What The Baby Will Be Like Based On Mom And Dad’s Zodiac

When choosing a life partner, consideration isn't usually given to their astrological compatibility. Perhaps that is a good thing because the horoscopes found in the papers would scare off people from getting together with their incompatible signs. And unfortunately, not enough people believe in those.

Not to mention, your sun sign only makes up a fraction of your own personal horoscope. It is a significant piece since it represents who you are as a whole but it is still only a fraction. of the whole picture.

You also have your Moon sign that represents your emotional response to stimuli, as well as the sign that was rising at the time of your birth called your rising sign, which represents how you look to others (your mask) and how you view life. The positioning of the other planets in the sky at the time of your birth play a significant role as well.

That said, even if you get together with someone who has a sun sign that is not compatible to yours, you still may do well as a couple. Let's have a look at 20 random couples who share different sun sign combos and how it affects them. Let's also learn how their kids will turn out as a result!

20 Aries & Gemini Parents - A Sharp And Passionate Child

Aries Gemini
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When you mix an Aries and a Gemini together and they have kids, their kids will be passionate and at the same time, very sharp and excellent communicators. However, they won't be overly emotional.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, the Aries man or woman are known to be very passionate and have a warrior-like nature. The Gemini has a passionate side to them as well but is very communicative.

A child that is brought up by Aries and Gemini parents will have a passionate side most definitely, and they will certainly bring out their points across very well. However, they may not be the types to show very much emotion and may be impulsive- unless the child has water in their horoscopes.

If that were to be the case, then there would be a lot of stress between the child and the parents due to personality clashes.

19 Aries & Leo Parents - A Creative Child

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An Aries individual is well-suited with a Leo. Fire understands fire and both signs of the zodiac are fire signs according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. Therefore, there will be a lot of passion and creativity in the home. Aries is passionate, as is Leo, except with more creativity.

That means children raised by these particular couples will be naturally passionate and creative. They may also be quite impulsive and may be hot-tempered. However, if these children have earth or water, or both in their horoscopes, then they will be more emotional and practical, which can create friction between them and their parents.

That is because practicality is not a fire-sign characteristic.

18 Aries & Scorpio Parents - Passionate And Hot-Tempered

Aries Scorpio
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Aries is a fiery sign, which means those who have their sun in Aries are warrior-like and most definitely passionate. Scorpio is a water sign and will not get along with fire, according to Astrostyle. They are also very intense, passionate and very secretive.

You have to wonder how that mix ended up together because you would think that these couples would be at each other's throats. However, they both are passionate. Therefore, any children that they have will also be passionate and intense.

As a result, they can be hot-tempered, aggressive, and may get into trouble at school due to being misunderstood. They may also have a hard time keeping friends for that reason. These kids can also be secretive. However, the Scorpio parent is also quite intuitive and will know exactly if the child is hiding something and won't let it go until the secret is out. That is a good thing because kids like this could keep harmful secrets without either one of the parents picking up on it.

17 Aries & Capricorn Parents - The Kid Will Be Self-Reliant & Rebellious

Aries Capricorn
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When you mix a fire sign like Aries and an earth sign like Capricorn together, you'd have to wonder how they would even last together. As it is noted in Astrostyle, fire and earth is not compatible and neither are these signs. However, the fact that both of these signs are known to be initiators is what may have drawn them together.

But Aries is passionate, impulsive and has a warrior-like spirit. Capricorn is all about business. Therefore, kids who are raised by this couple will be encouraged to be independent by both parents. Unless the child is Capricorn or has a lot of earth or water in their personal horoscopes, you can bet that the child will be independent to the point of rebelling one day.

In particular, they might go against the Capricorn parent who would have discouraged them from having fun, pushing them instead to focus on building a strong work ethic.

One day, the child will get up and find a way to do their own thing.

16 Taurus & Cancer Parents - The Homebody

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Earthy Taurus and watery Cancer are compatible signs and both love the comfort of home. They have a knack for good cooking as well as being money-savvy, according to Astrostyle.

Therefore, this couple would appreciate tasty food, enjoy collecting recipes and making different types of dishes. Because both prefer to be at home instead of traveling, their kids would develop a homebody-like trait as well.

Now, if the child has a lot of fire in their horoscopes, then that child will want to go and explore. Based on how the child was raised at home, they will grow up appreciating the comforts of home and good meals as well, even if they like to travel occasionally.

15 Taurus & Virgo Parents -Hard-Working And Health-Conscious

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Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs and that alone makes these signs of the zodiac quite compatible according to Astrostyle. Not to mention, the common characteristics of these signs is the appreciation of good food and hard work. The only difference is that the Taurus is not known to be health-conscious and that is why Taureans are known to indulge in sweets and good food without paying attention to calories and physical activity. And, you know what that often leads towards.

However, the Virgo is active and very health-conscious. The Virgo will watch the number of calories they consume and will work it off. Tthe children that this couple would have would be learning excellent work-ethic traits from their parents. They will also learn about healthy eating habits.

