What Meghan Markle Will Be Like As A Mom, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Meghan Markle is a Leo. She's now the Duchess of Sussex, but she began her life as  Rachel Meghan Markle on August 4, 1981. Meghan was born at the West Park Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Meghan is everywhere in the news these days because she's gone from successful TV actress to British royalty. She won the heart of Prince Harry, who was probably the world's most eligible bachelor before he exchanged vows with Meghan at St. George's Chapel on May 19, 2018.

Meghan and Harry both want kids and it probably won't be too long before her pregnancy is announced to the world. She's currently 36, so her biological clock is ticking. While women are having babies much later in life these days (Daniel Craig's wife, Rachel Weisz, recently announced her pregnancy at age 48), it's safe to say that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are interested in starting a family as soon as possible.

So, what kind of Mom will Meghan be, based on her zodiac sign? This list gives the inside scoop on how Leo women adapt to motherhood. Every zodiac sign has its benefits and drawbacks. Learning about the Leo Sun Sign will help you to unlock all of Meghan's secrets.

Lots of famous ladies are born under this sign, as Leos crave the spotlight. Madonna, Mila Kunis, Halle Berry, the late Whitney Houston, Sandra Bullock and Martha Stewart are all Leos who became mothers.

15 She May Upstage Her Kids

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Meghan Markle is a Leo woman who was born to stand under the spotlight and shine. This is why her royal babies will probably always be in her shadow. Leos want attention and they find ways to get it. A typical Leo woman wants to dominate any environment that she's in. She will wear clothes that stand out and generally call attention to herself.

She has no desire to fade into the background.

Leo ladies are larger than life. According to Cafeastrology.com, Leo females have loud laughs, bright smiles, and confident struts. This sign has temperamental moments. If Meghan feels that she isn't getting the attention, flattery, and respect that she deserves, she may roar like the Lion which is a symbol of her zodiac sign.

Celeb Leo moms need to avoid overpowering their children. Madonna ran into trouble by imposing too many rules on her son, Rocco. He didn't want to live Madonna's way, so he went to his father. Perhaps Rocco was tired of living in the shadow of his famous mother. He is rumored to have grown weary of having to tour with her, instead of enjoying a normal lifestyle. Meghan will need to be careful that her children don't feel like a part of her entourage.

Madonna has said that she's a "strict Mom", according to Eonline.com. Madonna wants things her way. Will Meghan be the same? If she is, she risks a backlash down the line.

14 She'll Be Playful

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Leos are fun people. They generally have sunny personalities. They like to play around and laugh. While Leos can be a bit shallow and superficial, because they are focused on their own images and getting the attention that strokes their egos, they are also warm-hearted. Meghan may not be the deepest thinker, but she'll be a great playmate to her children. She'll want them to enjoy lighthearted moments as often as possible.

According to Astrology-zodiac-signs.com, Leos are cheerful and they are humorous. However, they are also self-centered, arrogant, lazy and stubborn. In terms of the bright side of this sign, the Leo mom will ensure that her children enjoy outings to the theater, as well as enjoyable vacations to coveted destinations. She'll make sure plenty of people are around, so her kids are able to socialize. However, she will always expect her kids to treat her like royalty. If her children don't give her enough attention, she may get angry or give them the cold shoulder.

Now that Meghan really is royalty, her ego may swell. This would happen to anyone, but her sign typically has a huge ego anyway. Meghan will need to keep her ego in check in order to do her best for her babies. She'll need to focus on being playful and take a backseat sometimes. Can she do it?

13 She'll Be Bossy

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Leo ladies feel like royalty, whether they are or not. This is why they expect others to take their orders. This is definitely a bossy sign. According to Lipstickalley.com, one person who had a relationship with a Leo lady was appalled at her bossy, controlling and territorial ways. This person felt that the Leo wanted attention constantly and felt that this desire for attention was a sign of insecurity. The person believed that the generosity of the Leo was a way for the Leo to gain power, rather than a kind gesture that came from the heart.

Bossy people tend to get their way a lot, because they put pressure on others to conform to their expectations. However, bossy people may not be aware that people are storing up resentment against them, even as they follow the rules.

For example, Madonna expected her kids to follow the same weird diets that she did and to follow along on her tours.

Leos just naturally expect others to go along with their wishes.

According to PageSix.com, Leo Madonna's kids had to eat a macrobiotic diet which included no dairy, preservatives or salt. When Madonna's son, Rocco, lives with Dad, he has a lot more freedom. He doesn't have to go on tour and he can stay up late and eat what he wants. I am using Madonna as an example, as her issues with Rocco tend to relate to her dominating Leo personality.

