What The Baby's First Words Might Be Based On Zodiac

Wondering what baby's first words will be? We get a lot of significant clues based on baby's zodiac. Some of the first sounds most babies make include Mama and Dada. Usually, Dada is the easiest for baby to say and so he or she will practice this over and over until they get the hang of it. It doesn't matter whether it is mom or dad who takes care of them the most. These first sounds aren't meant to show preferences, but instead to practice. Soon after baby gets the hang of the first, simplest sounds, he or she will be experimenting with all different types of words.

Babies love to see the look of astonishment and joy on the faces of mom and dad as they learn new words. Before long, they get the idea that what they say matters a whole lot to the people around them. Keep reading to find out what baby's first words are likely to be based on their personality type and Zodiac sign. Mom and dad will also love to get ideas for how to best build baby's vocabulary. Its never to early to start so get ready to jump in and have fun!

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15 Aries: Always On The Go

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Look out mom and dad: this Aries baby is all ram. You might find yourselves butting heads with this little one every once in a while. But more than anything, you'll find that you're chasing this little love. This headstrong child will see what she wants and go after it. You'll just be following along trying to catch her. Make sure to babyproof thoroughly for a ram baby. They'll be into everything in the blink of an eye. When an Aries baby sets her sights on something, there will be no deterring her. It will be a bit of a pain as you wrench the remote from her mouth for the 5th time that day, but one day you might be thankful for her ram-like qualities. As an adult, she'll be a powerful force in the world. She's likely to make great strides sticking up for other people.

What do you think an Aries first word will be? "Go!" is a likely choice. This baby will be on the go non stop.

She'll probably even start rolling away from you as fast as she can. But that doesn't mean she won't have her share of cuddly moments too. She'll be so interested in the world around her and determined to explore it that she'll want to be on the go all the time.

14 Taurus The Bull Sees Red


Taurus is the bull of the Zodiac calendar. This baby will be strong-willed and determined. He might have a bit of a temper too. If he doesn't get his way, he'll be seeing red. Mom and dad might see a bit of red themselves as they learn how to deal with a Taurus throughout all of his developmental stages.

They'll feel like they finally have the bull by the horns when he shifts and sends them scrambling all over again. This baby's favorite new word will be red. He'll be naturally drawn to the color like a bull in the ring.

Red is an intense color that attracts a Taurus. They'll like to have their daily routine clearly outlined in red for all to see. Keep this baby on a pretty tight schedule to see his best side. Deviating from the schedule can mean disaster for the whole family. Keeping everything within a 15 to 30-minute window each day will set a Taurus at ease because they like to know what to expect during their day. The consistent routine should include lots of learning because they will soak up any information around them. Colors, numbers and nursery rhymes are a great place to start. Point out the names of items around them, and they'll be happy and content all day.

13 Gemini Wants To Go Faster

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The twins of Gemini are known for having a fast-paced and sometimes frenzied energy. Their high voltage can wear mom and dad out. Make sure to only leave a Gemini with Granny and Gramps for a few hours at a time. Any longer than that and you might pick them up only to find the house destroyed and grandparents frazzled beyond belief.

One of the first words a Gemini baby will learn is "Fast!"

Pick up the book Faster! Faster! by Leslie Patricelli for a perfect picture of your life with a little Gemini. You're Gemini will love the book too because going faster is always what she craves. A Gemini baby can get bored and cranky if the speed of life is too slow around her. This will make her harder to handle. Keeping her engaged can be mom and dad's greatest secret. She'll have a desire to meet new people and soak in everything around her. Keep her temper at bay by keeping her life interesting. It won't need to be lavish trips to make her happy. She'll love going on a walk to the library or finger painting. Gemini thrive on working with other people and creating. For a baby, a little bit of finger paint or sidewalk chalk will do the trick. Try a baby music class or get paints for the bathtub. They'll be at ease and in love with the interaction.

12 Tips For Building The Baby's Vocabulary

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Building a baby's vocabulary starts right away with interactions with mom and dad. Don't worry; you won't need to start studying a long vocab list for your newborn baby. Vocabulary in the first couple years of life is built very naturally. This doesn't mean that mom and dad don't have to think about it at all though. Making an effort to add more words to your baby's day will pay off in the long run.

Research shows that children living in homes with college-educated parents are exposed to much more vocabulary at home.

This doesn't mean you need a degree to help grow baby's vocabulary. Start by narrating your day. It may seem silly at first, but soon you'll get used to it. Instead of cutting up a banana silently, tell the baby, "Mom is using this sharp knife to cut up a banana. Do you see this yellow fruit? It's called a banana." Before you know it, you'll be chatting away all the while baby is soaking everything in. Baby needs to hear words over and over again until he's ready to take a stab at it himself. Hearing the words over and over helps to build his confidence even before he's ready to start talking.

