What Most People Don't Know About Mom Farrah Abraham (20 Facts & Pics)

Ever since she was an awkward teenager expecting her first baby on camera, Farrah Abraham has split audiences down the middle. On one hand, people liked her honesty and appreciated that she showcased the true struggles of being pregnant and raising a child as a teen.

On the other hand, people were always quick to criticize her, for her parenting, her clothing, her choice of boyfriends, and most particularly, the way she talked to her parents. Moody teenage moments aside, people felt like Farrah was mean and cold toward her family.

These days, though? Fans are seeing a new side of Farrah, and not just the one that MTV's cameras like to snap.

She's out in the world more than ever, walking red carpets, promoting lucrative products, and doing all kinds of fun stuff with her daughter, Sophia.

Although many fans of MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom franchises have learned to take Farrah Abraham with a grain of salt, that doesn't mean she is the villain (or bad mom) that critics make her out to be.

Here are 20 things that most people don't know about Farrah that just might change their minds about the judgment they're passing... Or, it might make them double down on their negative perceptions.

20 She Homeschools Her Daughter


Let's be honest: just looking at Farrah (or her social media feed) is enough to understand why the other Teen Mom stars deemed her a bad influence. From her wardrobe to her professional choices, Farrah has diverged from the traditional teen mom path by miles and miles. But that's not to say she's all about her image.

Although it seemingly started with issues at Sophia's school regarding her wearing makeup in elementary school, Farrah later pulled her daughter and now homeschools her herself.

In Farrah's defense, there are plenty of great online programs and charters for homeschooled kids, but this does mean Farrah has more control over Sophia's education than she would otherwise. Of course, fans aren't sure that's necessarily a good thing.

19 The Drama With Dad Is Long Gone


If you watched the original MTV series starring a very young Farrah, you might recall how Farrah called her dad by his first name and wasn't often very friendly toward him. Although the biggest beefs were always between Farrah and her mom, it looked like her relationship with her dad was on the rocks.

These days, though, now that her parents have separated, Farrah and her dad Michael seem to be doing well. Farrah even posted a special IG tribute to her dad, complete with this snap of them boarding a plane together. We're glad she's matured enough to realize how lucky she is to have her dad in her life!

18 She Says Sophia's Dad Was Her Soulmate


Fans of 16 and Pregnant probably remember watching Farrah sob over her late boyfriend, Derek Underwood. Although MTV didn't include a lot of details about Derek, probably due to his family's issues with Farrah at the time, we did know that he passed away in a car accident about a month before Sophia was born.

Though she kept mum about Derek in the beginning, only getting a DNA test to confirm paternity when Sophia was a toddler, Farrah now talks effusively about her late boyfriend. She noted in one social media post that Derek was her soulmate and how she was so proud of their daughter.

17 Farrah Makes Bank With Product Promos


Mom's gotta work, right? People might criticize Farrah for all the products she promotes (particularly the "slimming" teas and supplements), but if she's getting a paycheck for it, we say share on. After all, the only people who are going to buy those products are the ones who want to, and other than posing with the products and placing a hashtag, Farrah's not actively pushing her wares down people's throats.

And clearly, it's a great way for her to monetize her celebrity. Just like the likes of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, plus a host of countless other celebrities and social media influencers, Farrah's taking advantage of multiple income revenues. Smart lady!

16 Her Net Worth Is Impressive

The Cheat Sheet

Although a lot of the original cast of Teen Mom made substantial income per episode, most of them have laid low in terms of business ventures. Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra started a kids' clothing line and Kailyn Lowry has created some haircare products and runs a podcast, but none of the other moms seem to be pushing profits like Farrah.

In fact, multiple sources peg Farrah's net worth at somewhere between three and six million dollars. We'd say that's a fair amount for someone who stars on reality TV and posts IG pics all day. And according to In Touch Weekly, Farrah rakes in most of her money from brand and marketing deals.

15 She Didn't Get Fired: She Quit Teen Mom


We may call her a teen mom, but Farrah is no longer part of the MTV franchise. Back in 2018, part of one of Teen Mom's episodes centered around a conversation between Farrah and the executive producer. Because Farrah had opted to continue with her work in, um, alternative industries, MTV gave her an ultimatum: Teen Mom or her other "work."

