What Kylie Jenner Will Be Like As A Mom, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to parenting, everyone seems to do things a little bit differently. Some moms are all about independence and teaching their kids to do things on their own. Other moms are totally hands-on and want to be involved in every step of their child’s life.

This is not to say that one way of parenting is any better than the other. There are simply different styles based on many different qualities from the kids and the parents. For some women, they are really eager to know what type of mom they would be. However, you don’t necessarily have to have a kid to answer this question.

Learning and understanding your zodiac sign can help you figure out what kind of parent you will be.

For some of us who are already parents, reading our zodiac sign can actually make you more aware of how you’re parenting and help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Many people freaked out when news spread that 20-year-old Kylie Jenner was pregnant with her first baby. However, she seems to be rocking parenthood so far. She was born on August 10th, which makes her a Leo. For a better insight as to how Kylie will be as a mom, here are 15 parenting traits that she will have based on her zodiac sign.

15 She'll Have Confidence In Her Parenting Skills

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Kylie Jenner always knew that she wanted to be a mom. Motherhood was something that didn’t worry her because she knew it would come naturally to her. There were even times when Kylie said that she wanted to be done having kids before she was out of her 20s.

For a lot of people, that may sound crazy, but for someone who is extremely confident in their parenting skills, it’s totally normal.

According to mydomaine.com, a defining trait of a Leo is confidence. Leos know their abilities and aren’t afraid to go for it and simply do what they do best. Their lack of fear and willingness to believe in themselves is commendable.

We already see signs of this trait in Kylie because finding out you are pregnant at 19 years old to a guy you have barely been seeing for a month is probably pretty scary for most girls. Even though Kylie Jenner had the money to take care of a child, it would be normal to question if she was capable.

Due to being a Leo, Kylie embraced her new role as a mom with confidence and excitement because she simply knew that she was able to handle the challenge.

14 She's A Natural-Born Leader

Leos are excellent leaders which is one of the reasons they make such great parents. As a parent, you are responsible for leading your children through life and helping them to navigate all of the tough situations. According to Elite Daily.com, the fact that Leos are naturally dominant allows them to take on leadership roles with ease. We see Kylie Jenner being an insane leader and lady boss of her Kylie Cosmetics empire.

Leos have a natural ability to inspire the people around them and to change the world. That ability to take control and the motivation that inevitably rubs off on everyone around them makes a wonderful team dynamic.

We all know that parenthood involves a lot of teamwork. Since Kylie is a Leo and she has already demonstrated such excellent leadership qualities with her business, there’s no doubt this will rub off on her parenting as well. Kylie already talks about waking up every two hours for feedings with Stormi, and how she does it with ease.

Kylie seems to be leading her own way through motherhood and she is doing it with confidence, just like a Leo would. Mothers need to be leaders because their kids will innately follow them. So, it appears that Kylie’s zodiac sign is working to her advantage.

13 Her Creativity Comes Naturally

We can all pretty much tell that Kylie Jenner is a creative person. She enjoys experimenting with makeup, concocting new colors for her lip kits, and she has even created a few short films on her Snapchat stories. As a Leo, creativity will come naturally to Kylie in everything that she does, including motherhood.

As a parent, it can be super important to use your imagination. When it comes to finding unique ways to get a baby to fall asleep or even as your kids get older and you are helping them with school projects, creativity is a must.

Luckily for Kylie, that is one thing that comes naturally to her as a Leo.

According to PandoraAstrology.com, Leos help remind those around them that their individual point of view is important. This is an amazing quality for Kylie to have as a mother because she will be able to tell Stormi that her uniqueness is something to embrace. Individuals are all different and creative in their own ways.

And, Leos are able to naturally be their truest and most authentic selves. This is amazing for Kylie as a parent because not only will she be able to express herself and her own creativity but she will also be able to bring that out in Stormi and everyone else around her.

12 She'll Be A Playful And Fun Mom

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Who doesn’t want their mom to be the ‘cool mom?’ Lucky for Stormi, Kylie’s Leo zodiac sign allows her to be a fun and playful mom. Most of us have seen glimpses of Kylie’s personality from her reality television show and from living life in the spotlight.

