What The First 48 Hours After Labor Will Be Like Based On Mom And Baby's Astro Signs

When women are pregnant, many of them research everything they can possibly think of that could possibly happen to the baby or mom. As the due date approaches and they find themselves with a lot of time on their hands—from maternity leave to not sleeping—they research more and more. One thing they all want to know about aside from the labor itself is what to expect in the first few days after giving birth. Everyone knows all about the lochia, milk coming in and oodles more but people don’t necessarily know how moms themselves will handle those first few crucial hours. New moms especially don’t know how the baby will handle them, either.

Enter the trusty Astro signs. By knowing a sign and accompanying personality traits, moms stand a better chance of predicting what those first 48 hours will be like for them. Also, knowing what baby’s sign is will give mom and dad a huge clue into his or her personality when they know very little about them to begin with. These are tiny virtual strangers mom will be giving birth to, but knowing their signs can give mom and dad a little bit of an advantage. The more mom knows and learns now about the baby, the better they will understand him or her when they morph into a toddler.

24 Scorpio Baby: Sleeps Soundly


With an arrival date between October 23rd and November 21st, your little scorpion will likely be very serious and solemn as he stares at you, quietly taking in his new surroundings. As he grows, he will begin to show off some classic Scorpio traits, which include loyalty, impatience and a deep passion. As for those first 48 hours, Homegrown Babies says, “Babies usually go into a deep recovery sleep which can be difficult to arouse them from. If they latch, they tend to fall asleep at the breast. They also tend to have more mucus, gagging, and vomiting to clear the lungs.”

23 Scorpio Mama: Passionately Enthralled


As the passionate mother of a brand-new baby, you can’t help but sit in awe and wonder, staring at this brand new treasure you made. You will likely limit visitors so you and baby can fully bond during this precious window of time. The rush of endorphins might take you by surprise. As one mother puts it at My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, “I am here to say that there is absolutely NO high like giving birth unmedicated. I haven’t experienced a medicated birth, but I’m sure there is an amazing high! I always feel superhuman—as though I am a birth goddess who just did the most amazing thing—the thing I was meant to do—birth a baby.”

22 Sagittarius Baby: Stares At People

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Arriving between November 22nd and December 21st is the Sagittarius baby. She is the traveler of astrology and will likely have mobility frustrations before too long—coupled with demands to be carried from room to room. For her first few hours, she will be busy rooting around and newborn crawling in search of food. If there are visitors, she might be preoccupied with staring at them. As Momstrology warns, “Get the stroller primed and ready. Baby Sagittarius is astrology's traveler and will be ready to explore the world from day one. These smiley little clowns will delight in discovering new things.”

21 Sagittarius Mama: Surrounded By Visitors


You may or may not want all those visitors, but they will definitely want to come to see you and your new baby. Sagittarius is the traveler of Astrology, and you make friends wherever you go. Logically, these friends will want to visit you—especially since you can’t escape yet. Don’t worry—as one mom told She Knows, “Give yourself a few weeks to stay at home and heal, but when you’re feeling up to, don’t hesitate to get outside and move a little bit. When my daughter was born in August, my family came to visit us about three weeks postpartum, and we were out and about in our city for three days straight.”

20 Capricorn Baby: Gazes Solemnly At Parents

Born between December 22nd and January 19th, Capricorns are old souls and very solemn babies. Your newborn will study your face very seriously and then move on to the more pressing matter of the next milestone to hit after being born. According to The Bump, “Capricorn babies are very advanced mentally, and they’re achievers. They want to do things before other babies do, like crawling or talking. They can get frustrated if their physical development hasn’t caught up with their mental development.” Be prepared to comfort your little one when they figure out two days isn’t old enough to crawl yet.

19 Capricorn Mama: Close Family Traditions

Because you value tradition and family, the first 48 hours of life with your newborn will reflect those values in some meaningful way to you. Whether that is gathering for a special family photo or passing down a family heirloom or reading a special prayer, it all is up to you. If you want a new tradition, go for something low-key so you can stay in bed for it. According to Astrology Signs, “Capricorn is a sign that represents time and responsibility, and its representatives are traditional and often very serious by nature. These individuals possess an inner state of independence that enables significant progress both in their personal and professional lives.”

18 Aquarius Baby: Squeals And Squeaks

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Arriving between January 20th and February 18th are the chaotic Aquarius babies. They do their own thing in their own time, so don’t expect your little one to arrive when you want him to—unless you induce. The first 48 hours will be pretty mellow for him as he squeals and squeaks at his new world. Later on is when he will throw you some curve balls. According to The Bump, “Aquarius babies are spontaneous—you never know what to expect with them. You’ll be surprised at the things that make them laugh. They always do things that are unexpected. They may like different foods or march to the beat of their own drum in other ways.”

