What Really Happened To Jett: 14 Things The Travolta Family Is Hiding

Jett Travolta, the bright-eyed son of famous actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston, suddenly passed away while vacationing in the Bahamas at only sixteen years of age.  His death shocked the nation and stunned and devastated his family beyond what words can possibly describe.  Due to the Travoltas being such a high profile family both in show business as well as within the Church of Scientology, sadly they were not able to lay Jett to rest without being plagued by questions, doubt, controversy and lawsuits.

Imagine losing your child without any warning and then having a media circus surround you as you attempt to pick up the pieces of your life and carry on.  While the Travoltas attempted to stay as private as they could following Jett's death we couldn't help but wonder what exactly they were trying to hide and who they were trying to protect.  Here are fifteen things that the Travolta family might be hiding regarding their son Jett.

Regardless of theories, questions and rumors, our hearts go out to the Travoltas and all families who have had to live through the pain and suffering that losing a child brings.

May you rest in peace Jett Travolta.

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14 Locking Lips With Jett's Nanny

John Travolta has long been the victim of homosexuality scandal rumors. A year doesn't go by without some dud coming out of the woodwork saying Travolta grabbed his butt or propositioned him for some loving and the majority of the time we all just roll our eyes and move on. Rumors of John liking men is nothing new, but it was this image above that really caught the public's attention and sent tongues a wagging.  John is seen locking lips with a mystery man while boarding an airplane, but upon further inspection we figured out that this mystery man was no stranger but in fact Jett's beloved nanny!  Whoa baby.  So we have to wonder here who's needs was the nanny truly attending to?  Judging from this photo it might have been John's not Jett's.

13 Withholding Life Saving Medication

Jett has suffered from Grand Mal seizures since he was a toddler.  Although the Travoltas had long proclaimed that Jett suffered from Kawasaki disease, the jury is still out on whether or not that ailment is associated with seizures.  What can be connected to them though is Autism, another condition that the Travoltas kept very quiet about for many years.  Jett reportedly took the anti seizure medication Depekote to help control his seizures, but at the urging of the Church of Scientology John and Kelly discontinued giving them to their son.  The Church of Scientology does not recognize Autism as something that needs to be treated.  Furthermore it was said that John deeply feared the medication would cause his young son liver damage, hence the decision to remove it from his life.

12 Jett's Autism Was Kept Hidden

For years people speculated that Jett Travolta suffered from Autism.  While celebrities like Holly Pete Robinson, Jenny McCarthy and Sylvester Stallone were out publicly advocating for their Autistic kiddos, the Travoltas remained good and mum about Jett's health until after Jett's passing.  Some think that they pair was in denial over their son's condition, but the vast majority of speculators think they disregarded Jett's Autism and possible therapies to treat the condition because of their strong desire to please and follow their church doctrine.  Autism simply doesn't not exist in Scientology.  When mom Kelly did speak out about Jett's health she was quick to attribute his developing Autism and Kawasaki Syndrome from toxins in the environment as well as medications she ingested during her labor and medications Jett ingested as a young infant.

11 Jett's Death: John Wedged Between A Church And A Hard Place

After Jett's sad ending there were rumors galore that the Travoltas were feuding with the Church that they love so very much.  Publicly both Kelly and John have said that they relied on their faith and church to help them through this darkest time in their lives, but insiders claim that John was outraged and destroyed that the Scientology beliefs might have had anything to do with his child's passing.  Leaders in the church were so wary of one of their big wigs taking flight that they went to great pains to try and get the Travoltas to remain put and happy.  The Church leaders even sent "minders" to watch over Travolta's state for the first few years of mourning.

10 John's Babysitting Sessions

John Travolta understandably spiraled into a deep depression following the loss of his son and the Church of Scientology was not about to let one of their famous heads crawl off and lick any wounds.  When earth shattering events occur and losses as great as death take place in a person's life, it isn't uncommon for faith to falter.  The Church sent over a "minder" or babysitter to follow John around and "help" him through his difficult time for over two years!  When John Traveled the minders went along.  They never left his side in fear that he might stray from the faith.  It wasn't until the second year after Jett's passing that John started to take a day or two to himself just to test out the waters of solitude.

9 Extortion Plot Heard Round The World

As if the stress of losing a child wasn't bad enough, the Travoltas quickly found themselves embroiled in a lawsuit during their mourning period.  Two men in the Bahamas, who served as paramedics at the scene of Jett's accident, attempted to extort some twenty-five million dollars from Travolta because of the waiver he had signed in the midst of his son's passing.  Yeah I am sure he gave a rip about a piece of paper as he watched his beloved child take his final breaths!  Anyways the paper came back to haunt him when the extortionists claimed Travolta was negligent and in a way responsible for Jett's outcome.  After one mistrial the Travoltas dropped their suit against the two because to start a new trial was simply too painful an experience for them to endure.

