What The Baby's Traits Will Be, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

The first thing some people do in the morning is read their horoscope; others couldn't even say what sign of the zodiac on which their birthday falls. Wheather someone is a believer, a nonbeliever, or somewhere in between, there is no denying reading what traits a child might have, according to their star sign, can be a fun exercise in learning what is to come.

Discovering you have a willful Aries on your hands might be able to prepare you for the parenting battles ahead, or finding out your little one is a kind, and gentle Gemini may ensure you are ready to be a soft, not stern momma.

We know it is not scientific, but for thousands of years, human beings have sought ways to understand themselves and those around them. Astrology was one of the many ways in which our ancestors tried not only to explain why people did the things they did but also to predict what might happen next.

We may not be able to predict the future for you, but we can share the ways astrologists believe your little ones might behave, according to when they were born. As well as personal traits there are hints and tips about playtime and the best things you can do as a parent.

So, here we go:

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12 Aries Babies Have The Most Epic Tantrums

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Date Of Birth for an Aries Child: March 21-April 19

Conception Dates for an Aries Baby: June 25-July 15

Your Aries baby may come into the world appearing to be quiet and self-possessed but don’t be fooled; they are just finding their feet in their new environment. Once they are comfortable, look out, these little firecrackers are born to fearlessly charge through life head-on.

Capable of throwing tantrums of epic proportions, the best way to deal with your willful Aries child is to teach them patience and empathy from an early age.

This will set them up well for the future, helping your little one balance their own go-getter, “let’s do this now” approach with the needs of others.

As they approach the age for crawling, be extra observant. These little adventurers will get the knack of getting themselves about very quickly, and their lack of fear can lead to plenty of accidents.


A born leader, the Aries child often benefits from playing with kids that are slightly older than they are. This helps temper their inclination to be bossy and controlling.

Your Aries child will have a need for speed and as such will enjoy race cars and play that involves movement like swings and slides.

As the sign that rules the mind, Aries children enjoy a challenging puzzle and all kinds of educational toys.

As your little one grows, they will also appreciate alone time. Give them plenty of space to be on their own and do not try and force them to play with others or the infamous Aries stubborn streak will rear its head and you’ll have a battle on your hands.

On the flipside, an Aries child will, when they feel like it, love the limelight. Dressing-up, performing and generally being the star of the show.

11 Taurus Babies Are Exceptionally Needy

Date Of Birth for a Taurus Child: April 20-May 20

Conception Dates for a Taurus Child: July 25-August 15

Those who are born under the sign of Taurus are recognized for their quiet strength, nobility, and endurance, so what does that mean for you with your Taurus baby?

Your Taurus baby is likely to be generally calm, with a sunny disposition.

This can go too far in the other direction because a Taurus can lean towards laziness so be careful to nip this trait in the bud. Get them doing chores early on but motivate them with praise, not rewards, or they’ll end up refusing to do anything unless they get something in return.

Fiercely loyal, your Taurus baby craves physical attention and will be quick to form family bonds. Bonds they will hold dear for the rest of their lives.


Although a Taurus child can turn napping into an art form, they do also enjoy plenty of play. Their possessive nature and family bonds can make them more likely to want to play with siblings, so it is important to encourage activities outside of the family circle.

As Taurus is an earth sign, your little bull will enjoy playing outside, especially out in nature and the wilderness.

The combination of a joy of movement and a tendency towards laziness means swings and motorized toys are enjoyable for a little Taurus.

One of the most musical signs of the zodiac your child will enjoy drums, rattles and anything they can bang on to make a noise, even if mom and dad do not!

Taurus babies love to kick and punch. Baby gyms and softballs are an excellent choice for your little one.

Games with clear rules are a double-edged sword for Taurus children. They benefit from the structure but react very badly if someone else so much as bends a rule.

10 Gemini Babies Are Extremely Passionate

Dates Of Birth for a Gemini Child: May 21 – June 20

Conception Dates for a Gemini Child: August 25-September 15

It is said that Geminis are born geniuses so your little one might be walking and talking before all of their peers

or maybe they will be reading you the bedtime stories. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules this sign so don’t be surprised to have your little chatterbox talking away all day every day, yakking it up with an imaginary friend or even creating their own mini-language.

Genuinely affectionate, be prepared for your older Gemini child to shower you with the gifts they create. Each and every one will be from the heart so try not to be blaze when they hand over even the most basic craft.

These children are often more restless than others, frequently being misdiagnosed as having ADD and because they may do well in one subject and terribly in another, alternative or homeschooling is often an excellent choice to nurture their spark.


Geminis are easily absorbed by their passions, sometimes to the exclusion of all other things so be careful to ensure your little genius takes a break every now and then. Offering them toys they would not normally choose themselves can also be a good way to broaden their horizons.