Clearly, Farrah chose other opportunities, and she later wrote on social media about her decision in what People called a "scathing" post. Not only did she highlight the reason why she "quit," but she also expressed anger over the way MTV treated her.

14 The Pair Are Basically BFFs


Sure, she's the mom, and she makes the rules, but she's really lax about them. By all accounts, including interviews with Farrah herself, the teen mom mogul gives Sophia a lot of leeway when it comes to makeup, reading materials, music, and TV shows. She lets her pre-tween daughter have a lot of control over her own life. Whether that's a good idea or not, it's definitely making Farrah's friendship with her daughter way easier.

Instead of having a conventional relationship, Farrah and Sophia are more like best buds. Sophia even attends her mom's medical appointments with her, and she even records videos and snaps photos of her mom for social media.

13 Farrah Actually Rubs Elbows With Celebs


Trolls on her social media accounts may accuse Farrah of being a D-lister, but the truth is that she rubs elbows with plenty of celebs. She walks the red carpet on the regular, often bringing Sophia along, and she's snapped a selfie or two with big-name celebs, like Adam Sandler! As unenthusiastic as he appears, Farrah's got her adorable little girl to encourage celebs to give her the star treatment, so we're not surprised he agreed to a pic.

Of course, Adam's not the only celeb Farrah hangs out with. She has a few model friends, judging by her IG, and she also hangs out with Mob Wives alum Renee Graziano. Clearly, the girl has friends in high places!

12 Normal Mom Stuff Happens


While most of Farrah's IG feed is uber glamorous, she also posts average-woman pics that probably make the trolls who always criticize her feel better about themselves. For example, Farrah goes to the dentist sometimes, as evidenced by this snap. She also shared an emotional moment when she and Sophia's dog had medical issues and they had to make an emergency visit to the vet.

It might not be flashy, but images like this show that Farrah's human just like anyone else, and she's also not embarrassed to normalize dentist visits, among other mundane things. Of course, that's when she's not dining on a floating brunch or soaking in a rose-petal-filled tub in Bali.

11 Even Some Of Her Biz Relationships Are Dull


A lot of Farrah's social media and, seemingly, her life, is taken up by product promotion. It looks like, among her many business ventures, some of Farrah's most successful jobs might be her IG product placement and networking. But although a lot of that promotion centers on fashion and beauty products (and procedures), she also promotes some mundane stuff like dental health.

She's not just out for attention; Farrah promotes services like teeth whitening, so clearly, her business relationship with her dentist is a lucrative one! We wonder if she gets free dental care for giving him a shoutout on IG...

10 She Actually Likes Animals


A lot of people were critical of Farrah's decision to get her daughter a pony for her birthday a couple years ago. People were also critical of Farrah's over-sharing moment when the family dog had to take an emergency trip to the vet and then didn't come home. But that doesn't mean Farrah's not a fan of animals.

You might think that all she does is glam up and take selfies, but in truth, Farrah sometimes gets her hands a little messy, too. In this IG photo, she noted that she'd spent the day playing with, feeding, and cleaning up after the elephant she's snapped with here. That's the sign of a true animal lover!

9 Traveling Isn't Just For Photo Shoots


With the way her photos are posed, you can tell that a lot of Farrah's trips and vacations are really promotional pieces. But just because she's on site for some type of professional gig doesn't mean she doesn't take some time to do fun stuff, both on her own and with Sophia.

Here, the two went skiing, and in other images, she and Sophia have ridden camels, gone boating, swam with dolphins, fly in open helicopters, met a live falcon, learned native dances in Fiji, and a whole lot more. Farrah tends to hashtag her posts with things like #ilovemylife and #worldtraveler, giving all of us wanderlust in the process!

8 There Was Going To A Boxing Match For Charity...


There was a whole lot of hype around Farrah's proposed celebrity boxing fight, which she visibly trained and prepped for. She shared plenty of images of her training on social media, including her travel to different locations, and she participated in photo shoots and other activities for the event. After four months of training, Farrah declared she was in great shape and totally ready to show it off.

The event was supposed to be a fight against Nicole Alexander, AKA "Hoopz" from Flavor of Love. Ultimately, however, the fight didn't happen, and it was because of a seemingly smart decision on Farrah's part.

