What To Do When Pregnancy Makes You Miserable

Pregnancy just makes some women bloom. They’re happy, elated even, to finally be expecting that little bundle of joy. They laugh a lot and say that the pregnancy “is the best thing that has ever happened” to them.

Then there’s the rest of us who either wish we hadn’t gotten pregnant in the first place or just want the 40 weeks to pass as quick as it can because dealing with all the changes happening is just too stressful.

Then there’s morning sickness and hyperacidity. There’s uncomfortable sleeping positions and the unstable sex drive. It’s enough to drive a mom-to-be, well, very miserable indeed.

When you’ve sunk down this low into your pregnancy, first of all, just remember: you’re not alone! Second, try one or more of these handy tricks to lift your spirits in the days to come.

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15 Talk to Friends

While it may be tempting to just shut yourself indoors and avoid as many human souls as you can, your friends may be your best defense against misery. Don’t just invite over any friend, call over your besties, the people who truly make you laugh and, perhaps, cringe.

You can talk about your problems, as venting and their good advice can help you. But don’t forget to also talk about other things. After all, you might want to distract yourself a little bit from your misery. Talk about the good old days, play a few tabletop games and maybe even drink grape juice since you’re not allowed too much wine.

14 Manage Your Symptoms

Chances are, it’s those pesky pregnancy symptoms that are making you feel bad. Whatever you’re feeling, look up remedies online or ask a veteran mom (i.e. your own) for any tips on how to handle it.

Heartburn getting to you? Keep soda crackers handy to help ease the burn. The slightest smells making you heave? Take around a lemon balm or something else that calms your gag reflex. For every symptom that you have, there’s likely to be an equivalent home remedy. If you truly can’t manage it, see your doctor.

13 Get a Hobby

A hobby is a great way to distract yourself from your discomfort, as well as something to help you look forward to getting out of bed in the mornings. Look for something that you’re truly interested in. A hobby from high school, perhaps, that you’ve forgotten about. If you like, though, you might also want to try something completely new and fresh. Who knows? You might find some undiscovered talent within you!

If you’re not in the best condition to get up and about, learn to paint or play a musical instrument or even write a book. Otherwise, dancing is a great hobby to learn, although you may want to stick to the easy poses with all that pregnancy weight!

12 Indulge

During your lowest of lows, sometimes the only remedy is a slice of cake. A cake may exactly be healthy for every day, but it’s certainly worth having occasionally just to make sure you stay sane! If cake isn’t your thing, just go with your favorite food or perhaps just whatever you’re craving at the moment. The best way to indulge yourself? Eat it slow and savor the flavors. And don’t forget to get an extra slice for your partner or bestie to enjoy with you!

11 Rest

With all the things going on in your life, you definitely deserve a good rest. While you might want to just do things to make sure you’re always as productive as possible, this may not exactly be the best thing for your sanity. Give yourself permission to relax and take a weekend or two off to just do absolutely nothing! Sure, it may not be productive in the business sense of the word. But, trust us, it will do far more for you than you ever thought you’d need.

10 Spa Treat

When just a weekend off won’t do, it’s time to bring on the big guns: a full day at the spa! It’s the ultimate relaxing treat for a stressed-out mom-to-be. After all, sometimes you just need a good massage to feel your body all over again, loosen up and regain all your lost energy.

Pick a spa that offers services specifically for pregnant mothers so you know you’ll be both safe and well-pampered. If you like, bring along your partner so he gets time to loosen up as well!

9 Look Fabulous

Just because you’re feeling miserable on the inside doesn’t mean you can’t work it on the outside. Sometimes fixing yourself up can make you look and feel beautiful, giving your spirit an instant lift. Put on some really flattering makeup and, perhaps, even get your hair done. Shop for some fashionable clothes that make that baby bump look like it belongs on the runway. Although, perhaps, you might want to skip the high heels for now.

8 Nature Trip

Many people looking for happiness often find it while reconnecting with nature. Choose a location close to you that allows you to bask in the beauty of the trees and the flowers and the sun. If you’re in the middle of winter, just wrap yourself up real warm and bask in the winter wonderland around you. Take a walk or, perhaps, just sit around and take in the view. Take photographs if you like. Just feel the world around you and it just might cheer you up.

7 Meditate

This may sound cliché but meditation can work wonders in calming you down and getting you through your pregnancy. It’s a great way to practice deep breathing exercises in preparation for childbirth as well!

You can find many free meditation instructional videos for pregnant women online. If you want something that’s a bit more organized and allows you to socialize as well, try looking up local yoga or meditation programs for pregnant women.

6 Fantasy Worlds

Sometimes the best way to cheer up is to just lose yourself into fantasy worlds that can only be brought to you by books, movies or even video games. These allow you to immerse yourself in a story, taking your mind off of your current miseries at least temporarily.

Chances are, you won’t want to see something that will make you feel even worse during these dark times. So choose something that’s light and happy, a rom-com perhaps or a cheerful fantasy epic.

5 Music

Music is a great way to make yourself feel better when you’re at a low. All you need to do is put together a playlist of your favorite mood-lifting music. Then turn up the volume or put on headphones for a relaxing or an uplifting treat.

Cheery, upbeat music will make you feel happier and more optimistic. Slow and soothing beats, on the other hand, will help you relax. It helps to have one playlist for each so you have just the thing when the need arises.

4 Laugh it Out

One of the best ways to combat the blues is humor. Sometimes things can get so down in the dumps that it becomes comical, almost ridiculous. If you’re able to distance yourself enough from your misery, you might be able to get a good laugh or two out of it with your friends.

Incidentally, comedians and playwrights alike find a lot of humor even in tragedy. While things may have gotten really bad during your pregnancy, chances are that it hasn’t reached tragic proportions yet. So if you can laugh at your forgetful pregnancy brain or at the silly things that make you feel nauseous, good for you! Laughter may put things into perspective and help make you feel better.

3 Cry it Out

Let’s face it: sometimes the one thing you need to cheer yourself up is to just have a good cry. True enough, some moms find that after a crying session they don’t feel as bad as they did in the beginning. Crying, after all, releases tension and has been found to reduce negative feelings.

In some cases, however, you might not exactly understand what you want to cry about or why. All you know is that you just need one. In that case, may we suggest putting on a sad, heart-wrenching film and preparing lots of tissue. In some cases, it does work!

2 Wait it Out

You might also want to wait it out until it goes away. Some women just naturally feel miserable all through the first trimester, partially because they’re still adjusting to the hormonal changes in their body. In most cases, all the pesky first trimester symptoms such as nausea and vomiting get milder as the pregnancy progresses.

Granted, they may be replaced by other things such as a heavier belly, breast soreness and Braxton-Hicks contractions. With luck, however, your late pregnancy symptoms won’t be as misery-inducing as the early ones!

1 Get Help

If nothing else works, however, don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you’re having trouble with chores or work, get some help from your partner, family or friends to just help you manage your life while you’re also still coping with the pregnancy. If you can’t stop feeling blue, talk to your doctor about it. Perhaps even see a psychotherapist. Depression triggered by pregnancy is a real thing that many women have to deal with.

Don’t think that needing extra help means that you’re somehow weak or inadequate. Think of it as a way of keeping yourself healthy and preventing problems. Remember, you’re far from alone. At this very moment, many women are going through something similar! Plus, you will always have your family and friends to help you cope through the challenges of pregnancy.

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