What The Cast Of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Looks Like All Grown Up (20 pics)

Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson) first graced television sets as a tiny tot to be reckoned with on the controversial TLC reality show Toddlers and Tiaras. It wasn’t long before the stand-out pageant contestant along with her go-go juice and eccentric, fascinating family had a series of their own.

The hit show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was a success from the get-go, and raked in majorly impressive ratings for a reality show about a family known for playing the nose-wrinkling game “Guess Whose Breath?” on the regular.

In fact, according to The Daily Beast, “Its premier episode attracted 2.2 million viewers... For context, that’s on par with—actually slightly better than—the most recent season premiere of Mad Men.” Additionally, the site explains, “A 2012 episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo drew better ratings than cable news coverage of the Republican National Convention.” Um...Honey Boo Boo for president?

Sadly, the show met its unexpected and untimely end in 2015 after troubling news about Mama June and her relationship with an unsavory gentleman came to light. Even so, the tabloids have been busy keeping us up-to-date on the family who loves “bisketi” dinners and hates “big fenagly words” ever since. Read on to discover what Honey Boo Boo child and her self-described “redneck” family look like all grown up.

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20 Honey Boo Boo Is Still A Natural Performer


Honey Boo Boo fans everywhere were overjoyed when they learned that Alana was slated to take center stage once again as a contestant on the hit ABC show Dancing With the Stars Juniors. During the show’s run, her infections smile and natural ability to perform helped her shine on the dance floor week after week.

After Thompson and her partner Tristan Ianiero were eliminated on the show’s Halloween episode, fans revolted. Loyal Honey-Boo-Boo-ites took to social media to voice their outrage over Alana’s exit, but she focused on the silver lining of her elimination. Thompson told Good Housekeeping, “I’ve changed a lot. I can call myself a dancer now, and I never though I could call myself a dancer.”

19 Mama June And Honey Boo Boo Step Out Together Often 


Mama June and her youngest daughter Alana turned their bond over competing in toddler beauty pageants into a successful reality television empire. Alana no longer competes in pageants on a regular basis, but she and her mama still enjoy spending time together.

Just like the olden days when the two were spotted running errands together in casual attire, they still love to take a break from getting fancy and enjoy quality time together shopping, eating out, and living life like regular folks. Also, just like in days-gone-by, the mother/daughter duo is trailed by nosy paparazzi every time they venture out in public.

18 Honey Boo Boo Is As Stylish As Ever 


Alana has always loved dressing up and relaxing in style. Today, her wardrobe consists mostly of cute hoodies and adorable sneakers. Her comfortable-yet-chic style is relatable to her fans and fits her no-nonsense, laid back personality perfectly. The starlet once wisely stated, “You always need your A game. Every day...A gamers...when are you gonna be on your A game? You need to be on your A game.” 

Now that she’s officially a teenager, the 13-year-old reality TV sensation is anticipating the major milestones that come along with growing up. She told Page Six that she’s looking forward to getting her learner’s permit, and is leaning towards getting a Honda when she’s finally able to get behind the wheel.

17 Mama June Has Had A Makeover


Not long after Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled, cable network WeTV offered Mama June Shannon another television opportunity. She signed on to star in the reality show Mama June: From Not to Hot. According to USA Today, “The show, which has documented her life after weight loss surgery and a 300-pound loss just returned for its third season.”

Unfortunately, the mother-of-four and her current boyfriend Geno Derek were recently arrested, putting the future of her current reality show foray in question. WeTV said in a statement to USA Today that they are “monitoring events as they occur.” 

16 Honey Boo Boo And Pumpkin Enjoy Spending Quality Time Together 


Honey Boo Boo is undoubtedly a fun person to spend time with. Who wouldn’t want to hang with a girl responsible for the phrases “If you fart 12 to 15 times a day, you can lose a lot of [lbs]” and “The last time I had a salad was never”?

Alana’s older sis, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, has always had a soft spot in her heart for her younger sister, and as the two have grown older, they’ve only grown closer. They make hanging out and enjoying sister time a priority even though they both lead equally busy lives. Along with DWTS, Alana has made many appearances on her mom’s new reality show and Pumpkin is busy being a mom. (She welcomed her first child in 2017.)