11 Cancer Wants To Be Close To Mom

The Crab of Cancer loves safety and security. Comfort, reliability and protection are top needs for a Cancer baby. This baby will want to be reassured over and over again of mom and dad's love and commitment for him. He might become upset when a caregiver has to leave them at a babysitter's. Being close to and in sight of a safe adult will be very important to a Cancer baby. Some parents might find this troubling as a Cancer can sometimes seem clingy. Not every parent is ready to have a child attached at the hip for the next 5 or 6 years or more. Intuitively, parents might feel that keeping space between them and the Cancer baby will help the baby to gain independence. This usually will backfire. Instead of becoming more independent, the Cancer will grow even more dependent. Instead, shower this baby with tons of snuggles and hugs. This will reassure the Cancer baby that all is well with the world. They'll feel confident that mom and dad will always be there for them. When the Cancer baby has this confidence, they'll be ready for some more independence. They'll start to venture out on their own.

What will be a Cancer's first word? Surely, "hug"! They won't be able to get enough hugs and will want one all the time.

10 Leo Knows What's Theirs


Leo the Lion will be ready to make a bold entrance from birth. Expect extra pizzaz and drama wherever this baby goes. Don't worry, this won't all be bad. The Leo baby will be entertaining and fun to be around. When they're a little bit older, they'll love creating songs and putting on shows for the family. They may find that sometimes they like to be in the limelight a little too much. Reminding a Leo child to bring others along for the ride is essential. Some social skills will need to be taught directly to a Leo child. They'll be great with a script and acting so give them some lines they can try out at playgroup. Something like, "Hi my name is Sammy, would you like to play dolls with me?" They'll love practicing it then trying it on new friends. The upside is that you'll be teaching them directly how to make friends, something that Leo's sometimes struggle with. Empathy will be another important skill for a Leo child to learn. Often they focus so much on themselves that its hard for them to imagine how other people are feeling. Letting them investigate how someone is feeling then acting out the body language will help.

What will a Leo's first words be? You can count on "me" or "mine."

9 Virgo Has To Keep Clean

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Virgos, the Virgins of the Zodiac, are focused on purity. Virgos love to keep their bodies pure and healthy. With an intense interest in health, wellness, the planet and clean living, they're ready to purify anything in their life. Please keep the house dust free for these little ones. A clean and tidy environment will help to put a Virgo at ease. For a Virgo, control is also essential. That's one reason they want control over their bodies and their environment. A Virgo baby will love bath time.

A sweet time of the day when they can purify their body and enjoy the sweet smell of soap all around them. One of the first words a Virgo baby will learn will be "bath."

Another might be mud or dirt, but these will be said in disgust. It's not unusual to hear a Virgo child crying because their clothes got dirty. This will be very upsetting to them. You might not hear a Virgo asking to stomp in the mud puddles very much, and that's okay. They might end up spending their teenage weekends on environmental causes like recycling or roadside trash clean up. For these critical issues, they'll handle a few hours of dirty work.

8 It's Never Too Early For Story Time


Reading books with your baby is an essential part of building their budding vocabularies. The goods news is that it's never too early to start. Books aren't just for learning, sharing a story together is a great way to bond with baby. You can even start when they're in the womb. Baby will love to hear mom or dad's voice and the rhythm of the story. For mom and dad, it gives them a way to share an extraordinary experience with baby.

Some parents are surprised to find that even young, wiggly babies will sit through a picture book. Each baby is different, though.

Some will love longer stories from the start while others will only be able to handle very short stories. Either is perfect. If your child can't sit through a story, try to do just a little at a time. Or, you can start with them in your lap and when they get restless and climb down continue to read as they play. Eventually, they'll be able to sit for longer and longer times. Storytime will become an anticipated event for the family. Check out lots of different books from the library and discover the types of stories your child likes best. Keep going back to their age and interests change.

7 Libra Makes Friends Right Away


Libras thrive on social interactions. They love learning and having peace and harmony around them. Known for the scales of justice, a Libra likes to keep things balanced. They'll want some alone time with plenty of social interactions. With both friends and family, discord will be upsetting to them. They'll make sure not to say anything too offensive because they like to keep the mood light and happy. There will be times, though, when they see that injustice is happening. During these times, a Libra will be okay with speaking up and rocking the boat. They can't stand to see other's left out or mistreated.

A Libra baby will inevitably start using the word "Hi" as soon as possible. Even as a baby, a Libra will use this simple word to build bridges, interact and include others.

In elementary school, a Libra will continue to use her patented "Hi" to welcome new students and make sure everyone feels included. This type of person will always keep one eye out for social justice. Often in class, they're known as the anti-bully advocates. Not because they walk around with a banner but because they can't stand to be around it. They'll always speak up for the underdog and try to keep the peace will all who are around them.

6 Scorpio Thrillseeker


Scorpios can be hard to decipher at times. The sign of the Scorpion can seem edgy and dangerous, but underneath it all is harmless. The Scorpio baby will be somewhat independent and easy going. They'll enjoy time by themselves but will be comforted by hugs and snuggles. Don't expect this baby to come begging for attention. Instead, readily give love and attention to the Scorpio baby to watch its soul surge. Their deepest desire is to know that they are loved and cared for but they'll hide this from others. Anticipating it and showering them with love and affection throughout the day will do untold wonders for their heart. Scorpios are known for being loyal and brave. They love to feel strong and want to be able to protect those around them. That's why physical fitness is essential to a Scorpio. They'll also enjoy the feeling of adrenaline they get from using their body.

