14She'll Be Playful

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Leos are fun people. They generally have sunny personalities. They like to play around and laugh. While Leos can be a bit shallow and superficial, because they are focused on their own images and getting the attention that strokes their egos, they are also warm-hearted. Meghan may not be the

deepest thinker, but she'll be a great playmate to her children. She'll want them to enjoy lighthearted moments as often as possible.

According to Astrology-zodiac-signs.com, Leos are cheerful and they are humorous. However, they are also self-centered, arrogant, lazy and stubborn. In terms of the bright side of this sign, the Leo mom will ensure that her children enjoy outings to the theater, as well as enjoyable vacations to coveted destinations. She'll make sure plenty of people are around, so her kids are able to socialize. However, she will always expect her kids to treat her like royalty. If her children don't give her enough attention, she may get angry or give them the cold shoulder.

Now that Meghan really is royalty, her ego may swell. This would happen to anyone, but her sign typically has a huge ego anyway. Meghan will need to keep her ego in check in order to do her best for her babies. She'll need to focus on being playful and take a backseat sometimes. Can she do it?

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