What Went Wrong: 25 Family Christmas Photos

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The scent of cinnamon, pine cones, and tasty foods. The melody of children’s laughter, Christmas carols, and shopping trolleys. The sparkling beauty of the Christmas markets, lights, and funny onesies.

Christmas is magical, right? The season of giving, snowball fights, gingerbread houses, and singing reindeer. But do people really enjoy Christmas?

Just think of all the photographs of screaming babies and annoying office parties to remind employees how little their department has achieved throughout the year. Did the Grinch really steal Christmas? Is Santa coming to town at all?

And if that wasn't eye-opening enough, there will be pictures of peoples' festive blunders to haunt them forever – just like the spirits in Dickens’ iconic story A Christmas Carol.

In fact, photography is a magical form of art. But while people can hide their albums from family and neighbors, the online world is something that even Santa can't defeat. Hilarious pictures are circulating around the Internet and funny videos are spreading faster than the speed of light.

So, let's have a look at 25 family photos that reveal that Christmas is more hair-raising than Halloween. Say Cheese – something just went wrong!

25 Good Christmas Trees Are Hard To Find

The scent of Christmas is in the air! But what is Christmas without the smell of a real Christmas tree? Although 81% of households opt for an artificial tree, as stated by the US Christmas Tree Association, some families don’t want to give up on the search for the best Christmas tree.

Just look at the picture above! Well, we can’t be sure if it was the shortage of trees or their price, but something just went wrong. Note that the fir tree has been used to celebrate winter holidays since the dawn of time.

24 Let's Make A Snowman

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. A White Christmas can be magical! Snowball fights, snowmen, and snow sleds – kids simply love Christmas. Although some people celebrate Christmas on the beach – like in Australia, many people associate Christmas Day with cold weather and lots of snow. So never miss an opportunity to make a snowman… even if it looks like the one above.

Take note that snowmen are a winter symbol. In fact, Bob Eckstein told Fatherly.com, "Snowmen are a part of many historical benchmarks. They’re like frozen Forrest Gumps."

23 The Season For Ugly Sweaters

It goes without saying that warm socks and knitted sweaters are an integrated part of Christmas. You don’t want to make Grandma mad, right? Just put on the pullover she made for you, and keep warm. Yep, even if it looks like the silly Christmas sweater in the picture above.

Funnily enough, according to BBC, the Christmas jumper trend is increasing in popularity.

And the options can only make us laugh: fir trees, snowmen, reindeer – you name it. And glitter, of course! As designer Markus Lupfer said, "The Christmas theme just works so well with the sparkly element… And they make you smile."

22 Check Santa's List

Somewhere in snowy Lapland, Finland, there’s a magical place where Santa’s hardworking elves and jolly reindeer are helping Santa to craft toys and wrap chocolate. In the hopes of convincing the jolly old man they deserve a present, thousands of kids send letters to Santa and his helpers. If you’ve been good for the old man with the long white beard, you’ll be bestowed with presents. Your Christmas stocking will be filled with candy, toys, and books.

But if a kid hasn’t behaved well throughout the year… well, the picture above is pretty self-explanatory.

21 Epic Christmas Design

The holidays turn people into animals. Remember the film Jingle All the Way? People literally tussled over toys and deals.

And it’s not only in December - it all starts on Black Friday when legions of hypnotized shoppers attack shopping malls and markets.

According to NBC, there’s a progression from love to animosity during the Christmas season. Scientists claim that Christmas music can actually drive people to the point of coming 'unhinged'. How many times can you really listen to "All I Want For Christmas Is You"?

So, the photo above is just a perfect representation of the dual nature of the upcoming holidays.

20 Why We All Love Olaf

Winter is the season to snuggle in bed and watch TV. From Home Alone to The Grinch, Christmas films can make people smile, laugh, and dream. Frozen is one of the most iconic productions of all time. It’s not only the sisterly love that enchanted people.

Olaf the Snowman, one of the most charming Disney characters, became everyone's favorite. We all need an Olaf - someone who’ll be always there for us, make us smile, and melt in love. But hey, don’t take that literally - a melting Olaf cake is not so charming.

19 World's Best Daddy

Surviving a family photo session can be difficult. Grumpy teens, aunties pinching cheeks, messy babies, and ugly sweaters.

Unlike online posts -- where we can crop unwanted objects-- the real family photographs stay with us forever, haunting us from underneath the Christmas decorations.

