14Are You Sure You're Ready For This?

This is another lose-lose question. For one thing, the question kind of insinuates that the mother in question is not ready to actually be a mother, and for another, it places doubt in her mind that most likely is already there. Every new mother to be wonders if she's actually

ready to handle the incredible responsibility of parenting. She doesn't need it brought up by outsiders, which only cements the worry that she won't be ready for motherhood even further.

Instead of asking her if she's ready for this monumental and life-changing situation, why not affirm her and encourage her instead. "You're going to be so great at this mom thing" and "What a lucky baby" are both wonderful substitutes for questioning a new mother's readiness. Giving an unsure mom confidence and assurance is always a better idea- and after the baby is here, you can bet she will remember the faith you had in her from the start.

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