Based on her zodiac sign, that playfulness and personality that craves fun are not going away now that she’s a mother.

According to Zodiacfire.com, Leos are outgoing and unpredictable, which makes them a ton of fun to hang out with. Leos have a playful nature which constantly brings a smile to their friends and family.

When it comes to motherhood, Kylie Jenner is going to rock it as a fun and cool mom. She will be making Stormi laugh and smile all of the time. This will work out great when it comes to baby pictures where that perfect smile is always needed.

As Stormi gets older, I can imagine Kylie driving her down the highway in one of her expensive cars with the windows down and music blasting.

Stormi’s friends will love hanging out with her and her mom Kylie because she will clearly be the life of the party.

11 She'll Be Overly Dramatic About Things

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On the other hand, not all traits of a Leo are desirable ones. Leos have some downsides as well. For example, Leos can be overly dramatic about things and make a big deal out of nothing. Maybe they take an argument a little too seriously, or they create drama everywhere they go.

There have been times where Kylie won’t go out in public or do certain things because she is imagining the situation as more dramatic than it actually is. When we imagine this trait rolled over into Kylie’s parenting abilities, there are a few scenarios that could take place.

Kylie may be overly dramatic about Stormi cleaning her room or making a mess. She might get mad at Stormi for not putting her toys away, not doing her dishes, or not telling her where she was going.

Of course, all of these scenarios will come as Stormi grows up, but there is a good chance that Kylie will be a mom who creates drama.

On the other hand, Kylie may also be overly dramatic in a good way, like praising Stormi for getting good grades or making a huge deal out of all her little accomplishments.

According to YourTango.com, drama follows Leos around but it can come in all different shapes and forms. So, whether a Leo is making a fuss about things, trying to be the center of attention, or trying hard not to get attention, it all involves drama.

10 And She'll Occasionally Be Self-Centered

Since Leos are known to be drama queens, it makes sense that they can also occasionally be self-centered. They like to be in the spotlight and they want things to go their way. Because of this, they often put themselves first and do things that will benefit them.

While normally one could argue that being self-centered isn’t always a bad thing, when it comes to parenthood, it could actually be Kylie’s downfall. Kylie likes her flashy cars and expensive jewelry, but she also enjoys her vacations. She has no problem using her private jet to go on a weekend getaway with her friends.

This means that she is okay with leaving Stormi behind.

It’s totally normal and understandable for a new mom to want some alone time and relaxation, but putting yourself before your baby can be a negative thing. As Stormi gets older, it can cause emotional damage if Kylie is always prioritizing herself over her kid.

According to Yourtango.com, Leos can be narcissistic and arrogant, which leads them to believe that they are the best at everything. Often times, Leos only do things in hopes that they will work out in their own favor. While being confident is a great thing, Kylie needs to realize that as a mother, the spotlight should not always be on her.

9 Leos Can Be Energetic And Annoying

According to Astrostyle.com, the Leo symbol is ruled by the fierce lion. This represents a Leo’s energy and flamboyant nature. While Leos can be very protective of the people they love and passionate about the projects that they take on, their energy can sometimes be over the top and annoying to people.

Have you ever just wanted to chill and relax but that one friend kept bugging you, trying to get you to do what they want? That’s a Leo for you and it can get annoying to the people around them very quickly.

However, when it comes to parenting, this quality might not be a downfall for Kylie. Everyone was expecting Kylie to be dead tired after giving birth to Stormi.

She was waking up multiple times a night for feedings and she was not exhausted at all.

Now, this could be attributed to the fact that she is only 20 years old, but it also might have a lot to do with her energetic nature. As a new mom, energy is a commodity and Kylie is lucky to be a Leo and to have that energy naturally. However, she should be careful not to overuse it because it can annoy people if she doesn’t tone it down.

