What to Grill: The Best Summer BBQ Ideas

The time is here, it’s hot, it’s sunny, and it’s so great to be outside; that’s really one of the best parts about summer, that and being able to bust out the ole BBQ and grill up some delicious meat vegetables. Whether it’s just for you, your friends, family, or even for a nice dinner party, having a barbeque is something that everyone loves. 

It lets people come together in someone’s backyard or even in a park, have fun and socialize and not to mention that the smell of meat being cooked on a propane or even a charcoal grill is just so good. It’s literally impossible to get the same flavors from frying, sautéing, roasting, baking, or broiling; nothing give your food that nice flavor like an open flame does. 

The problem I was having before was that I was running out of ideas, burgers and hot dogs were getting pretty old pretty quick so I decided to stat experimenting and cooking some new dishes, and ever since I started really getting into cooking a few years back these recipes have been the absolute best BBQ recipes I have ever found. 

From ribs to chicken and lamb for the meat lovers all the way to delicious veggie burgers and stuffed peppers for those more oriented towards eating veggies these summer BBQ recipes will blow your mind!!

7  Ribs

Having a barbeque is always real fun and tasty; whether you’re grilling on charcoal, a wood fire, or with a propane grill there is nothing better that comes to mind than Ribs. A nice rack or even a half rack of ribs can go a long way and they taste amazing too! This recipe is perfect for having friends over, a dinner party, family dinner nights, or if you’re feeling really hungry you can even make them for yourself and yourself only. 

This Article is obviously going to be based on the foods that I myself have tried and really like; this rib recipe is one of those that I just can’t stop making because they are just so delicious and simple to make too; baby back pork ribs are quick and easy. These ribs are really great, they’re spicy, sweet, and tangy all at once; the flavor is truly amazing. 

The dry rub for the ribs consists of virtually the same ingredients as the barbeque sauce; brown sugar, black pepper, garlic, ground mustard, chili and paprika, for the sauce just add ketchup, water, molasses, and cider vinegar, the cider vinegar is where the nice tangy flavor will come from. 

When you’ve put the dry rub on the ribs just pop them in the oven in some tin foil; you may say “well isn’t this supposed to be BBQ not oven made?”, don’t worry, putting the ribs in the oven in some foil to cook them 90% of the way will ensure that they don’t dry out and turn into a leather shoe, at the same time make the barbeque sauce. 

Once the ribs have been in the oven for a few hours at a low temperature then it’s time to slather them the homemade BBQ sauce and throw them on the grill; not too long but at a high heat, it will make them nice and crispy on the outside and nobody likes lukewarm ribs and BBQ sauce. 

That’s really all there is to this recipe, serve with some slaw or potato salad and a whole industrial size pack of napkins, and trust me you’ll need the napkins because you won’t be able to stop eating this hot sticky mess until there’s only bone left, some may even be tempted to eat those too! Of course this recipe I would say is a solid 10/10, hey it’s on this list, they all are!!

Here’s the Link to the recipe: http://www.chow.com/recipes/30741-easy-bbq-baby-back-pork-ribs

6  Sausage – Sausage and Peppers Skewers

This one is kind of a double entry because sausage is so versatile. First I would just like to mention that grilled sausage is great, a nice toasted bun and some ketchup and mustard. If you have the Polish, German or spicy Italian sausage sauerkraut on top is really great too. And if you feel like being adventurous you could make a tomato relish and even add some cheese; you know, do it up a little! 

The real meat and bones of this part or the recipe we’re actually looking at here is a sausage and pepper skewer inspired by Mediterranean flavors; it’s not just sausage and peppers though, there’s a little more to it than that, let's talk about it because it’s a great dish for a nice summer day when you’re looking to fire up the ole meat cooker. 

One little tip, when barbequing sausage it’s actually helpful to boil them for 10-15 minutes first and then finish them off on the grill, this just makes it so you’re sure the sausage won’t burn before being done; it’s one of those little hacks. 

For this recipe just take spicy Italian sausage, or mild if you’re not a fan of the heat, some red peppers or orange and yellow peppers those are preferred, a red onion, jalapenos and provolone cheese; slice and dice it all up, make the skewers and then to top it off baste it with a can of beer and add some salt and pepper to taste. 