8 Autism No More

The Travoltas spent their son Jett's entire life claiming that he didn't have Autism, because in their religion such a condition is non-existent.  Following Jett's passing though they decided to go on record for the first time revealing that their child did in fact struggle with Autism, but they claim that he was truly "coming out of it."  While Autism symptoms can be lessened with intensive behavioral therapies and treatments, you never just "come out" of Autism.  If you have it, it is here to stay to some extent.  While we celebrate the fact that the Travoltas were finally able to speak candidly about Jett's Autism, it's probably best to not make others in similar situations belief that their Autistic children can just "snap out" of something like Autism.

7 Not Such A Happy Family

Images like this one paint the Travoltas as a devoted and loving family, but insiders say that could not be further from the truth.  According to sources close to the couple the Travolta union is nothing but a sham!  While they seem too devoted of parents to have a marriage that is completely fake, the rumors do continue to fly about how they don't actually seek out one another's companionship.  The actor has been accused of sexual harassment and proposition by everyone from pilots to costars to former masseuses and while Travolta has always denied all claims, where there is smoke there is often fire.  Kelly isn't so innocent either. Apparently she had her own dudes on the side, according to author Robert Randolph.  He even claims that the pair might have shared a lover.

6 Carpet Cleaner Controversy

Little Jett had Kawaski Syndrome and according to his mom and pop the carpets are to blame.  This inflammatory disease is most common in young children, under the age of five and is seen more often in boys compared to girls.  The disease comes with symtoms of high fevers lasting for days, severe redness in the eyes, dry lips, swollen tongue and a swollen throat and lymph nodes.  The Travoltas are adamant that their son became violently ill from chemical positioning due to heavy carpet cleaners.  While lots of other parents of children with Kawaski claim the same, there is no true scientific evidence proving there is any correlation.

5 Nails In The Travolta Marriage Coffin

John and Kelly are no strangers to divorce rumors.  Questions regarding John's sexuality and the pair's devotion to one another have swirled around the duo since they tied the know some twenty-six years ago.  While it has always seemed that the Travoltas could weather any story regarding their commitment, they might be finally calling it quits for REAL.  Too much sadness and trauma has befallen the Hollywood couple and the stress of Jett's passing didn't help matters.  Aside from Jett's death Kelly has apparently finally had her fill of John's side flings with other males.  They are a huge source of embarrassment for her and she is just plain exhausted at this point.  Ummm yeah, we can see that.

4 The Replacement Baby

Sixteen months after Jett's untimely end Kelly Preston found herself expecting again at age forty-seven!  Because it seemed the Travolta baby making factory had closed up shop for good and the pregnancy came on the heels of Jett's passing the public started to wonder if this new baby was a replacement for the son they so tragically lost.  When baby Benjamin did join the grieving family is was said that he gave them a new lease on life, renewed their spirit and uplifted them in ways they couldn't before imagine.  Benjamin probably was no replacement as no child can take the place of a lost one, but he certainly brought the family joy at a time in their lives when they thought joy was something utterly impossible to experience again.

3 No Hospitals

When Jett's body was discovered in the bathroom of the Travolta's Bahamas vacation home the scene turned chaotic real fast.  Everyone staying at the home including a bevy of staff, the parade mics who were called and other guests staying with the family all wanted to do nothing but help the boy and his family. Somewhere in the hoopla lines of communication got crossed and before we knew it stories were flying around that Travolta refused to take his son to the local hospitably and insisted on flying him back to Florida.  Upon this request one of the paramedics had John sign a waiver releasing the emergency team from responsibility.  Ultimately John did take his son to the Freeport hospital, but it wasn't long before the paramedic with the signed paper tried to extort money from the Travoltas saying that they were negligent in Jett's care for wanting to fly his body out of the country.

2 Who Was Watching Jett?

There was a whole lot of confusion and finger pointing regarding the death of Jett.  The sixteen year old boy with special needs required so much attention that the Travoltas hired not one, but two full time nannies to provide his care.  Travolta's rumored boy toy was one of those nannies and it is rumored that this boyrfriend/nanny slept a mere eight feet away from Jett's bed on the night that he died.  The bedroom had a bell that would ring if the door was opened and on this particular night no one saw or heard Jett get up and go into the bathroom where he ultimately passed away.  One has to wonder if Jett's nanny, and John's rumored lover, was truly qualified to handle Jett's issues.

1 Sister Gets A Pass

All children are different and this could not be more true than in the case of Jett and Ella Blue Travolta.  Ella was only eight years old when her beloved bro suddenly passed, but she is all grown up now!  At sixteen years old she is her father's clone and just starting to dip her toes in the wide world of dating.  While the Travoltas kept Jett under close supervision at all times, it seems that they are raising Ella in a complete and opposite manner, giving her freedoms that Jett was never able to enjoy due to his delays abd shortened life.  John has said that when it comes to Ella and boys he doesn't ask and doesn't interfere with that stuff.  Thankfully Ella's mother Kelly is totally in the know when it comes to her daughter's dating affairs.

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