The talkers of the zodiac, Geminis pick up new languages more easily than other little ones, so give them the opportunity to be bi, or even tri-lingual from an early age.

Their innate ability to impersonate other people also means your Gemini will thrive in dramatic play. If the spotlight isn’t where your little ones passion lies they are still likely to want to play in a social setting with lots of other children of their own age.

Musical toys will be a hit, as will electronics that make lots of noise but be careful. As they grow, their single-minded passion makes it easy for a Gemini to disappear into a computer and not ever want to come out again.

9 Cancer Babies Get Very Moody 

Birth Dates for a Cancer Child: June 21 – July 22

Conception Dates for a Cancer Child: September 25-October 15

Familiarity and security are the things that a Cancer child values most.

They are often found firmly attached at the hip to their primary caregiver, and these little ones can be shy and reserved with anyone they do not know.

The crab is the perfect symbol for these little ones as they are ruled by the waxing and waning moon and as a consequence can be moody and prone to crying. Their need for attachment and the Cancer inclination to be emotional eaters can make weaning from breastfeeding difficult. Either that or you might find your child turning to the breast, the bottle, or a snack to cope with their overwhelming emotions.

If one sign is going to scream the house down when faced with a new babysitter or an unknown family member, it is Cancer. Don’t try to force them to be sociable let them come around in their own time.


A comfortable place to be and a cuddly, homely feel are central to enjoyment for your Cancer child. They are usually reluctant to express their needs so don’t assume that because they haven’t asked for something, they don’t want it. Take the time to offer lots of familiar toys to your little one and do remember to keep checking in with them, providing cuddles and encouragement.

A home and family orientated sign; your little Cancerian will enjoy lots of dolls and stuffed toys of which they can take care. Role-playing games where they feed and nurture their toys are favorites as well as wrapping up their toys and giving them a good loving cuddle.

Picture books will be a hit, especially if they can look at them while curled up on your lap. The repetition will be comforting, as will the warmth of your cuddles.

Playing house, especially helping in the kitchen will feed into Cancers love of food and eating. Pretend food and a couple of pots and pans on the floor, and your little one will be in their element.

Nesting is important for Cancer kids. Give them space, if they want it, to spend some time alone, curled up in a cozy “crab shell.”

Don’t force them into social play or team sports if they do not enjoy them. Being left in a class when they would rather be home is likely to make them feel rejected.

8 Leo Babies Love To Break The Rules

Birth Dates for a Leo Child: July 23 – August 22

Conception Dates for a Leo Child: October 25-November 15

Little Leos know how to roar so be prepared for temper tantrums and drama from your little lion cub.

The flip side of this is that generally speaking, these little ones are the shiny happy people of the zodiac and will light up your life with their sunniness. Energetic to the extreme, they are able to exhaust all of those around them with their boundless enthusiasm and love of life.

Getting your Leo to sleep can be a challenge when there is a whole world of excitement out there waiting to be explored, and if you don’t nip their bossiness in the bud early, you will find yourself with a little dictator on your hands.


Avoid the noisy toys, unless you have some ear-plugs. That child who sits and makes noise all day? That’s a Leo. Instead, funnel that energy into physical activities from baby gyms to team sports.

Outdoor toys appeal to a Leos sense of adventure, especially if they involve exploring new frontiers. Get your little one a backpack and a compass and let them lead you on expeditions. A word of caution though. Teach them to follow your rules too, or you may end up with a rebellion on your hands.

Drama, drama, drama, it’s a dramatic life with a Leo so put together plenty of imaginative play items like dress-up clothes, hats, and other props that will allow your little one to pretend.

Markers, chalks, clay, and finger paints will nurture a Leos artistic streak. Give them lots of opportunities to “create freely.” Coloring a picture is not for them, they want to be the ones who draw the picture.

Games, where they have to take turns and follow other people's rules, are excellent for tempering Leo’s bossy nature.

7 Virgo Babies Are Quiet But Deceptive

Birth Dates for a Virgo Child: August 23 – September 22

Conception Dates for a Virgo Child: November 25-December 15

Lovers of routine, the Virgo baby, will thrive when you follow a specific daily schedule with them, but don’t be fooled by their naturally quiet nature.

They may appear to be off in a world of their own, but actually, they are observing and absorbing absolutely everything. Just being held and watching the world go by is this little ones perfect pass time.

As your Virgo grows, their tendency to be very particular about what they do and don't like will emerge. This can show itself in picky eating so you'll have to be careful to ensure they do not end up eating only three different food stuffs. Their willfulness may rear its head in any aspect of life so be prepared to tussle over clothes, TV, friends, or anything else they can think of.

Early preschool or daycare are good options for Virgos, but they do prefer the company of older children and adults so a mixed range of ages would be the ideal option.


Handheld toys that have a puzzling element are an excellent choice for the young Virgo. They have a sharp mind and if you do not keep it occupied they are liable to get into mischief.