I have to admit I may just be a huge fan of this recipe because of the beer, In my own opinion it really ties everything together and it adds its own flavor as well. And on a side note you can flavor your skewer with whatever beer you prefer too, the longer you marinade it and the more often you baste it the more it will taste like the beer, it can be something light or strong, light or dark, sweeter or more bitter; the choice is yours. 

I personally prefer to go with a paler ale like a Pilsner, Bud, or Canadian; remember if your beer is really strong and overpowering, something like a Guinness, then your sausage skewers will really taste like it so choose wisely. The peppers tie in really well with the onions, the jalapenos add some heat, the cheese adds some tanginess and the meat adds its own flavor too, of course it’s the start of the show, there’s nothing better to barbeque than meat after all. 

This recipe is outstanding.

Here’s the Link to the recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/bbq-sausage-and-peppers/

5  Stuffed and Grilled Peppers

I know we’ve talked about a lot of meat here, well because I’m usually just not a fan of vegetable filled or even straight vegetarian dishes, but there are a select few which I do really like; and that has to mean something if I say that a vegetable dish tastes good because like I said, I consider myself a carnivore! This is a classic which you may or may not have heard of, peppers stuffed with gorgonzola cheese and other goodies. 

You’re going to want to use orange, yellow, or red peppers as they are sweeter than the green ones and the filling consists of rice, gorgonzola, mozzarella, tomatoes, spring onions, basil, and parsley. This dish is great because it has so many different flavors; the sweetness from the peppers as well as the slightly charred taste form the grilled outside of the peppers, there’s a nice tanginess from the cheese, and the tomatoes and onions serve to really freshen it up.

The herbs add too much flavor, and the rice just holds it all together. This dish is really simple to make too; just mix all of the ingredients, stuff the peepers, and grill them (*side note: your rice should be cooked before since it's being used as stuffing). This is great and fancy dish to be serving guests, children on the other hand may not be a huge fan though as gorgonzola is quite strong but you never know; it’s really a great dinner party thing. 

And if you’re like me, then this dish serves as a great side to the main meat you’re serving; you can always make these with the grilled chicken that’s next on the list! This recipe gets 2 thumbs up for sure, try it for yourself.

Link to recipe: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/3304/stuffed-peppers-on-the-barbie

4  Greek Style BBQ Chicken

I love chicken, in any form, baked, fried, barbequed or boiled, and I love it no matter where the dish comes from, whether it’s Chinese, French, Moroccan, Mexican, or in this case Greek, chicken really is the bees knees. And it’s also really hard to find somebody that doesn’t like chicken. The reason I think this recipe is so great is because like I said chicken comes in many forms but often it doesn’t really stand out, it just doesn’t pop.

Well let me tell you what, this Greek chicken really pops. It’s perfect for a light meal but it still has great amounts of flavor. It’s recommended to use chicken breast but you could technically use anything you prefer; thighs or wings work too. This recipe really shows off Greek culture and flavor; with olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, thyme, garlic, lemon, salt, and pepper it’s clearly a Greek meal. 

Not only is this chicken really light and tasty, with a nice herb flavor accented by lemon juice this meal is perfect for a summer or a winter day… hey, some people barbeque in the winter; sometimes I myself really crave BBQ, and often I have cravings for some good Greek food, chances are it’s going to be for this chicken. 

This dish is served best with some rice and/or potatoes with some olive oil and lemon juice, thyme, and oregano and/or along with a nice Greek salad made of cucumber, tomato, onion, olive, and feta. This meal is really great for those people who just have to have their meat but shouldn’t be eating the red meat so much; this awesome recipe will have you craving chicken for sure! 2 thumbs up no doubt!!

Look at the Recipe here: http://www.theblackpeppercorn.com/2012/04/greek-marinade-for-grilled-chicken/

3  BBQ Leg of Lamb

Some people may not prefer the taste of lamb, but for those on the other side of the coin, there are very many who just go bananas for lamb, and I’m one of those people, I just can’t get enough of it; I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, humans are said to be omnivores but I really consider myself a carnivore, I couldn’t live without meat. Anyway, this is a more British or English inspired dish; it’s actually by a well known TV chef, Jamie Oliver. 

