What These 20 Dads Had To Go Through When Their Wives Were Pregnant

Dads are the unsung heroes of pregnancy. Not only are these brave men dealing with the apprehensions and strong emotions that inevitably accompany the news that a bouncing baby is on the way, they have the added stress of doing all they can to make sure that they are taking the very best care of their baby mamas.

Sure, moms-to-be deal with heartburn and leg cramps and nausea, not to mention a growing belly, but dads put up with their fair share of hardships when a bundle of joy is on the way.

New father Aaron Traister shared in an article he wrote for RedBookMag.com entitled "The Pregnancy Crazies: The Condition Men Get When Their Wife is Pregnant", "It's true that during pregnancy, women experience hormones, stretch marks, and a million other things men will never understand. But let me explain something men go through. I call them the Pregnancy Crazies — erratic impulses brought on by the uncomfortable realization that life is about to change in mysterious and potentially smelly, screamy ways."

Read on for 20 things men had to deal with when their wives were expecting. All we can say is, cue the slow clap for these fearless fellas.

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20 Limited Ice Cream Flavors

Neapolitan ice cream may be the most delicious treat ever invented. It's a succulent blend of three flavors that are better together than they could ever hope to be on their own. Sadly, the father-to-be above didn't get to experience the exhilaration that is known to course through one's veins when taking a taste of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry blissfully blended into one sensational bite. Why? His wife is pregnant, that's why.

He labeled a shot of a carton of Neapolitan ice cream that was missing all traces of chocolate and strawberry and left with just boring vanilla "pregnant wife problems" for good reason. When a woman has a baby on board, she wants what she wants when she wants it. Guess he'd better learn to like plain vanilla for awhile.

19 Lonely Game Days

Justin L. Stewart/MissourianAsaad Brown gets taken to Walmart by his aunt and uncle, Debra and Lewis Tucker Monday, Sept. 7, 2015 in Columbia, Mo. Brown used to cook a lot of his own meals, but now it's often delivery or frozen meals because it's difficult to cook.

Men who hope for a pregnant wife that is full of energy and zest for life at all times are most likely in for a little disappointment. At least one poor chap was left watching the big game all by his lonesome after his exhausted baby mama passed out on the couch next to him instead of high-fiving him after important plays and giggling with him over a plate of nachos.

His girl is out like a light, and ain't nobody waking her up anytime soon. Sure, he should be understanding and realize that his lady is sleepy because she's busy growing a baby full time, but we can't help but feel a little sorry for him and his lonely state.

18 Demanding Partners

A hilarious pregnant woman posted a shot to social media of her swollen, aching feet resting on a table. In the background of the shot, a man can be seen slaving away in the kitchen. The caption of the pic sums everything up nicely. It simply reads, "Cook me dinner."

Many men are the primary chefs in their relationships. However, when a woman is pregnant and requests her man should cook her dinner, things go from empowering to downright crazy. What if he cooks something she has an aversion to? What if he burns something and she cries for hours? All we can say to guys currently cooking for their expecting partners is...good luck! We don't envy you!

17 Special Requests

When a pregnancy craving strikes, many men have been known to move hell and high water to get their women what they need. One mom-to-be who knew exactly what she needed sent her husband a message that read, "I'm not gonna ask you to go to the store for me. I'm not even gonna hint at it. All I'm going to say is that I really want chips and guacamole. And egg rolls. But you don't have to go to the store. I just needed to let someone know that."

Countless baby daddies out there have gone above and beyond to get their girls the food their hearts desire. Talk about knights in shining armor. Dads-to-be should know that their efforts are definitely heroic, and getting a pregnant girl what she craves may be one of the most noble acts a man can perform.

16 Reprimands After Enjoying Fast Food

A text exchange between a dad-to-be and his pregnant wife proves just how volatile expecting women can be, and how scary it can be to cross them. A husband known only as Corey was told by his wife through text message, "If you get Mcdonalds without me one more time we're getting divorced."

His response is a bold one. He replied, "I didn't do that." His wife countered, "As soon as I open the door I can smell it." Backed into a corner, Corey explained, "I found it. I don't know how it happened I think someone broke in and left it there." His wife wasn't buying his unlikely story, and shot back, "and just happened to get Dr. Pepper just like you." Busted! We hope Corey learned his lesson and didn't dare to get Mcdonalds without his baby mama ever, ever again.

