What The Pit And The Peak Of Labor Will Be, Based On Mom's Sign

Astrology in the general sense is concerned with the moments of the sun, the moon and all the planets throughout the sky and in relation to each other. While, of course, it's the Earth moving as it rotates and circles the sun, the practice of astrology has deep roots thousands of years into the past and has been used as an effective tool to help guide people throughout their lives and personal relationships. Many of us identify with one of the 12 sun signs, which can provide insight into our personality traits, as well as our strengths and weaknesses.

These personality traits definitely inform how we deal with pregnancy and how we approach motherhood. The kind of labor we have and how we ultimately handle whatever difficulties arise can at least in part be influenced by our sun sign and whether we harness the positive or negative aspects of our astrological personalities. Each sign has a very different approach to labor and delivery even in similar circumstances, and even when everything goes right, there are bound to be ups and downs in the labor process.

Keep reading to find out some of the ways each sun sign handles the pits and peaks of labor and delivery.

24 Sagittarius Can’t Sit Still


The Pit: Sagittarius is the least patient sign, and that's saying something. The Sagittarius mom more likely than not spends the duration of her hospital or birth center stays chafing at the bit, as per Astrostyle. If she's not allowed to get up and move, the Sagittarius mother gets bored and irritable. She's used to being able to quickly change her scenery so labor can not only make her uncomfortable but also cause her to feel stuck. While the nurse or doctor might be trying to get the Sagittarius mama to focus on what's happening with her body, she's likely to be texting or taking pictures.

23 Sagittarius Mamas Bring The Fun and Fearlessness

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The Peak: Always the comedienne, the Sagittarius mom can sail through the tense moments of labor with jokes that'll have the whole room rolling, according to Astrostyle. The biggest strength that the Sagittarius mom brings to labor is her love for adventure—she's totally unafraid of what's to come. That lack of fear can help her overcome the pain and ensures she won't be worrying about too much. If the Sagittarius mama's got room to roam during labor, she'll do so much better. Her poor attention span can work in her favor because she won't be staring at a clock.

22 Scorpios Need To Stick To The Schedule

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The Pit: Any deviation from the birth plan is anathema to the Scorpio mom. Her determination knows no bounds, and that determination means she may refuse any deviation from her birth plans, as per Sun Signs. Unfortunately, the Scorpio mom's tendency toward secrecy and her strong need to get what she wants might make the labor and delivery room a bit tense, as people try to figure out what the Scorpio woman in labor really wants from them. The nurses better explain every procedure—Scorpio mamas need to know every little detail, or they're not happy.

21 Scorpio Mamas Are All About the Details

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The Peak: The Scorpio mom's desire to stick to her birth plan and tightly control the labor experience stems from her need to make everything perfect for her growing family, according to Sun Signs. She loves her family fiercely, and their well-being is more important than anything else—that's why she needs to know all the details and why she's so adamant about her labor and birth experience. Scorpio moms will do whatever it takes to protect their baby no matter what the personal cost. Only the best hospital or birthing center will do.

20 Libra Changes Her Mind Like She Changes Her Clothes

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The Pit: Midwives, doctors, and nurses have to practice their flexibility around Libra moms, who are constantly changing their minds during the labor process. Libras are just so inconsistent that sometimes nurses don't know if they're coming or going—labor only intensifies this inconsistency, as per Momstrology. Another thing Libra moms are more likely to do is to include not only siblings but friends and family in the labor and delivery room—but because she can't make up her mind, they're all constantly coming and going, and chaos can ensue.

19 Libra Moms Aren’t Sweating It

The Peak: While the Libra mom might be flip-flopping on her birth plan, one thing she's got under control is the labor itself. No matter how long it takes, she's good—her patience knows no bounds, according to Momstrology. She's not watching the clock—it'll happen when it happens! While dad or the soon-to-be grandparents are pacing back and forth, Libra mama is getting a foot massage or her back rubbed, because she isn't in the business of being uncomfortable for no reason. Pampering is even more important during such an important occasion for Libras.

18 Virgo Mamas Struggle To Stay In The Moment


The Pit: The Virgo mom is the best multitasker out of all the astrological signs, but sometimes that means she's not really present in the moment, including during her own labor, as per Huffington Post. Virgos are also prepared to point out even minute problems during the labor and delivery process, focusing on what they don't like rather than embracing this important transitional time with their soon-to-arrive baby. Finally, if things go wrong during the process, she has a hard time handling it and may feel like the whole thing is ruined, even when the baby is born perfectly healthy.