15 Alana And Mama June Are Smiling For The Cameras 

Alana has always been a confident, happy girl. The natural performer once told TLC cameras, “I look good cuz I wanna look good.” Life isn’t perfect for Thompson and her zany family, but she has a talent for looking at the bright side of life.

The star is known for telling the world “I’m sassified” is just as upbeat and positive today as she was when she was a tot. She and her mama could easily shy away from the spotlight after recent events, but they choose to smile in the face of their hardships and are beaming just as brightly today as they were the first time the world saw their faces.

14 Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Is A Mom 


As previously mentioned, one of the biggest changes for Lauryn since her days spent starring on the small screen is becoming a mother. She and her husband Joshua Efird welcomed their daughter Ella Grace to the world in December of 2017.

Speaking about the love she feels for her baby girl, Shannon told Us Weekly, “I honestly didn’t know that I could love a little person so much. I want her to grow up and...listen to what others have to say, and if she wants to do something, go after it!” Shannon also admitted, “I’m not gonna say it’s easy being a young mother. It is a hard process, but I’ve grown into it.”

13 Anna 'Chickadee' Is Married


It’s no surprise that Anna “Chickadee” Shannon has been feuding with Mama June since the end of Here Come Honey Boo Boo. She married Michael Caldwell in May of 2014, and the two welcomed a daughter, Kylee Madison, in December of 2015. Anna also has a daughter, Kaitlyn, from a previous relationship.

Anna and Michael separated for a time in 2017, but, recent social media posts indicate the two are now back together and happier than ever before. She recently captioned a selfie of herself and her man, “He might get on my even last nerve but I love him though.”

12 Jessica 'Chubbs' Is Enjoying College Life 


Along with her older sister Anna, Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon has opted not to appear on Mama June’s new reality show. Instead, she’s laying low and loving life. When her family moved from McIntyre, GA to Hampton, she opted to stay behind.

Mama June wrote on social media in 2015, “The reason Jessica stayed in McIntyre is because she only has two and a half months to graduate...It was a hard decision, but she wanted to graduate with her friends.” Jessica was the first one in her family to graduate with a high school diploma and is currently attending South Georgia State College. According to social media, she is studying hard but is also having a lot of fun.

11 Honey Boo Boo Still Has Bad Days


Alana has always been a ray of sunshine with a positive outlook on life, but everyone has bad days. When she was young, she cried in front of the cameras following her everywhere on more than one occasion. Not too long ago, she was caught her with tears running down her cheeks once again by sneaky paparazzi.

One of Honey Boo Boo’s best-loved quotes is “I don’t need the drama.” She may have a rough day from time to time, but by and large she’s a happy camper who has a knack for spreading joy wherever she goes. She recently captioned a silly selfie posted to social media, “Why should I care what other people think of me? I am who I am. And who I wanna be.”

10 Anna’s Daughter Kaitlyn Is A Big Sister


Anna’s firstborn daughter Kaitlyn was just a baby when she first appeared on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and was known for being born with an extra thumb. Since the show’s end, she’s grown up quite a bit.

Not only did little Kait undergo surgery in 2016 to get her extra appendage removed, but she also became a proud big sister to her younger sibling Kylee who arrived in 2015. Mama June recently opened up about spending time with grandkids Kaitlyn and Kylee to Life and Style. She told the mag, “I still see Kaitlyn from time to time, but [Anna has] kind of, like, shut everybody out. And that’s something that she has to deal with herself. “

9 Honey Boo Boo And Mama June Continue To Compete In Pageants Together 


Among many other noteworthy moments, Mama June: From Not To Hot chronicled the epic day that Mama June and Alana competed in their first mother-daughter pageant in quite some time. Before heading onstage, Alana turned to her mother and said reassuringly, “Mama, I love you. We got this.”

Mama June replied incredulously, “Did Alana just say ‘I love you?’ I mean, you can go ahead and crown me, because I feel like a winner.” Alana was nervous, and admitted to the cameras, “It’s been so long since I’ve been in the pageant world and I almost feel like I’m not the Honey Boo Boo I used to be.”