15 Impatient Snackers

When a pregnant girl's gotta eat, she's gotta eat. No ifs, ands or buts about it. The pic above shows an expecting mama who dug right into a pack of soft, fluffy muffins before her hubby was even able to pull out of the grocery store parking lot.

If he's lucky, he might get one, or maybe just half of one. More likely? He can have the miniscule crumbs that are left behind after his lady love has finished her feast. Remember how she's growing a human inside of her stomach? It doesn't matter how much this guy loves muffins. He doesn't have the right to deny his gal her indulgences, but this doesn't mean he can't be a little sad about it.

14 Awkward Moments At Target

Father-to-be @corymoyta chose to share some of the antics of his pregnant wife on Twitter. One of the most notable was a tweet he posted about an incident at his local target. He wrote, "Day 239: She confronted @Target employee bc they rearranged the store, couldn't find the candles. I saw real fear in his eyes. #pregnantwife"

Pregnancy rage can be real and very, very scary. Target is a haven for many expecting women. They go to browse the baby aisles and remind themselves that their discomforts will someday result in beautiful babies that they can then dress up in booties and little hats. The scent of a soothing candle can be another reprieve from the hardships of having a baby on board. Hope the employee mentioned above was able to help before things got ugly.

13 Eating Meh Lunches

In today's society, the expectation that a wife must make a lunch for her husband is a thing of the past. However, many loving partners make lunch for their spouses because they enjoy doing so. One man opened a lunch made by his expecting wife to find it was nothing more than two plain pieces of whole wheat bread. While this fare is enough sustenance to get him through to the end of the day, it's not exactly the most exciting of meals to consume.

Maybe his wife forgot to add anything to his very sad sandwich, or maybe she was just too tired to put in any effort whatsoever. Whatever the reason for this sorry sandwich, we can't blame the pregnant wife, but can't help but feel a little bad for the guy eating the meh lunch. Maybe he should be on the safe side and make his own next time.

12 Braving Blizzards

One expecting dad was asked by his pregnant wife to venture out into a raging storm to get her a tasty frozen treat. What did he do? He put on his winter coat, pulled on his snow boots and risked his life to get his wife what she and her baby-to-be were yearning for.

More than one dad-to-be has risked his life in an effort to get his wife something she's craving. If driving on icy roads in the dead of night isn't love, we don't know what is. We sure hope he picked up a little something for himself on his quest to satisfy his wife's very specific and slightly dangerous cravings.

11 Silly Arguments

Some expecting women develop strong opinions as their bellies grow. The things they suddenly find themselves feeling passionate about can seem a little trivial, but when pregnancy hormones are raging, you never know what will set a mom-to-be off.

Expecting father @IamAustinCG posted a tweet while his wife was pregnant that definitely proves our point. He shared, "Pregnancy is fun. Sometimes we watch him kick and sometimes we argue about the diff. between white and yellow cheddar. #pregnantwifeproblems." A word to the wise? Sometimes it's okay to lose an argument, especially if one of the parties arguing has a baby in her belly.

10 Endless Apologizing

Men with babies on the way should definitely get used to one aspect of pregnancy they may not realize they will most likely deal with: endless apologizing. It usually doesn't take much to offend an expecting mom or to hurt a mom-to-be's feelings. It may be a good idea to do something like they guy above did in order to survive his wife's pregnancy.

His wife shared a pic of a decadent chocolate cake that read "Sorry for whatever I did wrong" on social media along with the caption, "Ryan wins husband of the year. #PregnantWife #NuffSaid" All we can say is, he's one wise, wise man.

9 Freezing In His Own Home

According to Pregnancy-Baby-Care.com, "Your body temperature rises when you are pregnant. A rise in body temperature during pregnancy is due to an increase of progesterone in the expectant mother's body...Another reason for an elevated body temperature when pregnant is that the metabolic rate of the body increases. This leads to a marginal increase in body temperature during pregnancy."

Due to a rise in a woman's body temperature during pregnancy, things might get a little chilly for those in the house who aren't expecting. Sorry, dudes. Grab a sweater and remember this won't last forever.

8 Not-So-Funny Pranks

Is it funny to eat all of the snacks and leave nothing but an empty box for another hungry scavenger? Arguably, yes. But probably not for the person who finds nothing but the phrase "Hahahahahahahaha!" written where delicious sweet treats are supposed to be.