They also love to help so turning household chores into games will appeal to this side of a Virgo's nature.

Building blocks, crafting activities and jigsaw puzzles let a Virgo stretch their mind, without having to interact with others too much.

The quiet and reserved nature of a Virgo means they do not enjoy the loud, bright, “in your face” toys that are available for babies. Instead go for the pastel-colored, subdued baby items with the soft and soothing music. They will fascinate your Virgo baby.

6 Libra Babies Are Adorably Dependent

Birth Dates for a Libra Child: September 23 – October 22

Conception Dates for a Libra Child: December 25-January 15

The scales of justice are the perfect symbol for the Libra as not only do they have a keen sense of right and wrong but they are also very balanced people which make them highly creative.

They are also open, loving and giving and will embrace a “what’s mine is yours” philosophy early on in life.

Your little Libra will bask in your love and will adore any attention that anyone gives them, so start on the “stranger danger” lessons early. The flip side of this need for adoration is that they can become very insecure and may be fretful without you there to give them plenty of reassurance.


The clock has no meaning for a Little Libra, and they can struggle when an activity they have been absorbed in, comes to an end. To help them through these transitions, get into the habit of giving them a countdown. Remind them ten minutes before the end of a game that playtime will be over in 10. Give them another reminder at five and then help them wrap up when the time is up.

Looking good is important to a Libra, and we’re talking everything here. They will enjoy building elaborate Lego models of beautiful buildings or vehicles and using crafting items to conceive amazingly complex creations.

A Libra loves parties and celebrations, so imaginary play that involves dressing up and celebrating, such as birthday parties for toys will always be popular.

Musical baby toys that your Libra can lay back and watch and enjoy will be ideal.

One-to-one play time appeals to a Libra’s sense of partnership and their need for your attention. Ensure you carve out a little time to play with your little one as the center of your attention. This one-to-one time is important to your Libra.

5 Scorpio Babies Are Quite Unpredictable

Birth Dates for a Scorpio Child: October 23 – November 21

Conception Dates for a Scorpio Child: January 16 - February 24

Demanding of your attention, Scorpios are quiet and intense one minute, laughing and giggling the next so it can be difficult to know where you are with them.

One thing is for sure though; these talented, attitude-laden scorpions will have you wrapped around their little finger without you even realizing it.

Scorpios are natural introverts so they will be happy to play by themselves or to have your full attention. Don’t try to do two or three other things while you are playing, they will see it as a sign that you don’t care. Your little one won’t let you know their feelings are hurt. Instead, you will get the silent treatment until you can work out what it is you have done to upset them.


Competitive, intuitive and lovers of water, there are many ways to engage your little Scorpio in all kinds of fun and frolics. The flip side of this is that they also need time alone, just don’t let them spend too long in their own company or you’ll end up with a deep and broody loner on your hands.

The competitive nature of Scorpio means they play to win and can be sore losers. Temper this with cooperative games that require your young Scorpio to work with other children instead of trying to beat them.

Scorpio rules transformation, and as such, they make wonderful actors and other kinds of performers. Puppets, dress-up clothe and doctors kits will all work well for Scorpios as well as cooking games.

Scorpios are also very musical, so plenty of toy instruments are the thing for them. If not actual instruments then an impromptu pots and pans drum set will do just as well.

Crafting kits will keep your little Scorpio amused for hours, but they won’t like getting dirty so make sure you bring an apron.

4 Sagittarius Babies Get Over-Protective

Birth Dates for a Sagittarius Child: November 22 – December 21

Conception Dates for a Sagittarius Child: February 25-March 15

The zodiacs traveler, your Sagittarius child, will want to be out of the door and off exploring as soon as humanly possible.

They are cheerful, sociable kids who thrive in a group of children their own age and you will need to suppress any overly protective tendencies you might have, or they will pull away from you.

On the other hand, they will not appreciate being left alone in their crib at night and you may have to put up with some all-nighters before Sagittarius babies learn it is time for sleep.

Olympic class chewers make sure you stock up on teething rings, and chewy toys or else your little Sagittarius will be chewing their way through their clothes.

The tendency of your Sagittarius to appear flighty and overly social can fool you into thinking they are not paying attention, but don’t be fooled. They are as bright as they are friendly and will amaze you with the knowledge they seem to pluck out of thin air.


These little tykes love to get up and go, so avoid the morning drama getting dressed in fancy outfits and let them wear track pants and Tee Shirts. These will be much easier to wash after your Sagittarius has explored their wild child personality.

Forks and shovels to dig in the dirt or a sandbox full of toys are a paradise for a Sagittarius kiddie. Once you have settled them down, they will play for hours, discovering what they can create.

A free spirit Sagittarius is not a fan of rules, so freeform play and games are more their styles. Blowing bubbles, running their fingers through new substances and finding themselves in new places will keep these little ones interested.

