6What You Can Expect After Delivery

If your pregnancy involves any of the risk factors listed above, it’s likely that you will have had extensive testing done to determine your baby’s condition prior to labor and delivery. The results of these tests will help determine the course of action that will provide your baby with the

best possible outcome after delivery.

Depending on baby’s condition, there are many different scenarios that can take place after delivery. Your healthcare provider will go over a high risk birth plan with you before delivery. You may have the chance to visit the NICU, meet the specialists who will be involved in your baby’s care, and any support services staff the hospital offers.

If baby’s trip to the NICU is an unforeseen event, you will learn as the situation progresses. Your healthcare provider will do his or her best to answer questions and address any concerns that you may have. In an emergency, things may move quickly, and the health of your baby is the staff’s primary concern.

A high risk delivery is very different from a normal delivery. Your doctor will be present, as well as a separate doctor for baby.There will be NICU nurses present, along with any equipment that may be needed to assist baby after delivery. There will also be OB nurses on hand, as with a normal delivery.

During delivery it is important that you follow any instructions that the medical staff give you, or your support persons. After delivery, things will move very fast as the staff evaluates your baby’s condition. The staff will make every effort for you to hold and/or see baby after assessing him or her. However, baby’s condition will dictate whether or not that is possible.

The NICU staff and neonatal specialist will give baby any immediate support necessary to stabilize him or her for transport to the NICU. The presence of tons of equipment and staff can be overwhelming and even scary, rest assured that they are all there to help your baby have the best outcome possible.

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