17 Aquarius Mama: Researches Everything


You are the mom who researched everything and then went with the options that best suited you personally. If things went according to your birth plan, your first 48 hours would be a satisfied high of personal success. If things didn’t go your way, you at least knew what to expect and weren’t caught by surprise too badly; you can spend the first few hours comforted by that thought. According to The Bump, “The geniuses of the [signs], Aquarius moms can be wacky, wild and brilliant. As brainiacs, they bring intellectualism to motherhood and would encourage their kids to be well-educated and follow their dreams.”

16 Pisces Baby: Nervously Looks Around

Babies born between February 19th and March 20th are Pisces babies. These little sweethearts are naturally wise, gentle and kind with a far-away look in their eyes. They make us think of worlds beyond our reach and realms beyond our imagination. They also make us wonder what they are thinking as they gaze all around their new world. According to Momstrology, “Pisces babies are old souls, born with wise and knowing personalities. Their eyes may be dreamy, but they see everything that’s going on. Perhaps that’s why so many of the [sign's] fishies grow up to make excellent visual artists, engineers, and photographers.”

15 Pisces Mama: Gazes At Baby

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You will think you gave birth to an angel once you meet your precious new baby. You will want to spend the first 48 hours or more simply staring at your little treasure. There will be plenty of time to do that, so try to rest when you can. And practice lots of skin to skin time. As Fit Pregnancy says, “As much as you can in the first few days, lay baby on your chest, tummy to tummy, undressed down to the diaper. When baby is skin to skin, he'll cue to breastfeed more often. It's easier for both mom and baby to latch well, when baby is calm.”

14 Aries Baby: Vocal Checks

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With an arrival date between March 21st and April 19th, Aries is the baby ready to conquer the world from the get-go. He is energetic, impulsive and very competitive. In his first few hours, he will likely be practicing his vocal communication skills so he can tell you what he needs and begin bossing you around. Once he begins walking, you will have your hands full. According to Momstrology, “Even if they don’t have aspirations for the limelight, they will still need plenty of attention, especially from their favorite adult. Because Aries is a masculine sign, many of them tend to favor their fathers.”

13 Aries Mama: Uploads Photos To Social Media


You won’t like being stuck in bed to heal and recover, but you will make the most of it and recover in record time because you are an Aries mama. You have stuff to do and need to get it done ASAP. In this important beginning stage, remember to slow down and relax. Upload some cute baby shots and get some snuggling in. As The Bump says, “Aries women also tend to be bold and progressive and are known for tough love. They’re the least domestic of all the signs and not the most patient, so when necessary, remind yourself to count to 10.”

12 Taurus Baby: Eagerly Eats

Born between April 20th and May 20th, these babies are super stubborn and need a strict routine to thrive. They also love to eat, so be prepared to have a very sleepy, very hungry baby on your hands with this precious new arrival. Once he finds a routine that suits him, he will settle down a good bit and become fairly predictable. According to Fit Pregnancy, “The more you breastfeed, the faster your milk will come in, and frequent feeds in the first days will help you make more milk in the months to come. It can feel exhausting to nurse so frequently, but it is worth it: you will have plenty of milk and a thriving baby.”

11 Taurus Mama: Relaxes With Baby


You are one of the most loving and nurturing of the signs. You were meant to be a mom, and you have this down. Your first 48 hours will be a delightful blur of cuddling and recovery with your precious new baby. But, after a while, you will miss your routine and need something to keep you mentally occupied. Enter the great world of the internet and books. Scary Mommy says, “Get Hulu Plus. And Netflix. And Amazon Prime if you’re fiscally able. The freezer meals and visitors were helpful, but honestly, I couldn’t have done the first few weeks of my son’s life without TV.”

10 Gemini Baby: Loves Visitors


Born between May 21st and June 20th, Gemini is among the social stars of Astrology; even as babies, they will love all the attention lavished on them. As they grow up, they will keep you on your toes, so be sure to soak up all this baby love while they are still immobile. As Momstrology puts it, “Congratulations! You’ve just given birth to a real, live Baby Einstein. Gemini kids are all born with a touch of genius to them. They may exhibit an early musical gift, talk or read before other kids, or have a rare ability that makes them contenders for ‘America’s Got Talent.’”

9 Gemini Mama: Tells Everyone About Birth

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As a super social member of the astrology calendar, you are the mom who calls everyone to announce the arrival of her baby and then tells everyone all about the birth itself. There is nothing wrong with this—sharing your birth story is empowering. But you do need to focus on your new baby and try to sleep when she sleeps. You will have loads of time to socialize over the course of the next ten years. According to The Bump, “Gemini moms tend to be chatty and very bright, but a little on the scattered side. They tend to be like children themselves—fun, playful, versatile, interesting and all over the place.”