Big animal fans, your Sagittarius will enjoy trips to the zoo or farm and if you cannot hook them up with a living, breathing example, then picture books, puzzles, and toys with an animal theme will please them.

You will also have to strike a balance between supporting success and giving your Sagittarius the opportunity to fail. Without the knowledge that there are some limitations in life, they may spend a great deal of time attempting the impossible.

3 Capricorn Babies Will Need Constant Reassurance

Birth Dates for a Capricorn Child: December 22 – January 19

Conception Dates for a Capricorn Child: March 25-April 15

If you have a baby that people say is “an old soul,” then the likelihood is that your little one is a Capricorn.

These children will be responsible and eager to please so getting them to behave themselves is not usually a problem.

A family-orientated sign, Capricorn babies will love having mom and dad's attention, playing peek-a-boo or imitating your facial expressions are an ideal way to while away the hours with this little one.

They do have very high standards for themselves though so let them know it is alright to make mistakes and that an imperfect painting is just as beautiful as a perfect one.


Your tiny Capricorn will love the company of others their age so early outings to parent and baby classes are a must. Lots of time in the park will feed their need to commune with nature, and adventure playgrounds combine the best of both worlds.

Superstars in sports, the Capricorn child thrives at team sports, and their sociable nature and natural leadership skills often see them being voted team captain.

Coding or other skills in computing are right up to the Capricorn's alley, as well as reading and crafting imaginative worlds of their own.

Capricorns like order and are often uncomfortable with freeform play. Give them instructions or a demonstration with a new toy but also let them see more than one way to play.

Sorting puzzles, jigsaws and toys that provide a noisy reward for pressing the right button will be perfect for your tiny Capricorn.

2 Aquarius Babies Can Be Easily Offended

Birth Dates for an Aquarius Child: January 20 – February 18

Conception Dates for an Aquarius Child: April 25-May 15

An Aquarius can fall one of two ways.

They will either be the center of their social circle around whom everything revolves, or they will be the quirky, offbeat loner, famous for their eccentricities.

Aquarians dote on their moms and find it difficult not to admit to something if they have done wrong. Their belief in truth can make them vulnerable because they also assume everyone else is telling the truth and may be taken in by other, less honest kids.

Smart, honest, and open these little ones make for loyal friends and would do anything for their family members if they think they have been treated unfairly.


You might automatically assume that an Aquarius child would be primarily interested in water toys and games, but this is not so. If they are into an aquatic sport, it is likely to be something like high board diving because they are true little daredevils.

Magic is fascinating for Aquarians, both watching and performing. Your baby will enjoy lots of “where did it go?” type games as well as hide and seek. Older children will enjoy magic sets as well as chemistry sets.

Make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit and then let your little Capricorn lose in an ample outdoor space with plenty of things to climb, run around, and from which they can jump.

If you have the quirky genius Aquarius, think about alternative schooling so they can be around other children who, as they do, think outside the box.

Stock a box full of empty cardboard boxes, cardboard rolls, markers, etc. and let your little Aquarius explore their imagination. They can come up with some fascinating results. However, be honest but gentle about their creations. They won’t appreciate being told it is wonderful if it is not and they will be easily hurt by direct criticism.

1 Pisces Babies Absolutely Need Structure

Birth Dates for a Pisces Child: February 19 – March 20

Conception Dates for a Pisces Child: May 25-June 15

Your imaginative Pisces will demonstrate creativity and compassion from a very young age. Pretend to cry, and your Pisces baby will put out their arms to comfort you.

These sensitive souls do well in an environment rich in structure, so a clearly defined set of family rules will help them feel secure.

Be careful to stick to the rules yourself though. If you don’t your little fishie will grow weary and distrustful of a person who says one thing and does another.

Easily overpowered by their own emotions, start out on the right foot by helping them learn that it is Ok to be upset about something, but there is a right way and a wrong way to express it.

Social but overly trusting it will be important to teach them “stranger danger” from an early age, but without making them too fearful to leave the house.


Your Pisces child will be easily hypnotized by the TV, internet, or computer games so be careful to limit their screen time and head off their lazy tendencies.

The water babies of the zodiac, your Pisces baby will enjoy spending time in the water, either in swimming lessons, at the beach, or in a paddling pool or bath at home.

Taking things apart and creating something new is what a Pisces lives for. A magazine, some scissors and some glue for collaging, or a building of blocks to demolish and rebuild, anything in this vain will be perfect for your little one.

Home comforts mean a lot to a Pisces so cooking some cookies or a nice warming soup together will build companionship while creating memories they will treasure.

A born party person, your Pisces will enjoy celebrating anything and everything. A birthday party for a stuffed toy, a round of applause for putting the right shaped block in the hole, whatever it is, heap on the praise and watch your Pisces bloom.

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