13She'll Be Bossy

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Leos just naturally expect others to go along with their wishes.

Leo ladies feel like royalty, whether they are or not. This is why they expect others to take their orders. This is definitely a bossy sign. According to Lipstickalley.com, one person who had a relationship with a Leo lady was appalled at her bossy, controlling and territorial ways. This person

felt that the Leo wanted attention constantly and felt that this desire for attention was a sign of insecurity. The person believed that the generosity of the Leo was a way for the Leo to gain power, rather than a kind gesture that came from the heart.

Bossy people tend to get their way a lot, because they put pressure on others to conform to their expectations. However, bossy people may not be aware that people are storing up resentment against them, even as they follow the rules.

For example, Madonna expected her kids to follow the same weird diets that she did and to follow along on her tours.

According to PageSix.com, Leo Madonna's kids had to eat a macrobiotic diet which included no dairy, preservatives or salt. When Madonna's son, Rocco, lives with Dad, he has a lot more freedom. He doesn't have to go on tour and he can stay up late and eat what he wants. I am using Madonna as an example, as her issues with Rocco tend to relate to her dominating Leo personality.

If Meghan's smart, she'll be self-aware enough to tone down the bossiness with her kids. She'll give them the freedom to be themselves.

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