Even though the Taurus parent may not be overly health-conscious themselves, they will still want to set a good example for their kids because they are also naturally nurturing. That means, the child will be hard-working and have an appreciation for food, but will be mindful.

14 Taurus & Scorpio Parents - A Child Who Holds Grudges

Taurus Scorpio
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Earthy Taurus and watery Scorpio both mirror one another and can bring out the worst traits in one another as a result, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. Scorpio is known to be quite passionate, secretive and unfortunately, intense grudge-holders.

Although Taurus isn't a passionate sign, they are still known to be a very stubborn sign and can hold pretty big grudges of their own.

Therefore, couples who have this zodiac sign combination may not argue very much. However, you can bet whenever one ticks the other off, those bad moves will never be forgotten by either one of them.

As a result, their kids are watching the moves that their parents make. That goes for all kids! If they see that their parents are angry with one another even if they don't express it, then the kids could end up picking up grudge-holding habits as well, which is not what any parent would want their kids to develop.

13 Taurus & Sagittarius Parents - Will Either Be Selfish Or Selfless

Taurus Sagittarius
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When you bring earthy Taurus and fiery Sagittarius together, you are matching up signs of the zodiac that is as far from being compatible as one could get, according to Astrostyle. The Taurean parent will want to invest in a home and enjoy the ensuing comforts. Meanwhile, the Sagittarian parent will want to rent and not to be tied down, while still traveling as much as they want.

Therefore, couples like this will either end up breaking up or will find a way to compromise with one another. If the couple acknowledges their differences and learns to make compromises, then their kids will learn from that great example and become selfless, learning to put others' needs over them.

However, if this type of couple cannot make any sacrifices, then they will end up not staying together and their kids could learn that being selfish is the way to go. That said, how kids from this type of couple turn out really depends on whether they can effectively work through their differences or not.

12 Double Gemini Parents - Curious & Spontaneous

Gemini Sagittarius
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When bringing both Geminis together, an interesting match can be made. According to Astrostyle, couples that both have their sun in Gemini are known to both crave novelty. That means they will be the type to want to try new restaurants that pop up all of the time and they will be the first ones to buy the new smartphone as soon as it comes out.

And, neither of them will be very money-savvy.

Kids brought up by Gemini parents will also be naturally curious and very spontaneous. However, the downside is that they will also likely become wasteful since they will watch their parents spend on anything that is new and interesting.

If the child is a Taurus or a Capricorn however, then they may be more inclined to pick up better money habits from elsewhere and may not be as spontaneous. This could lead to some mega frustrations on behalf of the double Gemini parents.

11 Gemini & Leo Parents - Playful And Creative

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Gemini and Leo are both compatible signs, and when mixed together, will end up creating plenty of creativity and playfulness, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. The Leo will enjoy being in the spotlight, while the Gemini will allow it to happen.

Therefore, kids who have parents that have this sun sign combination will learn to become playful, creative and learn to appreciate fun. They will take life less seriously.

However, if the kids are Capricorns, Virgos, or Scorpios, then they may still pick up some habits from their parents. They will also be naturally inclined to take life more seriously due to the nature of their signs and won't have as much fun either. They may think what their parents find fun is boring or pointless.

10 Gemini & Capricorn Parents - Will Need Constant Intellectual Stimulation

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You may think that the Gemini and Capricorn would clash because air and earth don't mix. However, some incompatible signs are more poorly matched than others. According to Astrostyle, the Gemini and Capricorn can do quite well together, despite sharing opposing directions.

They are both intellectual signs that need stimulation and can talk each others' ears off for hours. If the Gemini finds something that they are passionate about, they will work very hard to make it work. Meanwhile, Capricorn is naturally ambitious.

Therefore, kids that come from these couples who have this combination of zodiac signs will be quite ambitious and will want to be constantly intellectually stimulated like their parents.

That may mean these kids will want to non-stop read interesting books or may take an interest in playing games like chess. They will be more likely to find something that they enjoy and work hard at it and may turn it into a career in adulthood.

9 Gemini & Pisces Parents - Might Be Sensitive And A Deep Thinker

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Although airy Gemini and watery Pisces usually clash, there are couples with these sun signs that do end up getting together. If they can make their relationships work by finding a common ground, then they can have lots of fun according to Astrostyle. They can talk all night until dawn about the meaning of life and everything beyond.

Not to mention, kids that come from couples who share this sun sign combo will become deep thinkers because of hearing their parents' fascinating conversations.

They'll be inclined to delve into topics that involve life on other planets, reincarnation, and ancient history.

However, the kids may also pick up on the Piscean parents' sensitive ways, especially if the Gemini parent constantly tells them to lighten up -- which is not helpful advice, really.

8 Cancer & Sagittarius Parents - Will Have An Appreciation For Culture And Good Food

Cancer Sagittarius
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It may be easy to assume that fiery Sagittarius and watery Cancer would clash. However, according to Astrostyle, these signs can do well together because they both appreciate good food and can develop a unique sense of humor together.