The pregnant wife above is just having a little fun, but her baby daddy might not find her joke as hilarious as she does. Believe it or not, men experience pregnancy cravings too. They need their snacks almost as much as their partners. According to a New York Times article entitled "Men Gain Weight During Pregnancy" , "A British research firm is reporting that the average weight gained during pregnancy is 14 pounds — and that’s by the babies’ fathers."

7 Shade Over Bad Breath

One poor expecting dad got a harsh reality check when his brutally honest pregnant wife told him that his current case of halitosis was making her seriously sick. The dad-to-be, @ChrisnotBritton shared on Twitter, "This is the quote I woke up to...'Can you turn over and face the other way? Your breath is making me nauseous. #PregnantWifeLife."

Sadly, more than one man with a baby on the way has been given the cold shoulder due to an unsavory smell emitting from his person that his wife simply cannot stomach. A girl shouldn't be blamed for getting sick due to certain smells, but it can't feel good to be told your scent is nausea-inducing.

6 Administering Pedicures

Mom-to-be @_moniiloveee shared a sweet shot of her hubby giving her a pedicure on Twitter. The caption that went with the photo read, "this husband of mine...painting my toes for me b/c I can't reach them. #pregnantwifeproblems."

Even if feet aren't really a dad-to-be's thing, most guys love doing whatever they can to make the mother of their child as comfortable as possible while said child grows in her belly. Sure, administering a pedicure may not be on the list of the most manly activities every invented, but only a real man would be willing to do such a sweet thing for his gal.

5 The Threats

Believe it or not, sometimes pregnancy rage has been known to push an expecting woman to the brink. She may even go so far as to send her hubby death threats. Understandably, one of the things that can really set a pregnant lady off is food...or lack thereof.

Dad-to-be @GrantVoges posted a screenshot of a text his wife sent him to Twitter along with the hashtag "pregnantwifeproblems." The message read,"Are you eating tacos?! I'm going to kill you if you don't bring me any home." Now that's a girl who is passionate about her tacos. Hope her man did what she said and lived to tell about it.

4 Securing Precious Cargo

Expecting father, @KansazJay posted a pic to Twitter of a giant jar of pickles buckled safely into the back seat of his vehicle along with the caption, "We have properly secured our most valuable purchase of the week! #PregnantWife #SoWorthIt"

We love this shot for so many reasons. Firstly, this man is going to great lengths to ensure his wife's current craving is safe and sound. Secondly, he's not complaining about it, but is instead making sure he's doing all he can to help out. Thirdly, his "SoWorthIt" hashtag is simply the sweetest thing we've ever read.

3 A Serious Lack Of Pillows

Pregnancy can make getting comfortable enough to sleep nearly impossible. One solution? Lots and lots of pillows! One man found himself essentially pillow-less after his wife gathered up every single one available in order to help her get cozy enough to get some shut-eye.

Maybe it's difficult to sleep without a soft place to rest your head, but it's a lot trickier to rest while a tiny foot is jabbing you in the ribs from the inside. Plus, this guy should realize that whatever he can do to help his lady love sleep will benefit him in the long run. A well-rested pregnant wife is definitely worth the sacrifice.

2 Late Night Grocery Runs

Men with babies on the way will quickly realize that running hither and yon for foods his wife desires is just part of the whole wonderful, exhausting experience of waiting for a baby to arrive.

Expecting father @readyaimfather shared on Twitter, "It's 10 o'clock and I'm driving to the grocery store for pears. #pregnantwife." Hey, it could be worse. At least it's not three in the morning, and at least he isn't flying to France to get some rare cheese. We wouldn't put it past a pregnant gal to ask for such a thing. Kudos to him for being up for the challenge and getting his baby mama what she craves, whatever the cost.

1 A Very Full Inbox

One father-to-be shared a screenshot of the home screen of his phone to social media along with the hashtag "pregnantwifeproblems." The pic reveals that, at the time he snapped a shot, he had 11 missed calls and 155 new messages. That's a popular guy, or a guy with a pregnant wife in need of assistance.

Traister summed up what it's like to be a man with a baby on the way beautifully when he explained, "I was {...} about the future: new responsibilities, potential changes in my relationship...and my ability (or possible lack thereof) to be a good father. Now I realize that in the same way pregnant women experience random crying jags and a primal urge to nest, men act out in bizarre ways to prepare to take care of another life." Know an expecting father? Give him a smile, a word of encouragement or maybe even a hug. Chances are, he'll appreciate it.

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