If Meghan's smart, she'll be self-aware enough to tone down the bossiness with her kids. She'll give them the freedom to be themselves.

12 She'll Be Stern

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Leos are all smiles when they have an audience. Behind the scenes, they can be a little bit stern...or a lot! They are usually cheerful but definitely have their moments.

The stern side of Leo may surface when Meghan is setting rules for her kids. According to Medium.com, this sign is very possessive, headstrong and impatient. These traits may mean zero patience when her kids don't do what she wishes. She will get stern when she's thwarted. Her sternness may also surface when she is arguing with Harry.

We all assume that Meghan's life is going to be so easy from here on in. The royal wedding gave us a glimpse of the wealth and privilege that Meghan has married into. However, lots of rich people have family problems. Sometimes, when families aren't united in a common struggle to make ends meet and gain financial security, they aren't as close as families who do have financial concerns.

If Harry gets fed up at home, he can jet off somewhere. He doesn't necessarily need to stand around and fight with Meghan. She'll also be able to do her own thing if she wants.

When kids are in the picture, Meghan will need to avoid sternness and focus on family unity. She'll be raising rich kids, and rich kids sometimes grow up feeling very entitled. They may tolerate the sternness for a while and then start to rebel against it.

11 ... But She'll Be Warmhearted

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Leos like Meghan have plenty of great traits to balance out the bad. Every sign has its good points and pitfalls. One of the best things about a Leo woman like Meghan is her big heart. This is a warmhearted sign. Leos will move mountains for the ones that they love. There's nothing that Meghan won't do for her royal babies. It's just that she'll always care about herself a lot, too.

Caring about herself isn't a bad thing. Some Moms get too caught up in sacrificing everything for their children and lose themselves. With a Leo Mom like Meghan, this isn't likely to happen. Although she'll be warmhearted and loving, she will also be concerned with self-care, ambition and getting attention. Her natural desire to stand out will balance out her desire to give everything to her kids. It may actually create an ideal balance.

When she's not giving her children tons of love and hugs, she'll be sure to pamper herself.

Meghan is already fairly high-maintenance and there's no reason to anticipate that changing in the future.

For example, Meghan definitely indulges in expensive clothing and accessories, as well as costly facials, the best makeup and Brazilian blowouts that keep her hair glossy and smooth.

According to Hellogiggles.com, Meghan dropped a whopping thirteen thousand dollars on hair and makeup for her wedding day. Maybe someone else picked up the tab, but that's a ton of money and her wedding hair and makeup were remarkably natural and simple. She probably could have gotten the same results on her own, as her look wasn't so different from her everyday look.

10 Meghan Will Be Proud Of Her Kids

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Leo women really need to be proud of their kids. If a kid doesn't measure up in the Leo lady's eyes, there may be trouble.

The Leo mom wants to be a cool Mom and she also wants cool kids. Leos have a childlike quality. They remember their childhoods and still feel like kids on the inside. Leo moms will do things for their kids, such as planning elaborate b-day parties, but they do want to feel proud of how their children are turning out. Will Meghan's kids feel like they always have to meet her high expectations?

According to Huffington Post, the Leo mother should sometimes ask herself whether she's doing stuff for her kids because she wants them to be happy, or whether she's doing it to appear perfect as a mother. Leos are loyal and loving but have some blind spots. They may be too concerned with looking good to other people.

Since Meghan is under scrutiny from the press, it's quite possible that she'll do things for her kids which are designed to make the world believe that she's an amazing mother. Hopefully, most of the things that she does for her children will be solely for their benefit.

9 ... But She'll Be A Drama Queen

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According to Astromatcha.com, Leo women are looking for love, adoration, and worship! Leos have big personalities and this means occasional or frequent drama. It's possible that Meghan is a drama queen sometimes. It's part of her birthright as a Leo. Leos are the royalty of the zodiac. This means that they expect to be deferred to. When this doesn't happen, they get dramatic. They may also get dramatic to entertain other people.

Leos are fun-loving, outgoing and usually popular. They use drama to connect with others and win their admiration. They also use it to get their way. For example, when a Leo finds love, she'll think it's the greatest love that anyone has ever felt.

Meghan is surely very into the fairytale aspect of her romance and subsequent marriage to Prince Harry. She's probably as caught up in the magic of it as everyone else is. With Meghan, nothing is halfway. It's all or nothing.

Naturally, life isn't perfect, so Leos tend to get dramatic a lot. People around them often feel like they are on roller coaster rides.

Will Meghan's kids enjoy their dramatic mom's theatrics, or get sick of them? Meghan does have to conduct herself a certain way now that she's a Duchess, so she may learn restraint just by handling her new royal duties.