7 But Farrah Showed Her Business Savvy And Dropped Out

Life and City

While people were quick to criticize Farrah for dropping out of the celebrity boxing match, if her side of the story is true, it's actually a sign of her business savvy. According to Cheat Sheet, Farrah dropped out of the fight because the organizers of the match (promoters Michael Mak and pro boxer Damon Feldman) didn't deliver on their contractual obligations.

Farrah claimed that the promoters had promised her accommodations like flights, hotels, and more. So instead of going ahead with the fight and using her own money for accommodations, Farrah dropped out. Later, however, rumors arose that the planned referee, Mob Wives' Drita D'Avanzo, was someone Farrah wasn't a fan of, leading to further speculation on Farrah's motives.

6 She's Not Opposed To Sharing With Others


Whatever onlookers' opinions on Farrah, there's no denying she's got some business savvy. From working out lucrative contracts to choosing the most influential opportunities, Farrah's not afraid of working hard and making a name for herself. But she's also willing to share that knowledge with others.

Her IG account includes a promotional link to her new "Ambition into Reality" entrepreneurship master class, which is intriguing, to say the least. Although not everyone agrees with the way she's made her money, it's evident that Farrah can teach other women (and men!) about making some dough. Curious about enrolling? It'll only cost you $99 on Teachables!

5 She Doesn't Let Go Of Her Exes Easily

Wet Paint

Although Farrah has dated a few guys since her original appearance on MTV, the most notable was Simon Saran. The two dated (off and on) for about two years, and he's been the most photographed leading lad in her life. Of course, it seemed as if he and Sophia didn't get along very well, if Teen Mom footage was anything to go by, but he and Farrah kept trying to make things work.

But after it all ended? Simon made an appearance on Ex on the Beach, according to Wetpaint, and had some choice words for his ex. Farrah, however, has not been shy about posting on social media and commenting on Simon's desire to get her riled up, no matter whether he was telling the truth or not.

4 And She Isn't One To Dwell On A Lack Of Love

Radar Online

Sure, she's been hurt in the past, but that doesn't mean Farrah is focused on finding a new man to replace the not-so-great ones she's dated. Although there could be a guy hiding in the shadows of her many IG posts, it's unlikely Farrah is dating anyone since she hasn't publicly commented on it.

And that's why it appears as if she's concentrating on everything else going on in her life rather than finding love. Her social media accounts document a very full life. Along with her daughter, there are frequent promotional posts, vacay pics, and plenty of flattering selfies and poses in bikinis. Clearly, Farrah's doing fine on her own.

3 Junk Food Isn't Off The Menu

Hoboken Girl

As much as she shows off her fitness regiment and her "healthy" supplements and indulges in some pretty drastic and permanent beauty treatments, you might expect that this mom is super strict with what she eats. But don't make the mistake of thinking that Farrah Abraham only cares about appearances.

On her days off from the grind, she can be spotted on the boardwalk grabbing fried treats, and other days she takes Sophia out for donuts before church. So sure, she's into healthy habits, but Farrah also appreciates a food stand sausage as much as the rest of us.

2 Her Biggest Goal For Sophia Is To Be Successful


Farrah is very open about how hard she works to manage her multiple businesses and all her brand partnerships. She even said in her discussion about her quitting MTV that who she is is her brand, so it was unfortunate that MTV wasn't aligned with that "brand." Of course, these days, it looks like she doesn't really need Viacom anyway.

But with all her wealth comes the desire to remind her daughter that it was hard work and a long road that got Farrah to all her successes. No word on whether Sophia knows the whole story of Farrah's fame, but the teen mom does admit that she sometimes gets frustrated when Sophia thinks money is so easily won, and she wants to make sure her daughter knows the value of hard work.

1 She's Inspired Her Daughter To Reach For The Stars

In Touch Weekly

In a snap that Farrah shared of Sophia's "back to school" for fourth grade, fans can see Sophia sitting on a park bench for her "first day." Being homeschooled has its perks, right? In addition to a laptop, her dog, and a backpack full of supplies, the image also included a whiteboard with some of Sophia's memorable likes and dislikes, plus her future goals.

So what does Sophia want to be when she grows up? Her board proclaimed she wanted to become a millionaire as her professional goal! Clearly, Farrah has taught her daughter that there's no limit to the success you can achieve. We just hope neither of them regrets doing what it takes to get them there.

Sources: Wet Paint, In Touch Weekly, People, Cheat Sheet

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