What to Expect at Your Baby Shower

Awaiting the day your baby finally arrives is exciting in itself. But what can be as equally exciting is unwrapping gifts for your bundle of joy. From setting up your online baby registry, to sending the invitations to your loved ones, baby showers can yield lots of fun.

Chances are if you’re not planning your baby shower, someone in your circle of friends will most likely take the lead in throwing one for you. Not that it will be a total surprise for you, it can still be a bit nerve wracking to figure out what exactly will happen on your special day.

No need to fret over such a joyous time of fun and laughter. Sit back and enjoy the gifts given to you and your baby. Here are 10 things to expect at your baby shower. Prep yourself for a fun filled day.

10  Games

Games are a great way to add fun and laughter to a baby shower. Expect to play these games at your baby shower. These games can be used as ice-breakers if by chance everyone does not know each other. Kick back and watch your friends and family show their funny sides as your baby rumbles inside your belly and laughs along.

You have the option to choose to participate in these games or not. Have fun choosing the different games to play. Even if you choose not to participate, you and your partner can take turns leading the games.

Spice up these games by giving away small prizes to those who are lucky winners. Some popular game prizes for baby showers includes gift sets, gift cards, and even cash. You will enjoy handing out these gifts as a token of your gratitude.

9 Gifts

A shower wouldn’t be a shower without gifts. Your friends and family will come toting plenty of gifts for the baby. Many of these baby shower gifts will include items such as blankets, onesies, diapers, bibs, and other necessities that your baby will need.

To ensure you have all of your baby’s essentials, you can create an online baby registry. You can share your registry with friends and family to help them decide what to bring. Most registries are free to create and only requires you to set up an online account.

As a mother to be, you will be showered with gifts as well. These gifts will most likely be items that can help you during your recovery from birth. Expect these gifts to be spa-like gift baskets, clothes, body and hair care products, and other knick knacks. These gifts will definitely come in handy when you need some extra TLC.

8 Socializing

With friends and family gathered together, a lot of socializing is bound to happen. Some inquiring yet well-meaning family and friends may want to know the sex of the baby, even if you haven’t revealed the sex of the baby yet. A family member or two might want to discuss your pregnancy journey, too.

There’s no pressure to give up this information just yet. You could simply spill the beans to satiate your guest’s hunger for the latest scoop. There’s no right or wrong approach to chatting, but only disclose information you feel comfortable enough to share.

The number one topic discussed at baby showers is the sex of the baby. After all, the sex of the baby determines the types of gifts that will be given to you. If of course, you do not wish to reveal the sex of the baby, you can always request your guests to purchase gender neutral clothing and products for your baby.

7 Sharing Advice

Some of your closest friends and family will be in attendance. No doubt they will reflect upon memories of their own rearing of children. In fact, they will share their own advice and tips on how they managed the challenges of parenthood.

It is a great tradition among gatherings and especially at baby showers. People tend to bestow their motherly advice. Take the advice with a grain of salt and leave the rest of the opinions of others at bay. Keep in mind that what works for others may not work for your family.

This is also the time to ask questions. It’s a great idea to ask seasoned mothers about life with a newborn. Once your baby arrives, life can get a bit chaotic. It’s best to start asking questions now before you get in the muck of baby life.

6 Food

What is a party without yummy, tasty food? Baby showers usually have food, including sweet pastries. Expect to have finger foods such as fruit, sandwich wraps, potato chips, crackers, and cheese. Usually, the finger food will be laid out on the table for guests.

Finger foods or foods you can grab with your hands makes for an easier clean up after the baby shower. Your guests can grab whichever foods they want and transfer it onto a plate. Most finger foods are easy to eat, so there is less chance of dropping crumbs.

Many catering companies offer a special discount for serving baby showers. Check around at different catering companies to find the best deals. You can casually hint to your family and friends about paying for a caterer for your event. Don’t forget to mention that there will be less hassle in preparing food for everyone if you choose this route.

There are a lot of different finger foods to choose to serve at your baby shower. There are popular finger foods for baby showers that make excellent snacks for guests. The choices are endless and you can expect to see a wide variety of food at your baby shower.

5 Music

The rhythm of a catchy beat can get just about anyone out on the dance floor. Be prepared to shake your groove thang. You could possibly hire a deejay. 

The deejay will play hot tracks to get you and your guests to shake and shimmy.

You can pick and choose which songs get played or stick to a list of popular songs played at baby showers. Play whatever tunes you like, such as jazz, hip-hop, country, neo-soul, or even gospel. 

Whatever suits your tastes because it is your day, momma. Have fun and enjoy the flow of love from your loved ones.

4 Goody Baskets

Your guests will want to feel appreciated too. Baby shower goody bags for your guests are awesome ways to make your guests feel special. Goody bags can include small tokens such as beauty products, keepsakes, and memorabilia items.

You can even make an effort to make the goody bags yourself. You can put your own spin on things and include your signature trade. Make sure there are things included your guest will actually like. Always ask others about their liking before you go off and buy things to save time and money.

If you’re not the crafty type, don’t worry. You can opt to purchase already made goody baskets. This will save a ton of time and energy on your end. Each guest is guaranteed to feel appreciated and loved for their hard work.

3 Tears

Having a baby is one of the most joyous times of your life. Giving birth can also bring forth a lot of emotions from loved ones, too. Studies have shown that dads, in particular, are more emotional than ever after his spouse gives birth.

With all of your guests are gathered, don’t be surprised to see someone shedding a few tears. It is only natural that your loved ones may feel a bit emotional, so grab a box of tissues and be prepared to shed a few tears as well.

With your emotions running high it is easy to get a little teary-eyed, too. The stress of a baby shower plus a new life ahead can be bit overwhelming. Just remember the positives of the occasion and have a good time.

2 Baby Blessings

A popular and rising baby shower tradition is called a baby blessing way. A blessing way is a spiritual gathering of loved ones who express their hopes and wishes for your baby. Normally, a circle will be formed around you and you can expect to feel much love from the group.

Baby blessings are considered a sacred ritual in many countries. It is a special welcome to the world for your baby. Expect candles and hymns to be sung to you and your spouse. Your baby will sense this energy, and rejoice in all of the glory.

Make sure your doctor approves of such measures. Notify friends and family of your wishes before you make a decision to have a blessing way. Always make a point to thank your guests for all the gifts.

1 Pictures

Just about every memory can be easily captured in various ways. Cell phone cameras and video cameras are a great way to capture the memories of your baby shower. Never worry again about having to miss out on your baby shower with the convenience of these devices.

Allow your guest to bring whichever digital device that works best for them. Include them in all the different types of poses. Savor these moments so that your child will have something to remember.

As always, notify your guests that pictures will be taken. Hire a professional photographer to capture these moments, if you choose to go the professional route. Some photographers may offer a discount to you, too.

Savor the Moment

As the saying goes, “expect the unexpected.” Your baby shower will not pan out perfectly to your expectations. But, you can always expect to have a good time with your loved ones. Embrace the love and special gifts. These precious memories will stay with you forever, so make it count.

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