8 Cancer Baby: Clings To Mama

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Babies born between June 21st and July 22nd are Cancer babies. Known for being moody when grown, these babies are sensitive and very clingy. They latch onto their primary caregiver and don’t let go, metaphorically and sometimes literally. Your first 48 hours will be a crucial bonding time. Be sure to get lots of skin to skin contact. As Homegrown Babies points out, skin to skin contact “increases oxytocin levels in both mom and baby; mothers are shown to cuddle their babies more often, even a year after the birth, when initial STS happens.” You will be cuddling your Cancer for many years to come.

7 Cancer Mama: Takes Tons Of Photos

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You are the perfect mother in many ways, rivaling only Taurus for the prime spot of the perfect mother. You do have some faults, but so does everyone else. Your positive traits considerably outweigh your negative ones, and you will thrive at being a mother. Those first few hours will be spent gazing adoringly at your baby and taking thousands of pictures. As The Bump says, “Cancers are the mothers of the [astrology signs]—they are mother to everything and everyone. They’re generally shy people but come alive in a home environment. They are often excellent cooks and teach their children the bliss of domesticity.”

6 Leo Baby: Roars At Grand Entrance


Born between July 23rd and August 22nd is the Leo baby. Depending on the baby’s sense of timing and arrival, she may or may not be super thrilled about exiting her cozy world. However, being a Leo, she will make sure to have a very dramatic entrance—whether that’s achieved by being early, late or having a record labor will vary from baby to baby. According to The Bump, “You have a smiley baby! Leo babies have a good sense of humor and the best smiles. They’re the baby that everyone is drawn to. Play with your Leo baby a lot — have a running joke with her or experiment with what makes her laugh.”

5 Leo Mama: Touches Up Makeup


Sure, you aren’t all that worried about your appearance, but you do like being the center of attention. Just having had a baby will definitely swing the spotlight your way, so why not look good for it? After all, now you have an adorable bundle of joy to compete with, so to speak. Once the announcements and pictures are done, you will most likely settle down for some one-on-one time with the baby. According to Healthy Mommy, “Regardless of your point of view on wearing make-up during labour, it’s all about feeling comfortable. The way we see it is if make-up helps relax you and makes you feel better, then go for it!”

4 Virgo Baby: Discovers Thumb


Virgo babies arrive between August 23rd and September 22nd. They are very similar to their Taurus brothers who thrive on routine and predictable schedules that suit them. Virgos are naturally curious and will want to discover the world around them as soon as possible. This will lead to the discovery of their thumbs pretty early on, and they will be fascinated with that for quite awhile before moving on. As The Bump says, “Virgo babies are always paying attention and always trying to figure things out. So when you’re doing something, explain it to them. Walk them through it so they’re prepared, because they want to know what’s coming up.”

3 Virgo Mama: Dresses Baby Perfectly

You are the most organized of the astrological signs, and you enjoy that title. Everything is neat, clean and orderly. Having a baby will—of course—throw a wrench in some of that neatness, but you will be able to get it back under control as the baby grows. You will have his first outfit all perfectly planned out and color coordinated down to the mittens and socks. According to Babble, “Motherhood means multitasking, and the Virgo mom is all about it! Her exceptional organizational skills allow her to balance her children’s schedules, see to their needs and still schedule some family time. This also makes for an orderly (often exceptionally clean) home.”

2 Libra Baby: Curls Up To Sleep

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Born between September 23rd and October 22nd is the Libra. This baby is a great little baby; very peaceful and harmonious, calm and likely sleeps a lot without too much trouble. She will be indecisive as she gets older, but these first few hours will be a serene bonding time for you both. As Belly Belly puts it, “You’ve got a little Cosmic Angel here, one of the most angelic of all the signs. This is a loving and peaceful sign, that requires and strives for balance and harmony in their lives. Because this is a Venus ruled sign, your Cosmic Angel is a lover and pursuer of beauty.”

1 Libra Mama: Absorbs New Change

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You have waited for this new arrival for months now, but it will still take some time for you to absorb the fact that she is here and real. These first 48 hours are an excellent time for you to bond and get to know your baby as the shift in your reality settles in. According to Babble, “A mom born under the sign of the Scales has spent her life trying to strike a balance, so she’ll bring her babies into a home where harmony and consistency reigns supreme. Libran mothers are also especially affectionate, since their ruling planet, Venus, is the planet associated with love and relationships.”

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