17 Virgo Is Running The Show

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The Peak: Virgo moms are totally prepared for the moment that labor begins—they've got the birth plan handy, laminated and in triplicate, and their bag has been packed for weeks. Because Virgos love orderliness so much, they've not only prepared themselves but everyone in the family for the labor and delivery, according to the Huffington Post. Nurses and doctors love that they don't have to hunt for information, and after baby arrives, Virgo mom knows she'll be heading home to a well-ordered house that is also totally prepared for the newborn.

16 Leo’s Leadership Can Go Too Far


The Pit: The leadership qualities of a Leo mom can swing too far to the extreme and lead her to boss everyone in the room around during labor—including the doctor or midwife, as per Astrostyle. She'll tell each and every person who walks in the room what they need to do. Leo mothers won't ask permission to do something during labor even if they're in the hospital, and they're likely to chafe and complain if tied down by an IV or fetal monitoring. Above all, don't ever tell a Leo mom that “it's all for her own good.”

15 Leo’s A Lioness: Don’t Mess With Her Cubs

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The Peak: Leo mamas are lionesses—and she'll fight to protect her baby. She's also active and likely to be dancing through her contractions, according to Astrostyle. Leos are full of energy which is exactly what a laboring mom needs—and if she runs out of gas, she'll push through on willpower alone. While it's possible the Leo mom might get dramatic, it could manifest instead as a momentous event that she happily captures through video or pictures. Leo moms aren't afraid to celebrate the entire labor and delivery because it's the beginning of making memories with the new little one.

14 Cancer Mamas Need To Learn To Cope

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The Pit: It might be very difficult for a Cancer mom to cope with laboring in well-lit or busy places like a hospital, and she could allow her emotions to get the best of her in a stressful situation like labor and delivery, according to Babble. Worry and fear can also interfere with the labor process, especially if the Cancer mama can't create a homey environment for herself during this important time. She'll be so uncomfortable with the constant interruptions and may fret if she can't have the lights dimmed and some privacy.

13 Cancer Can’t Wait To Meet Her Baby

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The Peak: Cancer moms are natural nurturers and have been waiting for the entire pregnancy to meet their little one. For them, the labor process is less about mama and more about baby—so long as baby is OK, mom is happy, according to Babble. Because a homey atmosphere is so important to the Cancer mother, she may have booked into a birthing center, or might even try a home birth. She's not worried about bonding with her newborn, either—that probably happened the moment she found out she was pregnant.

12 For Gemini, It’s A Mental Game

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The Pit: Geminis really have trouble processing the intensity of labor because there is often nothing fun about it. The waiting game doesn't go well for a Gemini mom, either—and the frustration and pain of labor can really mess with her head, as per Horoscope. By getting too wrapped up in her emotions and unable to think beyond the right now, the Gemini mom might make decisions she'll later regret, or she may not be focused on what baby needs most. Usually patient enough to get their meaning across, the laboring Gemini can't tolerate when they're not being heard.

11 Labor Is A Project, And Gemini Mamas Get An A+

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The Peak: If Gemini mom is prepared, she'll strut into labor like she's on an adventure, according to Horoscope. She only needs a little grounding to keep her frustration down. There's no question about how Gemini mom is feeling—she's excellent at letting people know what she needs and how she's feeling. If something's wrong, she'll let people know, and she expects to hear the truth back. Because Gemini mothers may approach labor as if it were a project, passing each stage may feel like a great accomplishment and serve as motivation to continue.

10 Taurus Moms Need Their Comfort

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The Pit: Pleasing the Taurus mom during labor can get tough quickly. This is her crowning moment, and she's not likely to let anyone forget it, as per Marie Claire. The Taurus mom will demand everything she needs for her comfort—she sees no point in exhausting herself when she can have relief—but it better happen ASAP. Determination can turn to bullheadedness in a heartbeat for the laboring Taurus mama, who may decide she wants something and will move hell and high water to get it, even if it's not logically the best option.