8 She Will Be Loyal

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Meghan is divorced, so she is willing to move on when things aren't right. However, she's likely to be very loyal to Prince Harry, as he has offered her entrance into a whole new world that is elite and exciting. He's the reason she's a Duchess.

Leos do not want to be typical. They want to rule. Meghan probably got a big power surge once the wedding vows were uttered and she was formally Harry's wife. She gained a lot of power and a lot of prestige. Nothing could make a Leo woman happier. After all, Leo ladies always feel like royalty. By becoming real royalty, Meghan will feel like she's living out her destiny.

Meghan will be loyal to her children, too. They will be royal kids and Meghan will be there to fight in their corner whenever she needs to. She'll protect them. For example, she might try to shield them from the press and paparazzi. She might try to give them as normal an upbringing as possible, because she knows that being royal brings stress, as well as opportunity.

According to Speakingtree.com, Leo ladies have a level of self-confidence which is "startling". When this confidence in themselves is combined with major loyalty, they can give a lot to their kids. Meghan will have enough confidence in herself to make decisions that are designed to protect her kids. She won't question her own parenting decisions.

7 ... But She Won't Like Being Ignored

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Meghan may cause a little trouble in the royal family because she wants to be the one that everyone is interested in. There are already rumors that she's having some conflicts with Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge). I noticed Kate didn't look that happy while she watched Meghan tie the knot with Harry.

In fact, I was shocked at how sour and unhappy she looked on the big day.

Was Kate coming to terms with the fact that there's a new Duchess who might steal her spotlight? It's more than possible. Kate wore a very pale outfit to the wedding which basically appeared white. Was she trying to look bridal to grab attention from the actual bride?

Leos want everyone to look at them and listen to them, whether they are mothers or not. Becoming Moms doesn't change things at all. A Leo mom like Meghan is still going to go out in the world and look for attention. It's just her personality.

According to Goodhousekeeping.com,

a body language expert sensed tension between Meghan and Kate during an interview that featured both women and said that Meghan was doing her best to mimic Kate.

If Meghan and Kate end up disliking each other, Meghan may take the blame. Leos do have the capacity to shake things up and try to dominate families and situations. Kate Middleton is a Capricorn and she won't take kindly to Meghan trying to steal some of her status and position.

It'll be better for Meghan's kids if she's buddy-buddy with Kate and the rest of the royal family.

6 She'll Be Egotistical

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Meghan's half-sister, Samantha Markle, is a bit of a menace. She's constantly trying to profit from insulting her half-sister and she also seems to be after fame. Samantha isn't remotely trustworthy, but she's out there, letting the world know that she thinks of her own close relative as "Princess Pushy". Piers Morgan described Samantha as a "vulture" and he does have a point.

Samantha is writing a book which has the unique and offensive title, "The Diary of Princess Pushy".

Samantha now says that she's changing the title, but she's already gotten so much media mileage from it.

According to the Independent.ie website, Meghan's half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., also believes that Meghan is pushy, as well as "shallow, conceited and jaded". Leos are generally a little bit more conceited than others, so there may be a grain of truth in that criticism. Shallowness is also not unheard of among image-conscious Leos. However, Meghan's half-siblings seem opportunistic and/or crazy.

What's up with this family? Do you think that there is any truth to what these half-siblings say?

Meghan's kids will have to read these comments about their Mom someday. She'll know that Meghan's dad didn't walk her down the aisle and that she is estranged from her half-sister and half-brother. Will they get to have relationships with the paternal side of Meghan's family? Meghan's ego probably won't allow it. Not that I would blame her for keeping the kids away from the half-siblings. I think it's a smart decision.

5 And She'll Be Status-Conscious

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Meghan has a ton of status now and she'd accrued a lot of status before she married Prince Harry. She was an actress on one of the most popular TV shows in the world. Meghan has been working her way up, since her first guest appearance on General Hospital (this was a show for which her Dad was lighting director, so she had and used her connections to get an acting career started).

Now that she's a Duchess, Meghan is likely to take her elevated status seriously.

She is going to go all out in terms of creating and maintaining a new and impressive image as a royal. Her kids will come along for the ride.

Hopefully, Meghan won't lose herself as she tries to be the most elegant and polished royal ever. It'll be good if she won't put too much pressure on her kids to conform to royal guidelines, day and night.

Lots of royal kids have unhappy childhoods. According to Vanityfair.com, Charles experienced a childhood which was basically tragic. His mother, the Queen, was distant. His Dad has high expectations which Charles never seemed to meet.