Yes, the Cancerian parent will be more of a homebody and the Sagittarian one will want to travel and explore. However, they will be able to find compromises easier than the Sagittarius and Taurus couple would. If the Cancer parent wants to stay home, the Sagittarian one will then want to order from the newest Filipino restaurant that just opened up, effectively satisfying both of their wants and needs.

Therefore, kids who come from parents that have this zodiac combo will learn to appreciate culture, good food, and may even develop a unique sense of humor themselves. That also depends on their own sun sign as well.

7 Cancer & Libra Parents - Will Settle For Less Than The Best

settling for less
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Airy Libra and watery Cancer may have some things in common, however, their views and attitudes towards money and homelife can create friction, according to Astromatcha.

Both signs want stability and comfort but neither sign likes to fight and have confrontations. That means both parents of these zodiac sign combos will keep upsetting one another because of not being able to properly compromise. And yet, one will keep making sacrifices for the other just for the sake of not getting into a fight. All that causes them to do is to stay silent and to allow their resentments to fester.

Children from parents who share this combo will end up with an attitude based on what they have witnessed from their folks. They will learn that settling is best, even if you know you could do better. They won't know how to fight for what they really want and end up taking what is second-best.

6 Cancer & Pisces Parents - An Extremely Sensitive Child

Cancer Pisces
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Because watery Cancer and Pisces rule the same element, they will automatically be harmonious together, according to Astromatcha. Both signs are sensitive, intuitive, and nurturing. Because of Cancer's self-initiating trait, this couple will not be doomed due to the fact that nothing will get done, such as the bills not being paid on time.

Therefore, children who have parents that share this zodiac sign combo will learn how to be empathetic, nurturing and caring. Even if they have a lot of fire and earth in their own horoscopes. They will learn some good traits from their Cancer and Pisces parents, which in this case, will be a great thing.

5 Leo & Scorpio Parents - May Be A Bit Intense

Leo Scorpio
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When you add watery Scorpio and fiery Leo together, you can have a relationship that is full of intensity, drama and yet they find a way to be stable according to Astromatcha.

However, because Scorpio is emotionally intense and Leo can be dramatic, there will be plenty of arguments, and even yelling matches. Not to mention, both signs can hold a grudge.

Yet, this couple will still find a way to remain stable. And at the same time, children that come from this type of couple who shares this zodiac sign combo will become naturally intense over time. They will, unfortunately, sweat the small stuff because that is what they have witnessed from their parents.

4 Virgo & Aquarius Parents - A Humanitarian

Virgo Aquarius
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When you hook earthy Virgo with airy Aquarius, you are merging signs that are not compatible. However, according to Astrostyle, if those who have this sign combo work together, they can both come up with ways on how to make the world a better place. Therefore, they may become more humanitarian-like and their kids will pick up on these good traits as well.

The only thing is that both signs have a tendency to butt heads together, as they are also quite set in their ways. If kids from parents that share this zodiac sign combo keep watching that happen, they may not be able to make compromises very easily in life. That is the only downside.

3 Libra & Pisces Parents - Sensitive & Understanding

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If you put water Pisces and airy Libra together, you will end up with a combination that is not particularly compatible, but this sign combo can work well according to Astrostyle. Both can be creative and both will enjoy the nice things in life like high-quality chocolate. Both are also sensitive and care about the feelings and needs of others.

That comes from the fact that Pisces is naturally sensitive and selfless, while the Libra wants fairness, balance, and is non-confrontational.

Therefore, kids that come from parents who share this sign combo will often have a sensitive and understanding side, which is a great thing for parents to pass on!

2 Sagittarius & Capricorn Parents - Ambitious & Highly Independent

independent child

If you add earthy Capricorn that is all about business and no pleasure to fiery Sagittarius that is all about pleasure and no business, then this is an incompatible match, according to Astrostyle.

However, both are ambitious and are driven by very different reasons. The Sagittarius is ambitious when it comes to finding new places to explore, and new things to learn and to do. The Capricorn is ambitious when it comes to climbing up the corporate ladder.

Therefore, kids who come from parents who share this sign combo will learn that having ambition and drive will get you far. However, they will end up figuring out on their own what they will do with their lives. They will develop an interest and focus on it and excel in it, eventually pursuing a career relevant to their interests. They won't care if their parents approve or not of what they do.

1 Double Aquarius - A Carefree Spirit

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When you are dealing with a couple who both have their sun signs in Aquarius, you are dealing with a couple who will definitely do their own thing whether or not others approve. They will also be quite detached but friendly at the same time. They may be considered the 'strange' couple to others, according to Astrostyle.

And, their kids will be following their footsteps regardless of what is in their own horoscope. They will learn how independent and care-free their parents are and will adopt that attitude. Their kids may or may not end up in long-term relationships, but they will certainly do what they want and not care about what others think. They may certainly need to be reminded every now and then about why it is in their best interest to not to break the law as well.

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