15She May Upstage Her Kids

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She has no desire to fade into the background.

Meghan Markle is a Leo woman who was born to stand under the spotlight and shine. This is why her royal babies will probably always be in her shadow. Leos want attention and they find ways to get it. A typical Leo woman wants to dominate any environment that she's

in. She will wear clothes that stand out and generally call attention to herself.

Leo ladies are larger than life. According to Cafeastrology.com, Leo females have loud laughs, bright smiles, and confident struts. This sign has temperamental moments. If Meghan feels that she isn't getting the attention, flattery, and respect that she deserves, she may roar like the Lion which is a symbol of her zodiac sign.

Celeb Leo moms need to avoid overpowering their children. Madonna ran into trouble by imposing too many rules on her son, Rocco. He didn't want to live Madonna's way, so he went to his father. Perhaps Rocco was tired of living in the shadow of his famous mother. He is rumored to have grown weary of having to tour with her, instead of enjoying a normal lifestyle. Meghan will need to be careful that her children don't feel like a part of her entourage.

Madonna has said that she's a "strict Mom", according to Eonline.com. Madonna wants things her way. Will Meghan be the same? If she is, she risks a backlash down the line.

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