Meghan is a Leo and this is an image-conscious sign. She will need to step back and consider her kids when she's maintaining her royal image. She will need to recognize that there are pitfalls to being born royal, and try to give her kids a chance to develop their own personalities and interests. She shouldn't get so caught up in impressing others that she forgets to nurture the kids, who will never know anything else but being "royal kids".

4 She'll Joke Around A Lot

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Harry seems to love the fact that Meghan is able to joke around in every type of situation. While Meghan needs to behave properly since she's now a Duchess, it's safe to say that her ability to laugh and have fun will help her to be a loving and playful matriarch. Harry has had some tough experiences. Losing his beloved mother tops the list. With Meghan, he has a partner who's confident enough to have a sense of humor about it all. Her kids will appreciate the way that she tries to keep the atmosphere light.

An Observer.com story asked the question, "Is Meghan Markle the Most Successful Social Climber Ever?" There are people who wonder if she really loves Harry or if she's just pretending to in order to become royal and enjoy all of the perks.

It's probably very easy for Meghan to love Harry. She's known to like gingers and her first husband does bear a resemblance to Prince Harry. Also, Meghan will appreciate the way that Harry can offer her an amazing lifestyle which no other man on earth could really give her.

She seems to truly love Harry and she'll love the kids, too. She'll show her love by joking around and trying to keep them happy.

3 ... But She Won't Tolerate Disrespect

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Meghan is a Duchess now, as well as a very proud Leo woman. This means that she'll now be even less willing to tolerate disrespect. Meghan's half-siblings made a big mistake when they embarrassed her before her wedding. She will not forgive them for casting a shadow over her reputation at such an important time in her life. She's won't tolerate much disrespect from her husband or kids, either.

According to Nickiswift.com, Meghan possibly used her first hubby to get established in Hollywood and then discarded him when she'd achieved her goal. Bear in mind that the Nickswift.com website is all about gossip, rather than hard proof. It's more likely that her first hubby, Trevor Engelson, disrespected her in some way. Maybe he didn't make enough time for her or stopped being openly adoring. Leos really need to be number one.

When Meghan is a Mom, she will need to chill when it comes to the issue of respect. Kids are sometimes rude and disrespectful. They are still learning about life and how to be mature. She'll need to guide them in terms of their manners and how they treat others, including her.

She will need a lot of patience. Leo is not really a patient sign. It's a fire sign and this means drama and outbursts, as well as creativity and laughter.

2 The Kids Will Be Her Trophies

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Prince Harry is absolutely a trophy husband, by any known standards. Meghan, who is a successful and beautiful actress who is involved with charities, is also a sort of trophy for Harry. There is surely more to their relationship than being trophies for each other. However, they are both famous people who other people tend to look up to.

When Meghan has kids, they'll become her trophies, too. Leos love accomplishment, and she'll consider her kids as accomplishments.

She may expect too much of them. She will consider them to be extensions of herself, when they are actually individuals.

It's a bit worrisome that Meghan has such troubled relationships with her half-siblings, Samantha and Thomas Markle, Jr. These are very close relatives. While Samantha and Thomas Markle seem damaged as people, they are still her blood. Meghan's kids will need to be aware that Mom is willing to burn bridges with people. They'll have to be careful not to anger her.

Of course, she'll have more love for her kids than she has for her half-siblings. But her kids will eventually know that Mom turned away from members of her own family. She was perhaps completely wise to do so.

According to Sunsigns.org, Leo mothers consider their kids the biggest trophies of all. Anything good that their kids do will contribute to the Leo Mom's sense of self-esteem. Anything bad that kids do may make the Leo women feel less good about herself and she won't like this at all.

1 And She'll Want Her Kids To Be "Winners"


Since Leo women do perceive their kids as trophies, Meghan's children may need to achieve in order to keep her happy. If they fail classes, get in trouble at school or fail to be popular as Mom is, she may be disappointed in them. Of course, this isn't fair, but Leo women are touchy about their images. They have big egos. They do prefer children who are "winners". A Leo woman may favor a child to does achieve and give less love and attention to one who doesn't measure up to her ideas of what a good child is.

Will Meghan's ego issues lead to royal scandal and divorce? Most royal marriages start out like fairytales and some end up as nightmares. According to Unilad.co.uk, an astrologer feels that Meghan and Harry will make it over the long-term if they learn how to keep work and play balanced. Harry is a Virgo and he will be attentive to Meghan. He'll be more modest than she is and the attention that he gives Meghan will help her remain happy. Meghan's sunny, confident ways will help Harry relax and put his worries aside.

Now that you know more about what Meghan will be like, based on her zodiac sign, you''ll be able to go on royal baby watch. It surely won't be long before she's expecting a royal baby.

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