8 So She'll Be Overly Involved In Her Kid’s Life

kylie-jenner overly involved stormi life

Most kids don’t like it when their parents are too involved in their business. It can be nice to have your privacy as you grow up. However, hopefully, Stormi doesn’t mind sharing everything with her mom because based on Kylie’s zodiac sign, there is a good chance that she is going to be overly involved in everything that Stormi does.

Whether it’s talking to boys, reading her texts, or hanging out with Stormi and her friends, Kylie will most likely be a little too involved.

This can stem from the fact that Leos need to be the center of attention. They always want to know what is going on and may feel like they are missing out if they don’t.

However, some people may find an overly involved parent to be annoying, but it can actually be really nice. It shows that your mom cares about you and what you are doing. Perhaps the involvement stems from a place of passion, love, and support. There is no doubt that Stormi will feel super loved and cared about.

We’ve seen on episodes of Kylie’s reality show that she liked to be extremely involved in her friend Jordan’s life. Jordan seemed to embrace this quality and it brought her and Kylie closer together. So, if Stormi and any future kids that Kylie has can learn to embrace the fact that their mom wants to be involved in everything, this could be a good thing for Kylie.

7 Every Ounce Of Her Will Be Given To Her Kids

While giving yourself fully to things is a trait that Leos have, most moms can relate to the fact that their kids become their entire world. Every ounce of their time and energy is usually given to their children in order to make their life the absolute best they can.

While Kylie may appear self-centered at times and like she needs to be the center of attention, she has mentioned before that no matter where she is or what trip she’s on, she can never stop thinking about Stormi.

Stormi quickly becomes her entire world and most parents understand that you can never fully remove yourself from the responsibilities of motherhood, even if you have a babysitter.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Leos will do anything to protect their loved ones and will always be proud of their roots whether they are good or bad. This shows that Kylie will likely come to Stormi’s defense no matter what and will always have her back. On the other hand, Leos also tend to become independent as soon as possible.

Seeing as Kylie bought herself a mansion when she was barely 18, I would say that trait fits her well. When it comes to parenthood though, it may be difficult for Kylie to balance giving to her kids as well as herself.

6 Kylie Will Be A Helicopter Parent

There is no doubt that Kylie will be a helicopter parent. As a Leo Kylie needs to be involved in everything and desires to be the center of attention. When it comes to her kids, their business is her business. She is constantly going to be monitoring what they are doing and wanting all the details of their lives.

While some people might think this sounds crazy and controlling, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We mentioned earlier that as a Leo, Kylie also has an energetic, fun personality that stems from a good heart.

As a parent, there is a good chance that she won’t be super strict. After all, she got pregnant at just 19 years old and bought her first house at 18. It’s not like Kylie had a ton of rules.

When Kylie was dating Tyga, there were rumors that she flew to other countries to be with him because she was underage in the U.S. When we take all of this into consideration, yes, Kylie may be a helicopter parent, but if her constant hovering doesn’t prevent Stormi from living the life that she wants to, there might not be any issues here.

According to Ganeshaspeaks.com, Leos hold everything they have very close to them. They can be possessive and be dominating which causes them to be helicopter parents.

5 Leos Are Full Of Self Expression

Creativity is a must for Leos and that bleeds over into their own self-expression. Leos are constantly looking for ways to show who they are to the world. When it comes to Kylie Jenner she often says that who she portrays herself as is not exactly who she is. Perhaps it’s just one small part of her personality and creativity.

There is no denying the fact that she enjoys to attention to a point. She likes dying her hair, experimenting with new nails, and different outfit choices.

Although the Kylie we see on television and through social media may not be the full version, it still shows us her creative side and gives us a peek into her personality.

Kylie has already been expressing who she is as a mom through Instagram and Snapchat with pictures of her with Stormi where she is rocking the new mom look. Kylie seems to enjoy taking on new personas and running with them which definitely shows her desire to be creative.

When it comes to parenting Stormi, this can be an amazing quality because she will likely inspire and encourage her daughter to be just as creative. We all want parents who encourage us to be the best versions of ourselves and as a Leo, Kylie will definitely do that for her daughter.

