This Is What You Need To Know About The Controversial Parenting Trend ‘Cocooning’

There are tons of parenting trends blowing up the Internet right now. But cocooning, the newest craze in child-rearing, has been met with controversy.

Cocooning is a new trend that has parents bringing their babies home from the hospital alone. Traditionally, close friends and family may constantly stop by the home of a family with a newborn baby. It’s not only that they want to help out or offer a home-cooked meal; they also want to get a glimpse of the new addition.

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But from the sounds of it, parents are valuing their privacy more than ever, which is why more parents are opting to spend their first days at home with a new baby by themselves.

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Cocooning started off as a popular tactic to help adoptive parents and children increase bonding. But now it’s becoming more commonplace for first-time parents to ask visitors, including grandparents, to hold off initially. While some parents may only wait a few days before letting their loved ones meet the new addition, others take months or even weeks.

Speaking to The New York Post, Brad and Nicolle Pritchard explain why they decided to jump on the cocooning trend when they welcomed their little one. They made sure to ask both sets of grandparents to wait until the baby is a month old before coming to visit. In fact, they made a firm rule of having no guests over to their apartment for the first two weeks post-birth. And no overnight stays for a full month.

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“My mother-in-law was already looking to book her flight… and my parents wanted to come and help as well,” Nicolle told the publication. “But it’s such an important and delicate time. There’s so many changes we have to get used to . . . and as much as all of them have great intentions and want to help us, we want it to be just us and the baby.”

However, not everyone is a fan of this trend, especially the friends and family members who are asked to wait to see the new baby. The trend has been blasted for being ‘selfish’ or even ‘silly’ online. Even some new-time parents can’t understand why they’d hide themselves and their new baby away from their loved ones, especially when they can use all the help available with a newborn in the house.

Although this parenting trend may cause some tension between the new parents and their loved ones, we think parents should do whatever feels right for them. What do you think of the cocooning trend? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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