This sign can be a thrill seeker because it makes them feel alive. A Scorpio baby will love the word "wheeee!".

They'll want to be hugged and spun in circles as they shout "whee!" to the world. This will give them close affection and thrills at the same time.

5 Sagittarius Says Yes To Adventure

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Learning, adventure and fun are the best words to describe a Sagittarius. They have an unquenchable thirst for life. This means they'll soak up every bit of an experience they can. They can be found exploring an international city then reading up on a long list of books about the city. They are known for searching for a higher truth in life. This makes them excellent scholars and religious figures.

A Sagittarius loves to live a life free of rules. They tend to manage themselves well enough that they don't feel like they need a rigid schedule or budget. They are thoughtful though their fun side can get the best of them. In a constant search for a new adventure, they can lose sight of the finer points in life like balancing a checkbook.

A Sagittarius baby will soon learn how to say "yes." Yes to adventures and yes to life. They'll hate hearing the word no.

So whenever mom tells a Sagittarius baby no, the baby will respond with a loud and defiant "YES!". Keeping the Sagittarius baby engaged is the key to keeping them happy and content. Give them new ideas to consider by reading lots of new books. Take walks through different neighborhoods to keep them interested.

4 Rhyming Words Help Babies Learn

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Rhyming words are excellent for babies. They help babies to understand the cadence of language and decipher more words that are said around them. This is one reason why nursery rhymes are so crucial for young children. Nursery rhymes are short and are a natural length for baby to sit and listen to a few. Mom and dad can also play music with nursery rhymes in it for the baby. This is great for car trips or during play time.

They will pick up on the words and the rhythm. Both are essential parts of learning a language.

Cultures and languages all over the world use a version of nursery rhymes for young children. Parents can play games with rhyming words too. Babies love to hear simple rhymes made up about them. "Baby Willie is so Silly but don't ever, ever call him Billie." It doesn't matter how in depth the rhyme is or even how much sense it makes. Babies love to know that adults can play around with words too. And what if mom and dad give making up a rhyme a try and it's not perfect? That's an even better example for a young child just learning a language. They will fumble around with words a lot before they get it right. It's nice for them to know that even mom and dad can do the same.

3 Capricorn Is Born A Leader


Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat. This sign loves to keep things clear and straightforward. They are known for being dedicated and devoted primarily to the family. A Capricorn likes to make a plan and stick to it. They learn quickly that they might not always be the fastest or the smartest but a solid plan will always get them where they want to be. This is an advantage they hold over other signs. It helps them to achieve more through their wins are often unadorned and straightforward. Once a Capricorn has decided on a plan of action, it's difficult to get them to change course. There may be evidence that another way could be faster but Capricorns hate to take shortcuts (even if they would benefit from them). They love being in control because they can be assured of the outcome they want. A Capricorn is a born leader or at least a born manager.

A Capricorn baby will soon learn the word "no." No is an essential word for the Capricorn because it keeps other people from ruining their plans.

They'll freely tell others no so that they can stay in control. Mom and dad will have to get used to it.

2 Aquarius Loves A Team

Via: https://www.today.com/parents/underwater-babies-photographer-captures-toddlers-their-adorable-glory-t12856

The water bearer, Aquarius, brings more than just life-giving water to a group. They thrive on bringing people together and helping them meet their essential needs. This makes an Aquarius intoxicating to other people. An Aquarius is ready to rally a crowd around an important issue, and they know just how to make things happen. This sign has one foot in the future. They love extreme ideas like UFOs and science fiction. Don't be surprised if they end up the creators of such ideas. Their gift for thinking beyond limits gives them a voice that resounds with the masses.

One of the first words an Aquarius baby will learn is "us". They won't want to do things on their own, but don't worry they won't be clingy either.

Instead, they'll be like the most popular kids in school that make everyone feel included. Social interactions is a must for an Aquarius so they'll always be looking for ways to involve more people. "Me" and "mine" won't enter an Aquarius vocabulary until much later. Their focus on others makes them incredible givers. An Aquarius baby will let the love flow to family, friends and even random people at the grocery store.

1 Pisces Is A Born Giver


Pisces is known as the wisest of all zodiac signs. This fish is believed to have swum through all the other signs already on its journey. This gives Pisces a depth unknown to other signs. A deep, healing energy abounds in the Pisces soul. This can draw many people to a Pisces although the reason for the draw isn't always apparent - at least to the other person. A Pisces can sense the underlying hurt and pain of others. They embrace their healing spirit and try to bring forth learning and healing for others. If gone unchecked, this can create co-dependent relationships and can drain a Pisces of their natural charm and charisma. It is said that even therapists have a therapist. That's because you can't continually heal another person without looking out for yourself too. A Pisces freely gives of themselves.

One of the first phrases a Pisces baby will learn is "Love you." This is because of their giving spirit and free flowing love.

A parent of a Pisces shouldn't be too surprised if they find their parenting journey healing. They will have a lot to learn from their little ball of love and should be open to this experience.

Source: AstroStyle.com

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