Scorpio baby is open to affection but doesn't have a problem being on their own, and its this characteristic they'll most likely carry with them throughout their life. As they get older, you'll notice that your child doesn't always trust others easily and might not get as attached to friends at a young age as some of the other children around them. Their independence is what makes them strong, and their natural curiosity will encourage their habit of learning what the world has to offer.

1 Sagittarius: The Eager Baby


A baby who's born under the sign of Sagittarius is one who will absolutely love your attention and will constantly what to be around you at a young age. Their somewhat serious nature doesn't limit them from being happy babies, however, and as long as there are no sudden changes in their life or surroundings, they'll be content. Even as a newborn, Sagittarius babies are eager to learn what they can and enjoy experiencing the world around them. They're highly active individuals and as your child gets older, this might manifest into a bit of naughty behavior in order to gain your full attention. They're active both in mind and spirit, so they'll always prefer stimulating toys and activities to keep them busy and constantly learning.

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