8 Mama June Still Loves Soda


Mama June was a die-hard Mountain Dew Code Red fan during her days spend starring on Here Come Honey Boo Boo. She has been photographed enjoying much more of her favorite beverage since the show’s end. According to the reality star mom, she gave soda up before her drastic loss and went “cold turkey” when she quit her sugary habit.

She revealed to People magazine that one of her go-to beverages today is Propel flavored water. She explained, “Propel has great flavors like Grape and Wild Cherry and Kiwi Strawberry... Honestly, to me, they taste like soda. If I drink soda right now, it would taste like crap.”

7 Uncle Poodle Is Snapping Selfies


Uncle Poodle is one of the beloved side characters from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo that has used his platform for good since the show’s end. He’s been open about the fact that he has health struggles in relation to his sexuality, and has used his fame to share his triumphs and his hardships in the hopes of helping others who are dealing with similar challenges. 

Where did Uncle Poodle get his interesting nickname? He revealed to Business Insider, “Alana. She calls all gay men 'my poodles' and I am her Uncle Poodle."

Speaking about her favorite uncle, Alana told TLC cameras, "Ain't nothing wrong with being gay. Everyone's a little gay.

6 Sugar Bear Is Looking Spiffy 


Sugar Bear (aka Mike Thompson) is Alana’s proud papa. Since his split from Mama June in 2011, he feels he doesn’t get to see near enough of his darling daughter. A source close to Sugar Bear recently told Hollywood Insider, “Sugar Bear has always wanted to be a bigger part of Alana’s life and he was heartbroken when June broke up with him and his family fell apart.”

The source continued, “He fought for and lost full custody in the past, and hopes this time may be different. He has been looking to spend more time with his daughter and wants to provide a stable life with a better future.”

5 Mama June Has A New Hair Color


Mama June’s drastic transformation included a change in hair color. The once graying reality star is now rocking platinum blonde locks, but this isn’t the first time she’s changed up the hue of her ‘do. 

She once had her four children transform her tresses with bleach. The whole process was captured on cameras for a Halloween episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. As the bleach did its work on Mama’s hair, Alana declared, “Mama, all your bugs are jumping out your head.” When the dye job was complete, she proclaimed, “Mama, you'll never be as beautiful as me. You just keep on trying, though.”

4 Anna Is Making The Same Facial Expressions


Anna has chosen not to appear on the current reality show featuring her mom and sisters but is still very active on social media. As past pictures prove, she had perfected the art of the duck face long before it was mainstream.

Today, Anna posts shameless selfies on social media like it's her job. The pics she shares often include her two adorable daughters and various filters. She’s been through a lot in her life but has chosen to see the positive and live each day to the fullest and loves her littles with all of her heart. Sadly, her relationship with her mother remains strained.

3 Pumpkin Isn’t As Annoyed As She Used To Be


Lauryn has always had a sassy side. This much can be surmised through one of the most notable quotes from her days on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: “If you don’t want me to rip out your mustache, then don’t grow one.” Ouch.

The mother-of-one has always been confident, self-assured and unfazed by what others think about her. She also told TLC cameras, “I don’t care what other people think. I know I’m awesome.” Chickadee still has her bold side, but motherhood has softened her sarcastic edge. She seems to be much happier and friendlier than she used to be.

2 Mama June Is Rocking The Same Poses 


Mama June has always been a confident woman. Her fans love the fact that she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and has always loved herself for who she is. Before she dropped to a much smaller size thanks to some help from doctors, she proudly proclaimed to TLC cameras, “I’m not wop-sided. I’m just curviness. And beautimous.”

At one point on the show, she lamented, “I only lost 1.6 pounds. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start.” She went on to lose much more than that. Whatever her size, one thing is certain: Mama June has been posing like a boss ever since she became a star.

1 Life Is Good


The cast of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is all grown up, and, like all families, they have dealt with their share of ups and downs over the years. All in all, the future looks bright for Alana and her parents and siblings. The show that made them famous may be over, but fans will always adore this down-to-earth crew.

Why do people love them so darn much? The Daily Beast explains that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo felt like the “real US.” The site continues, “For better or worse, we were the Thompsons. People like us were on TV. And they were kind. And we were watching them. In droves.”

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