This leg of lamb which is quite spicy, so for those who like the burning lips then this will be for you. The recipe consists of a whole leg of lamb, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, cumin, lemon, lime leaves, and pepper; lots of pepper. You may be wondering where the spice comes from but based on experience, and making this recipe I can tell you that the ginger and garlic do enough for that cause, especially when you throw a heap of pepper into the mix. 

This one does take a little more time though, a couple hours at least since it is a big leg of lamb; you want it to be cooked quite thoroughly yet still be pink on the inside. The lamb itself is really succulent because its barbequed inside tin foil for a part of the journey so it stays nice and moist and it’s finished off without the foil to develop a nice crispy skin; there is just so much flavor here. 

And if that wasn’t enough the dipping sauce that goes with it is excellent too, not only that but it serves to neutralize some of the heat and spice; it’s made of plain yogurt, mint leaves, and some lemon juice and rind. English food is often said to be bland and tasteless, just boring.

That's definitely not the case here and I don’t think there’s really any merit to that statement at all because Jamie Oliver is British and this lamb is just out of this world, perfect in flavor and spice; it’s something good to make for a group of people because it can feed many at once. This is definitely another 5 star recipe worthy of this list, try it for yourself!

Take a look here: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/lamb-recipes/spicy-barbecued-leg-of-lamb/#IEyOVJxh0tlz5m7y.97

2  Veggie Burgers

This is one of those things that I wouldn’t usually go for at first glance; if I’m going to eat a burger it should usually be made out of meat, but every now and then I actually have a craving for something that isn’t meat because too much of a good thing really isn’t that good anymore. The thing is I really like burgers so when I want vegetables why not make a burger! 

Many people say that veggie burgers are dry and tasteless, but that’s just because they haven’t tried this one yet! The patty is quite simple to make; they’re made of brown rice, water, black beans, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, garlic, eggs, chili powder, cumin, garlic salt, bread crumbs, and even some hot sauce. Believe you me, these all vegetable patties are so tasty, they burst with flavor and they stay really moist too from all of the vegetables. 

And of course you can always choose your own toppings, add some cheese, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, or if you want to get creative you could make it your own; if you like Italian try putting some tomato sauce and mozzarella on it and if you like Greek style food then try it with some feta cheese and Tzatziki; I myself prefer it plain with just some melted cheese and lettuce on top. 

The meat and potatoes of this dish is the patty, and pun completely intended because its vegetarian, but the creativity of what toppings you would like can be left to you. That’s why I love this dish, not only is it extremely healthy but it lets you be creative too. This one definitely gets a 10/10, and that’s something a vegetable based dish rarely accomplishes in my books, good job!

Here’s the link: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Best-of-Everything-Veggie-Burgers/Detail.aspx?evt19=1&referringHubId=129

1  BBQ Shrimp

Shrimp yummy shrimp; they’re great with some dip on a cocktail ring, they go in sushi, jambalaya, paella, you can do pretty much anything with them and that includes grilling them. I’m trying to be quite diverse here, choosing recipes and flavors from around the world, so let’s try and keep that going. 

We’ve gone to America, Greece, Britain, The Mediterranean and now we’re actually going to go back to America for a minute, yeah I like that down home food and it goes for shrimp too. This recipe is a nice and simple sweet and sour citrus and honey grilled shrimp. Just glaze the shrimp with lime juice, honey, garlic, salt and white pepper and grill those bad boys; if you’re feeling cheeky you could just stick them on a skewer too. 

Another good grilled shrimp recipe is Spicy Cajun grilled shrimp; these shrimp are made with butter, hickory BBQ sauce, lemon juice, sherry, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and garlic powder; as much pepper and garlic as you can stand. I love spicy food so this recipe is really great because the shrimp… well you can really feel the heat, yet it’s well balanced with the butter and sherry.

When grilled these shrimp are so succulent and tasty and the beauty about shrimp dishes are that they take minimal effort to make since shrimp barley need to be cook. Just put them on a skewer, marinade, and grill for a few minutes per side and enjoy!

Spicy Cajun Shrimp: http://bbq.about.com/od/seafoodrecipes/r/bln0319a.htm

Honey- Citrus Shrimp: http://bbq.about.com/od/seafoodrecipes/r/bl50719b.htm

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