4 She'll Be An Amazing Role Model

kylie jenner good role model stormi

As natural born leaders, Leos are often incredible role models for those around them. They inspire people to take charge and to follow their passions. When it comes to Kylie, her ability to do what she wants in life shows other people that they have that ability as well. According to Astrology.com,

Leos are brave and fearless. They often plunge headfirst into any project they take on. Their determination and enthusiasm for life radiate towards everyone else around them. Because of this, many people are inspired by the qualities that a Leo possesses.

As for Kylie, this is a great trait to have as a mom. Most parents want to be amazing role models for their kids. They want to be a good example and teach their kids well. While Leos may not always be perfect, and Kylie might not always make the best decisions, the fact that has the tenacity to keep going no matter what is what is so admirable about her.

Stormi will no doubt be looking up to her mom for inspiration and encouragement. Often times, kids want to grow up to be just like their parents, and that is likely how Stormi will feel as well. As a Leo, Kylie will just be worried about being herself, but others will take note of that.

3 Leos Are The Strictest Parents

As a Leo, there are usually specific ways that they believe things should be done. And, if someone disagrees with them it is not going to be pretty.

Often times it’s their way or the highway. When it comes to parenting techniques, this can actually lead to some strict parenting simply because Leos are control freaks.

Leos want things to be done their way simply because they are naturally self-centered and believe that their way is the best. According to New.TheAstrologer.com, Leo parents should avoid giving their opinions about their child’s personal decisions.

Apparently, being a bossy parent will lead children into rebellion. Since Kylie is pretty used to being her own boss, there is a good chance that this might be difficult for her to understand. She is used to saying her opinion and feeling like she is always right.

As a mom, there will definitely be a learning curve here because there is a balance between being strict and organized, and pushing things too far. Stormi will have no problem following her dreams and being successful in life, but Kylie needs to be aware of getting in the way of that. She wouldn’t want her tendency to be strict and controlling lead her daughter into a rebellion.

2 But She'll Be Open And Honest About Parenting

According to Elite Daily, Leos have a parenting style that is open and honest. There is always an open door of communication and this actually can lead to Leo parents spoiling their kids because they buy them whatever they want.

If their child says they want a different color pair of shoes, that’s no problem at all. This open form of communication can actually lead Leos to make their kids materialistic and self-centered themselves.

While indulging in your child’s every desire may seem like a wonderful thing to do as a parent, balance is always important and that is one thing that might be missing.

However, Leos want to be open to other people. They thrive off of that attention and the willingness of other people to share information with them. However, since Leos are often times self-centered, they can sometimes tune their kids out and prioritize their own thoughts.

As for Kylie, she needs to be careful not to lose sight of Stormi’s needs while trying to satisfy her own. Despite these minor flaws, children of Leos feel the loyalty and protection from their parents and truly appreciate it. Even if Kylie doesn’t always give Stormi her full attention, Stormi will still know that door is open any time.

1 Kylie Will Show Her Pride

kylie jenner will show her pride

I think it’s safe to say that Kylie Jenner knows how to be over the top. From her private jets, acrylic nails, fancy cars, and designer clothes and jewelry, she knows how to live the high life.

With that said, she also knows how to share that wealth with the people around her.

Kylie and Kendall have even fought on Keeping Up With The Kardashians before because Kendall likes to keep things simple and Kylie wanted to throw an insanely huge party for their friend’s birthday. This comes from the fact that Kylie is a Leo and it is in her blood to be outgoing and extravagant in everything that she does.

According to EdgeMagazine.net, Leos are the moms who will rent out entire theme parks, movie theaters, or even use her own backyard to throw their kids the most amazing and over the top birthday parties. There is no doubt that Kylie will show so much pride for Stormi throughout her life.

Besides the over-the-top parties, Stormi will get, you can bet that Kylie will be the decked out mom at every sporting event. She will be hanging all of her daughter’s drawings on the fridge, and her expensive cars will likely have a student of the month bumper sticker on it. This is because Leos are over the top and when it comes to pride as a parent, nothing compares to it.

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