15Was It Planned?

Okay, so this one? This one has no reason to ever be asked. It leaves the mom-to-be in a precarious position. If the baby was planned, then when she tells you that yes, it was, she is also divulging to you that she and her partner were having sex with

a goal, which is kind of a personal detail. She may not feel like sharing this with you, the person behind her in the grocery store line, that feels the need to make conversation while waiting.

If the baby was not planned, then she runs the risk of making her baby sound like a mistake that she regrets, even if it was a welcomed surprise. There are so many conclusions that can be drawn from this, and she might prefer to keep this information to herself. There's no easy way for her to get out of answering either, because a response of "I'd rather not say" just leaves more wrong assumptions hanging in the balance.

What is gained from this question? Nothing. There's just no reason and benefit from knowing whether a child was planned or unplanned, and especially not for a nosy stranger in a store line. So let's all agree to not ask this question. The baby is on the way now, does it really matter if he or she was scheduled to be conceived on his or her mom's calendar?

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