15Brief Look At How Genes Work


A baby is also made up of 46 chromosomes, he gets 23 from his mother and 23 from his father, and equal share. There are so many genetic combinations that could be made that it is possible for a woman and man to produce 64 trillion different looking children.

Genetics may seem like an overwhelming thing to understand unless you are a scientist. I am not, and words like DNA and genetics tend to make me sweat a little bit as I am taken all the way back to high school biology class, and no one wants to relive

that. We are going to try and break it down to the most basic of explanations so that we all have a better understanding of how our baby comes to be our baby.

Every human being has 46 chromosomes, and experts claim that there are an estimated 60, 000 to 100, 000 genes in all of them. See, complicated!

With that being said, it is difficult to nail down exactly what your baby will look like. We can, however, look at dominant genes that will give you the highest likelihood of the traits your little one will have.

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