9 Taurus Mamas Are Ready To Get To Work

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The Peak: Once the Taurus mom has settled in, she'll labor for however long it takes. When other moms are having a meltdown or finding themselves too wiped out, the Taurus mom just buckles down and gets to work, according to Marie Claire. When she's given her way, her stubbornness transforms into determination, and she'll push herself with everything she's got until the work's completed. Although Taurus moms want what they want, they've got common sense, so they're not usually wrong. The moment the baby is born, she'll flip from business to pleasure—mission accomplished!

8 Aries’ Ambition Can Get In The Way

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The Pit: It could be difficult to even get the Aries mom to leave for the hospital because she is too busy working on something or putting the finishing touches on the nursery. Once she's in active labor, the Aries mom is unwilling to deviate from her meticulous plans, expecting everyone around her will fall in line, as per Sun Signs. If her ambitious nature gets the better of her, she might get caught up in having a better labor than the woman in the next room, or become overly concerned that someone else is getting better treatment or attention.

7 For Aries Mamas, Baby Gets Only The Best

The Peak: Because she's worked harder and planned more than many other moms, she often does get the outcome she's hoping for. All the work and the planning is for the baby's benefit anyways—she wants and expects the best for her children's benefit, not hers, according to Sun Signs. Since Aries moms like to be the best, they've also likely taken childbirth classes and studied the books faithfully so they can move through labor as efficiently as possible. They're attentive to what the nurses are doing and have read up on the procedures.

6 Piscean Moms Need To Keep It Peaceful


The Pit: Pisces mamas tend to gravitate towards the all-natural and non-medicated during labor and delivery, but there's always a chance it can be taken overboard beyond reason—or safety. The birth plan the Pisces mom shows up to the hospital or birthing centre—if she's not having a home water birth—is often elaborate and may raise some eyebrows among the staff, as per Momstrology. Pisces mothers are also known for their mastery of passive aggressiveness and playing the victim, which is not a good combination during labor and delivery if she turns too far inward.

5 Pisces Can Tackle The Peaks And The Valleys


The Peak: If the Pisces mom can see the movements of labor like the waves of the ocean, she'll sail through like a champion. The Pisces sign really is all about going with the flow, so a Pisces mom with the right mindset will move through every peak and valley with very little turmoil, according to Momstrology. That natural approach to labor could end up being very rewarding if she's able to find her center and stay in tune with her body. Potential problems aren't viewed as roadblocks, but instead as direction changes and diffusing difficult situations.

4 Aquarius Mamas Can’t Commit

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The Pit: Letting people know how she really feels about something isn't the Aquarius mom's strong point, so there's a good chance that something will upset her during labor and she won't truthfully discuss her feelings, as per BabyCentre UK. This can lead to passive-aggressive behavior at a time when there are more important things to focus on. Aquarius moms also tend to withdraw from things they're done dealing with, so if labor drags on, she might check out mentally from the process and be noncommittal about decisions—the present is no longer interesting to her.

3 Aquarius Just Wants To Be Free

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The Peak: Everything revolves around the Aquarius mother's perception of freedom. If she feels like she isn't bound or restricted, she flourishes and will move through labor using creative diversions and perhaps unusual methods to soothe herself, according to BabyCentre UK. Aquarius mamas are good at setting emotions aside and thinking intellectually about things, so they have the ability to make decisions rationally even during something as intense as labor. The Aquarius mom's forward-thinking helps her avoid surprises and anticipate what's next. She's not likely to despair that the contractions won't end—she knows that everything passes.

2 Capricorn Dwells On The Worst-Case

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The Pit: Don't crack any jokes around a Capricorn while she's in labor, she definitely won't appreciate the attempt to lighten the situation. The only reason that a Capricorn mom might be indecisive is that she tends to struggle with self-doubt and too much caution, as per Marie Claire. Her partner may also need to be extra patient with her as she goes over perceived ineptitude of the healthcare providers or whatever worst-case scenarios pop into her head. Capricorn moms are also extremely emotional but can create issues because they're unwilling to let those emotions out.

1 For Capricorn, Consistency Is Key

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The Peak: Capricorn mommies are patient with the entire process of labor, and never back out of the work they see in front of them, according to Marie Claire. When a Capricorn mom's pessimism is channeled constructively, it can push her to plan and prepare for her labor, covering every possibility and outcome. She goes into labor totally prepared and with the mindset of hoping for the best while planning for the worst. No matter how intense the contractions, the Capricorn mother is consistent in her choices and behavior and won't flip-flop on important things like an epidural.

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