But just look at the picture above! Aren't they adorable? Now, look again. Yep, something went terribly wrong! We all love animals, but pets are not children. As writer Wallace told TheCut.com, "I have two children, and when I meet people with pets who equate their experience to mine, I don’t know how to react."

18 Happy Birthday!

Decorations, trees, lights, people dressed as Santa, and Christmas movies, Christmas is all about the good old man with a long white beard and jolly laughter.

In fact, it was the Coca-Cola company that created the warm image of Santa in red suit we all love today.

Before the 1920s, though, Santa Claus was presented as a spooky man or an elf. And although the story behind Father Christmas is real, rooted in the life of St. Nicholas, many people forget the real meaning behind Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ.

Well, the picture above is a spooky reminder that can make us smile.

17 Things Not To Wear To The Office Holiday Party

Christmas comes with pretzels, gingerbread, chestnuts, and chocolate. And annoying office holiday parties. Okay, okay, company parties can be great. However, when employers force people to attend a party when all they’ve "got in common is the fact that you walk around on the same bit of carpet for 8 hours a day" and listen to executive speeches, things can get boring.

So, don’t get upset when the shy guys from the IT department start acting a little too rambunctious from the punch you ordered from Walmart that would be just as safe for children to have as it's 0% in the fun stuff.

And please, always stick to the party dress code! Unless your title is a Christmas tree.

16 Christmas: 356 Days A Year

Do you want to keep the spirit of Christmas all year long? Then become a parent.

It’s great! You don’t have to throw away your Christmas tree or spend money on ornaments. In fact, you can save money on a real tree! Simply have your kids decorate your laundry Christmas tree. Smelly socks, old jeans, or molded towels, you name it! Look at the picture above! Sweet, isn't it?!

Personally, we also have a laundry Christmas tree 365 days a year!

15 Tree-topper Ideas

The history of Christmas trees is intriguing. Used by pagans and Christians, the fir tree is a symbol of winter. The first documented use of a Christmas tree was in the 15th century along the Baltic sea. According to History.com,

The tradition of bringing the tree inside to decorate first started in 16th century Germany.

People were also building wooden and paper trees, and some were even hung from the ceilings. Today, one of the most important ornament is the tree-topper. An angel, a star... or a cat – feel free to choose!

14 The Best Christmas Cookies For Kids

A Christmas turkey or a Christmas roast pork? Who cares? As long as there’re Christmas cookies on the table, it's all good.

Gingerbread, in particular, has a long history. Used widely in Ancient Greece and the Middle East, ginger slowly became popular across Europe and North America.

Interestingly, the tradition of decorating gingerbread houses started in Germany - after the Brothers Grimm published the iconic Hansel and Gretel.

As we can see from the picture above, decorating cookies with kids can be fun. There’ll be plenty of sprinkles for all your guests!

13 Upside Down

Tis’ is the season of ugly Christmas sweaters, people say. Okay, okay, we have to admit that festive jumpers can be kitsch and silly. But let’s make Christmas jolly and put on something sweet that can make us laugh. Well, this guy nailed it!

As fashion editor, Jo Elvin says, "We love that the holidays are an excuse to eat, drink, be merry and now enjoy the cheesy tradition of a Christmas novelty knit."

12 Amazon Gift Wrap: You'll Never Guess What's Inside!

Gift-bringing figures around the world have always been special. Santa Claus in the West, Grandfather Frost in Eastern Europe, The Three Kings in Spain, or the Christmas gnome in Scandinavia - kids simply love presents.

With the increasing numbers of online orders, though, Amazon has become one of our favorite of Santa’s helpers.

As we can see, their gift wrap is worth the extra charge. You’ll never guess what’s inside! I think it's a ring! Let’s just hope it’s not a lost husband who bought a frying pan for his wife...

11 All Kids Love Santa

Christmas is all about giving and sharing with the people around us. The tradition of giving gifts remind people of the presents given to Jesus by the Three Kings.

With Santa coming to town soon, many kids have just one wish: to be on Santa’s good list.

But look at the letter above! Maybe something went wrong. Or maybe some children just know what they want. Nah, Santa, you can’t scare them with coal in their stockings – just give them money!

