14Baby Blues?

The old tale went that brown eyes were always dominant, and that two brown eyed people could never make a blue-eyed baby. That is not true.

Let’s start with the one trait that people want to know about the most: eye colour. Parents want to know if their baby will have those bright, clear blue eyes or the stunning shade of brown. While it is impossible to predict for sure, if we look at the eye

colours that the parents have, we may be able to make an educated guess on the colour of the baby’s eyes.

Eye colour is determined by many genes, and it is not so simple as just the two colours. Eye colour is determined by the amount of brown pigment in the iris. If the eye has more brown pigment, the eyes will be brown. Blue eyes mean that the eye has very little brown pigment. If the eyes are green, hazel or grey that means that there are varying amounts of the pigment. With that being said, it is more likely that two parents with brown eyes will produce a brown eyed baby due to the prevalence of brown pigment gene that is passed down.

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