10 Add Extra Wrapping Paper

Gift wrapping is special. As experts explain, it "frames an object as a present". Wrapping paper has evolved throughout the years; from heavy brown paper to reusable gift bags, wrapping paper makes Christmas special. Although family unwrapping traditions vary between families, there’s no doubt that there’s magic in each gift.

Well, unless you want to scare the spirits of Christmas away, consider some extra wrapping paper. As we can see, your four-legged friend can also leave a surprise for the whole family. Ho ho ho!

9 Christmas - DIY Ideas

Decorations, presents, and delicious dishes – Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays across the globe.

Even in countries where Christmas has no religious meaning, December is a special month.

But what an expensive month it is! Therefore, enjoy Christmas without spending a fortune with the DIY decoration idea above. That’s right – make use of the never-ending laundry and hide the mess in your home. You can thank us later. Just make sure you have enough laundry baskets for the whole house.

8 Did The Grinch Steal Christmas?

Ladies, if a man says he’ll do something, he’ll do it. No need to remind him every six months.

So, if your partner says he’ll decorate the house, he will. It might be next year, but it’s the thought that counts, right? The Christmas season is stressful enough for him – after all, he is the one who'll have to wear the ugly sweater your parents bought for him.

Look at the picture above! This guy has done a great job so far. He can blame the rest on the Grinch who stole his Christmas mood.

7 Halloween Or Christmas?

There are two types of people: those who love Christmas and those who love Halloween.

While some people decorate fir trees for Halloween, others choose Halloween decoration for Christmas. Just look at this Santa!

It’s a fact, though: some people prefer Halloween over Christmas. Expert Gina Barreca told PsychologyToday.com, "Nobody frets about being lonely, [forgotten about], or bereft on Halloween. There is about one-one-hundredth as much emotional tension surrounding Halloween as surrounds Valentine's Day, for example, or New Year's Eve."

So, spooky Christmas!

6 Best Christmas Ever

There’s nothing like sharing the magic of your Baby’s First Christmas with family and friends. And with thousands of ideas online, many parents try to nail the first Christmas photo shoot of their bundle of joy. Just look at the photo above! No doubt this little one is having the time of their life.

Well, I also have Christmas photos of my daughter. They are angelic: a pink screaming baby, wriggling around and trying to get rid of the huge hat on her head. We nailed it!

5 Taking Christmas To A Whole New Level

With Christmas just around the corner, we all feel festive. Some people, though, take Christmas to a new level. No, it’s not only about Christmas sweaters, silly slippers, and festive nails. It’s not even about the shiny green Christmas brow trend that flooded the Internet space last winter.

As we can see, this guy got way too creative and managed to salvage as much hair as possible for his cool haircut. Will this trend pick up this season?

4 Good Old Santa

Seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes is magical. Cookies, presents, reindeer, and the annual photo with Santa, of course.

So you may wonder why there are so many Santa photos of crying babies and kids? Well, try to see Christmas through their eyes. Imagine being forced to sit on a stranger’s lap in a confined space. Now imagine what it would like if that stranger looked like the person above. Not so festive anymore, right?

Writer Christy Kinder told EssentialBaby.com, "We made an impromptu stop for a photo... Then, the following year my daughter developed a massive phobia about Santa."

3 Angels And Cars

Christmas is peaceful and beautiful. Wait, really? What about all the closed roads, delays, cold feet, and crowded transport? There’s nothing peaceful about that!

While playing with snow is fun, there’s nothing nice about shoveling snow.

So, if you don’t want to clear your driveway or your car won’t start, just call in sick and get creative. Just look at the photo above. Your kids will love it!

2 Stopping Kids From Playing With Snow

Let’s make a snowman! There’s no doubt kids love playing with snow. Yet, we should mention that the history of where the snowman came from is way more intriguing.

Centuries ago, artists used snow and ice to express their creativity. Today, ice sculptures are still significant. And as we can see, parents are also able to create a masterpiece. Unusual, right? And maybe a bit scary for their kids.

Well, every snowman is unique.

1 Christmas Is All Around

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. More and more companies are decorating for Christmas to celebrate the Christmas buzz that marks the festive season. While decorations and parties can boost employee morale, there’s no doubt that preparations can be distracting. Just look at the picture above!

Unless there’s a franchise between this company and Santa Claus, something simply went wrong.

In the end, though, we all love Christmas. So just enjoy all the annoying office parties, family dinners, ugly sweaters, and decoration blunders that are about to happen.

Merry Christmas!

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